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Babita Tade KBC 1 crore winner
Mid-Day Meal Cook Babita Tade’s 1 Crore KBC Win Shows That Nothing Is Impossible

Babita Tade a cook by profession, won the grand prize of 1 crore in the latest season of KBC. A living proof that no dreams are small if one has true faith and determination.

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Tara Krishnaswamy: Domestic Abuse Victims Returning To Their Abusers ‘Willingly’ Is Not True Consent
Tara Krishnaswamy

Political activist Tara Krishnaswamy realised early the gap between her privileged, feminist upbringing, and the life of the ordinary Indian woman, leading her to raise her voice in concrete ways that make a difference.

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10 Kashmiri Women Achievers That Make Us Proud!

People of Kashmir haven't been much in mainstream media, so here are 10 Kashmiri women achievers we should know about to correct that oversight.

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Chandrayaan 2 Reminds Me Of When I Met Kalpana Chawla
Kalpana Chawla

A visit to the NASA museum meant more than just a scientific journey for this author; a personal connect with Kalpana Chawla that many Indian women feel.

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Chandrayaan-2: A Mission That Mattered Despite Not Reaching The Whole Goal
chandrayaan- 2

Chandrayaan-2 might might be castigated by some as a failure, but the author says it is important nonetheless. Here's why.

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Brave Is The New Beautiful, As Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nadia Murad Showed Us

For me Nadia is beautiful, her story is extraordinary, she is brave, she is inspirational. Her voice needs to be heard by every person on this earth.

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