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9 Inspiring Celebrity Moms Share Magical Moments With Their Kids On Insta During Lockdown

Meet 9 inspiring women who have shared their personal life with kids on Instagram, giving us a peek into their mommy life. Check it out!

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Fashion Brand Uses Maanvi Gagroo’s Pic With Caption ‘Styles To Hide Your Curves’; She Slams Back

Maanvi Gagroo called out fashion brand for using her picture without consent and promoting body shaming. When will consent be taken into consideration?

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Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna: Why Do Men Refuse Sanitary Pads Given With Food Or Throw Them Away?
Vikas Khanna

Women's needs are never considered essentials, so no one, including the govt, realises that sanitary supplies are critical for a woman's menstrual health.

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Why Does The Short Film By Nandita Das ‘Listen To Her’ Feel So Relatable To Every Woman?
Listen to Her by Nandita Das

Listen to Her by Nandita Das is a short film that stresses on the fact if we want women to 'speak up' about domestic violence, someone needs to be listening. That's the first step.

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Jyoti Kumari’s Story, While Inspiring, Also Makes Us Question Our Opportunistic Nature And Privilege

Bihar’s ‘Bicycle Girl’ turned down an offer to go for trials as a trainee at the National Cycling Academy. Why are we making an opportunity of a crisis?

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Mumbai Cop Sandhya Shilavant Deserves Praise For Cremating The Dead Even In COVID-19 Times

As the COVID-19 cases rise, each day, a female police officer from Mumbai, Sandhya Shilavant with her dedication, gives us a ray of hope to hold on to!

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