Dreamy, Messy Or Disappointing: Women Share Their First Time Sex Experiences

You must have wondered at least at some point in your life: what is first time sex really like for most women? Quora has a lot of answers. Read on.

You must have wondered at least at some point in your life: what is first time sex really like for most women? Quora has a lot of answers. Read on.

Sex is kind of a big deal in our country and the world in general. And with the extreme lack of awareness and sexual education, first-time sex experiences are generally very surprising to a person. When you realise how the increased expectations due to the internet and the perfect pictures painted in our minds by movies suddenly come apart in front of you because it not at all what like what they say. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Let’s just clear things up a bit. (Note – we’re talking here about first time sex between a woman and a man; there are plenty of other combinations possible).

It’s not THAT big of a deal. Really.

“I look back on it as a learning experience. It was the first time for both of us and I dare say he was surprised when I let him go all the way. I had decided I would let him do it and thus get over the first time drama and its fears etc. (Keep in mind in India a girl’s virginity has an insane amount of importance – it is held as a measure of her character and morals – though in reality it is just big issue over a little tissue!) Thankfully the first time after some trial and error did result in my loosing my cherry – the earth did not move and it was not awesome – but I achieved the outcome I wanted.” – Priya Tal

“I don’t know whether I had sex intentionally or not, but I really enjoyed him.”- Anonymous

“Before answering let me mention that I’m a woman, Indian and unmarried. Just before doing it I was kind of scared of the repercussions, physical, emotional and social. But when I did it, it felt good but not great. I realized that sex is overrated. After doing it, things didn’t change much. Life went on as usual. But I only feel as if I’m part of a club now.” – Anonymous

Not always earth-shattering

It may not be as exciting as you think it looks like, but that’s totally okay. It’s only your first time ever so chill a bit.

“My first time? It was not as romantic as I have wanted it to be. Twas a happy and sad experience.” – Peevee Jaino

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May hurt, may not

NO, it not necessary that it pains or bleeds when you do it. It totally depends on your individual anatomy, how you’re feeling that day/moment, how your partner treats you and a bunch of other factors. If pain persists, consult a doctor, it’s okay. Neither is ‘abnormal.’

“It was fine. It was fun and rather interesting, with no pain or bleeding. I was very happy to have gotten past it without problems.” – Shakti Amarantha

“My first time is a cherished memory. I felt safe, warm and treasured.” – Akshita Bhalla

“For me, it hurt like hell! But I have lots of friends who said it was fine. Use lots of lube and take it slow!” – Christine Fawn

It’s OKAY to have an embarrassing or messy or weird first time experience. It’s not the end of your life, trust me. First-time sex may not be as dreamy or smooth or romantic or a hundred other adjectives that you associate it with, but the main thing is… Use Protection, ladies. That’s important in more ways than one.

Aside from that, remember that life goes on and even though for some it might feel like the cringy-est experience ever that makes you want to wash your brains out, you’ll probably laugh about it later in life.

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