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What Indians Can Learn From Story Of Anshula Kant, New MD & 1st Woman CFO Of World Bank Group

The story of Anshula Kant, first woman MD & CFO of the World Bank group, is an example of how Indian women can break glass ceilings with the right family support, something men take for granted.

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This Ambani Video Sends Out A Regressive Message: “New Daughters In Law Must Quickly Have A Baby!”
Ambani video

The Ambanis wished new daughter in law Shloka in an "adorable" cringeworthy video on her birthday, clearly sending out the message that they want her to pop a baby soon.

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Garima Abrol, Braveheart Widow Of Martyred Pilot Set To Join The IAF Herself. Salute!
Garima Abrol

IAF pilot Sameer Abrol was killed in a senseless Mirage crash in February 2019. His widow, Garima Abrol has shown us the way by setting on the path to joining the airforce herself.

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Vijayalakshmi Nachiar Tells Us Why Branding Handloom Today Is So Important

With Ethicus, Vijayalakshmi Nachiar is not only trying to revive traditional textiles and art, but also creating a brand based on sustainable fashion.

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Change.Org Country Director Nida Hasan: Feminism In India Is No Longer Limited To Activists
Nida Hasan

"Women have each other to draw inspiration from, to hold one another’s hands when the going gets tough," says Country Director Nida Hasan, "and to celebrate our victories together."

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From Slay Queen to Tantrum-Karnika, I Am No More A Fan Of Kangana Ranaut

The recent spat between Kangana and a journalist has tarred her image in the hearts of many earlier fans, as this was just bad behaviour, according to the author.

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