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Sushmita Sen Talks Of Her Battle With A Dreadful Disease; Opens Door To Confidence!

Sushmita Sen recently spoke with Rajeev Masand in his show 'Women We Love', about a lot of personal things, including her battle with a debilitating disease a couple of years back

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Why I Remember So Fondly Ruma Guha Thakurta & Her Calcutta Youth Choir

Ruma Guha Thakurta, noted Bengali Actor and Playback singer, as well as one of the Founders of the Calcutta Youth Choir, passed away recently. Here's remembering her life and achievements.

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Actor Kajal Aggarwal’s ‘No Make-up’ Avatar Gets Us Talking Of Body Positivity Again

Actor Kajal Aggarwal recently shared her no make-up, #nofilter photos, raising more conversation around the 'perfect' image we expect women to uphold all the time. 

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With 6 Women Ministers In Modi 2.0 Cabinet We Expect A Lot Of Good Work; Will They Deliver?
women ministers in Modi 2.0

Modi 2.0 has 6 women ministers, some who've already been in the Cabinet. They have many challenges that need to be addressed over the next 5 years. Will they deliver?

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Actor Lisa Ray Is Back In A New Avatar After A Successful Fight With Cancer
Lisa Ray memoir

After a diagnosis and fight against one of the rarest of cancers, ex-supermodel Lisa Ray has published a book Close to the Bone, about her journey back to herself. A chat with her on the occasion.

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22 Year Old Jabna Chauhan, Sarpanch Of Mandi, Himachal, Has Already Made Her Mark
Jabna Chauhan

Jabna Chauhan is already a Sarpanch in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh at a youthful 22, but her feisty administration speaks for her ability in her work.

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