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Harry and Meghan
Like Every Indian Bahu… Meghan Markle Is Blamed For Breaking Up The Family!

Meghan Markle is the one who is assigned most of the blame for the couple's decision to exit from British Royalty. Isn't this unfair?

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Here Is Why We Think Neena Gupta Is Wrong About Single Parenting Today

Neena Gupta must certainly have struggled with a child out of wedlock back in the '80s, but does that mean that only heterosexual couples in a marriage should have kids?

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Former Cricketer Snehal Pradhan: Women Need To Lift Each Other Up To Create A Mark

Former cricketer, commentator, sports journalist and YouTuber Snehal Pradhan says women need to support each other to succeed. We couldn't agree more!

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Come, Let Instagrammer Nikaytaa Help You Fall In Love With The Various Avatars Of The Versatile Saree
Nikaytaa interview

Even if you are a saree lover, I can bet you don't know all the different ways in which Nikaytaa can teach you to drape it! Read on.

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Deepika Gets Mainstream Bollywood To The Protests –A Sign of Better Things to Come?

Deepika Padukone attended a protest in Delhi in support for the students attacked at JNU. The women of Bollywood are taking a stand.

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Meet Shreya Priyam Roy, The Girl With The Rose

Yesterday, as the country was gripped by agitation and protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), one photo gave us hope. It is the photo of a young woman giving a flower to a policeman in Delhi.

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