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Urmila Matondkar Kangana Ranaut
Here’s Why A Whole Sisterhood Of Women Are Standing Up For Urmila, The Alleged ‘Soft Porn Star’

Kangana Ranaut called Urmila Matondkar a 'soft porn star' - but hey, so many women, a whole, beautiful, inspiring tribe of them stood up in her defence!

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Meet Roopkatha & Yasmin Of Project AHANA, Helping HIV+ Pregnant Women Stay Healthy In Pandemic Times
Project AHANA

An HIV infection weakens immunity, worse for pregnant women. Plan India's Project AHANA is helping HIV positive pregnant women stay healthy.

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Actor Anaswara Rajan’s Insta Pic Got Vile Abuse ‘Coz Good Girls Shouldn’t Show Their Knees
Anaswara Rajan

Malayalam actor Anaswara Rajan was showered with the vilest of misogynistic abuses in Malayalam for wearing what girls and women in most cities across the world wear every single day.

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Let The Law Decide If Rhea Is Guilty; This Is Not The Job Of The Media
Rhea Chakraborty

If Rhea Chakraborty is guilty, she deserves punishment. But if she is innocent, who among these journos, politicians, memers, social media judges will apologize for the dirt they have thrown around?

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After Losing Her Spouse To COVID, Dr Rajani Jagtap’s ‘Staying Alive’ Helps Similar Grieving Families
Dr Rajani Jagtap Staying Alive

Dr Rajani Jagtap lost her husband to COVID-19 after both had tested positive. She now helps others grieving, through her support group 'Staying Alive'.

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2 Lesbian Couples Answer All Questions On ‘How They Manage Their Lives Without A Man’
life as a lesbian couple

Being queer is more than just sex life. Yes, that's correct. Raga Olga D'Silva spoke with her partner Nicola Fenton, and filmmakers and queer couple Hanan Kattan & Shamim Sarif, about living everyday life.

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