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A Memorable Evening With Sangeeta Datta, Who Brings Alive Rituparno Ghosh’s Genius

It has been almost a month since I saw Bird Of Dusk at the Jio MAMI 2018, and it is only now that I am writing about it. This is because the overall experience was so mesmerizing and inspiring, that my brain desperately needed sufficient time to absorb it!

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Even A Spine Injury Couldn’t Stop Miriam Gaenicke From Pursuing Her Goals

Suffering a serious spine injury, Indian-origin American adoptee Miriam Gaenicke has not had an easy recovery; but she continues to work incredibly hard, and with hope.

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14 Badass Women Who Say, “The Question Isn’t Who’s Going To Let Me, But Who’s Going To Stop Me”
badass women

These are women who stood up against all odds, and have often been pathbreaker in what they have done.Strong women who always said, "I Can!"

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Born In November? Find Out Which Notable Woman You Might Share Your Birthday With!

Is your birthday in November? You may share your birthday with a talented female actor, a businesswoman, a writer, a scientist, a which talented woman o you share your birthday with? Find out!

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Black Mambas… The World’s 1st All-Women Anti-Poaching Commando Squad
Black Mambas

Meet the Black Mambas. An all-women commando squad from Africa, who work to crack down on animal poaching in the wild. 

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I Lost My Father To Alzheimer’s; My Award Winning Film “I REMEMBER…” Is An Ode To Him
Gayatri Sharma

Gayatri Sharma portrays the protagonist of the international award winning I REMEMBER, that deals with Alzheimer's. Here she tells us what drove her to collaborate with senior journalist Geeta L Sahai on the film.

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