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Smriti Irani's bindi
The Curious Question Of Smriti Irani’s ‘Mathe Ki Bindia’ – It Happens Only India

The recent jibe of a seasoned politician Jaideep Kawde on another seasoned politician Smriti Zubin Irani about how the size of her bindi has been changing with every change of her husband, is not to be tolerated!

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How’s The Josh! 7 Badass Women Achievers Who Grew Up As Defence Kids Are Slaying It!
army kids

Meet these path-breaking women who grew up as army kids, but chose to tread unfamiliar paths; not stopping at that but really aced their game and become super achievers.

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If You Really Love Taimur, Let Him Have A Paparazzi Free Childhood
Taimur Ali Khan paparazzi

Children like Taimur didn’t choose to be celebrities. Unrelenting media attention harms them and steals away those moments of their childhood that should be free and unobserved.

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Badhaai Ho Writer Jyoti Kapoor Wants Her Credits Reinstated At The Filmfare Award Nominations

Screenwriter Jyoti Kapoor is speaking up after being dropped from the Filmfare nomination for Badhaai Ho. It's great to see more women in the film industry refusing to stay quiet.

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For Women’s History Month 2019, Celebrating 19 Inspiring Women Innovators Around The World!
women innovators around the world

Women around the world are finding creative solutions to problems facing the world today, and are breaking stereotypes while they do it.

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Trans Woman Hayley Anthony Helped Invent A Surgery That Gave Her A Functioning Vagina
Hayley Anthony

Hayley Anthony sparked the idea that allowed her doctor, Jess Ting, to come up with a new surgery that would give trans women a more “vagina-like” vagina.

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