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Karan Johar with kids
KJo Seems ‘Just A Dad’ In His Lockdown Videos On Insta; The Cutest Thing To Watch Today

Karan Johar is sharing videos of himself with his kids Roohi and Yash, with the hashtag #lockdownwiththejohars, and it's wonderful to see him as just a dad.

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On Odisha Day, CM Naveen Patnaik Tells Men Not To Burden Women With Extra Work

In his speech for Utkal Diwas (Odisha Day), CM Naveen Patnaik says that this is lockdown, not holidays, so don't overburden women with extra cooking and house work.

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Migrant Workers On The Road Made Me Realise My Privilege – A Safe Home

I saw a line of migrant workers make their way to their homes, despite the lockdown. That's when I realised the privilege I had- of living with my family.

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Sanitary Pads Essential For Women, Not On Initial Essentials List For Govt?

In the initial essential list, sanitary napkins weren't even mentioned. It took journalists and Twitter for the Union to amend it. How long will this go on?

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Disability Activist Virali Modi Helped By Mumbai Police; Petitions Amit Shah For Other PwD: Sign It Here

Disability rights activist and social influencer Virali Modi got help from Mumbai police when she tweeted for help; she has now made a petition to Home Minister Amit Shah for the needs of others with disability.

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Bangalore’s ACP Fathima, Explaining Section 144 In Her Unique Way, Is The Hero We Need

ACP Tabarak Fathima is spreading awareness about Section 144 and boosting people's morale in Bangalore, in a very unique way.

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