7 Upcoming Hindi Movies In 2019 With Juicy Roles For Women; Take Your Pick!

Posted: January 25, 2019

These upcoming Hindi movies in 2019 promise to show us women as they are in the ‘real world’ – in a range of avatars. Check out our list of movies in 2019 that look worth a watch and make your plans!

“Nahin, mujhe chod ke mat jao, mai tumhare aage hath jodti hun”, (Don’t leave me!) this must’ve been said by at least a gazillion women in Hindi Movies on screen all through the 90s and sometimes even in the early 2000s. We’ve come a long way from there.

From the last few years, all our women onscreen have been rising to the occasion and celebrating life independently and how! From a woman who went on her honeymoon alone (Queen) to a daughter who wouldn’t budge for a man, prioritizing her father before anyone else (Piku) to a naïve simple housewife plunging ahead to take English classes to remind her family that she can achieve anything she wants to (English Vinglish). Last year too, we saw some terrific characters on screen, in Raazi, Andhadhun, Padmaavat, Hichki, Pari and more. We finally have iconic female characters now redeeming the terrible parts that they were confined to in the past.

While 2018 was exceptional, Hindi movies in 2019 look even more promising. Let’s take a look at the upcoming Hindi Movies in 2019 with strong female characters.


One of the most anticipated historical movies of this year, Manikarnika is the story of valour of the Queen of Jhansi. While we studied her through school perhaps only with a slight peek into her life, here is a detailed and a much celebrated movie on her life, her resolve and her determination to serve her country. Today, while we still argue about gender roles, here is a story to remind everyone that some women broke those barriers long, long ago.

At the centre of this movie is another strong woman, Kangna Ranaut who has been constantly battling the controversies around her. For what it’s worth, nobody has called out the hypocrisy of the film industry like she did and stuck through with it all along. Surely a film not to be missed, this one should be on the top of our bucket list of movies to watch in 2019.

Release: Out already in Jan 2019


Every time there’s a piece of NEWS from Delhi, it does bring back some chilling memories and every time there’s a movie on crimes against women from the capital, it makes for a compelling watch. Soni is a Netflix movie revolving around two policewomen on the trace of crimes against women. The trailer is really gripping and I can’t wait to hop on to Netflix just to see it.

Release: Out already in Jan 2019

Ek Ladki ko dekha to aisa laga

With a movie that literally has a minute-long name, I was initially skeptical if I would have the patience to sit through the trailer at all. But as they say, patience pays, and it did with this one. Through most of the trailer, it looks like yet another fluffy story about a shy girl being constantly pressured to get married. All prospective grooms keep entering her life like she’s an airport lounge, but at the end it’s all too overwhelming for her and she breaks into a monologue.

It’s in the last glimpses we realize that she may not be interested in marriage at all, but needs a companion, and no judgements from the society. She wants the freedom to choose her partner without the fear of disapproval – especially when her partner is a woman.

Release: Feb 2019

Gully boy

After Slumdog Millionaire, suddenly along with the rest of the world, we as Indians also noticed the poverty in our country and the lives of the many underdogs who reside in the slums of Mumbai. Jai Ho had given a face to the countless dreams that were waiting to take off in these slums.

Gully Boy catches the same nerve and a lot more. It’s the story of an underdog, a suppressed kid (Ranveer Singh) who discovers rapping and tries to break into the music scene with his exceptional talent. Gully Boy is a captivating story about what goes into the making of an artist and also includes some fine (female) characters who break the shackles of their pressured, ordinary lives and impact his life. This one’s already a winner with its casting and the absolutely addictive music. We have a perfect plan for Valentine’s Day.

Release: Feb 2019

Mental Hai Kya

If you google Mental Hai Kya and are not hooked, I’d be happy to lose a bet. Kangna and Rajkumar Rao, two talented and quirky actors doing some quirkier things on the poster is making this seem like a sleeper hit. I’d place a bet on that one for sure, who’s in?

No trailer yet.

Release: March 2019

Mission Mangal

If you’ve seen Hidden Figures and wondered why are women scientists never celebrated in our own country it’s because we always underplay their achievements. The spectacular achievement from India that sent our Mangalyaan to Mars included many extraordinary women, and was accomplished in much less time and budget than the US and Russia. Here’s an ode to them, Mission Mangal.

No trailer yet.

Release: Mid 2019


Laxmi Agarwal, is an acid attack survivor and a fighter to stop acid attacks in India – and her life has been a constant inspiration. The word around is that Meghna Gulzar and Deepika Padukone would be creating this fine story and we would only have to wait with bated breath for this one!

No trailer

Release: TBD

Bonus: Before I close, there is one non-Hindi movie to add to this list…

Anandi Gopal

While this one is a Marathi movie, it makes a big case for broadening what you watch this year. Even in times when child marriage was a ‘normal’ tradition, there were exceptions and how. Married at the age of nine, little Yamuna was renamed Anandi by her 20 years’ older husband Gopalrao Joshi. But unlike other males of that generation, he encouraged Anandi to go to school and supported her to pursue medicine.

Anandibai Joshi was India’s first female physician and first woman to graduate with a degree in western medicine from US. This is her story and this Marathi movie should definitely be on our watchlist to revisit not only her but also her husband for empowering her and breaking the baseless traditions.

Release: Feb 2019

There are a few more anticipated movies like the biopics of Saina Nehwal – the young badminton achiever and Gunjan Saxena – India’s first female Combat Aviator, and also the saviour of many soldiers in the Kargil War.

That’s all folks, here’s a list of Hindi Movies in 2019 that we know of as yet. We sure have a lot to look forward to this year and how!

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