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Bravo, Maneesha & Saloni – Hope Your Breakthrough Cures Blood Cancer In The Near Future

Posted: April 14, 2019

Two Bengaluru women have made a breakthrough in the search for a blood cancer cure, and this could mean a hope in the near future for those who suffer.

In our epics, the Himalayan musk deer is at many times our answer to many internal and external questions. The world’s forever quest for the cure to cancer too has come from within India. Two brilliant and talented women from Bengaluru, Maneesha S Inamdar and Saloni Sinha have been able to make a significant move in finding a permanent cure to blood cancer (leukaemia).

Leukaemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. It essentially means that once a cell undergoes a leukemic change in the marrow the production of these cells multiplies beyond control. The healthy blood cells that are produced in the marrow die after a while and new blood cells are created. But the leukaemia cells do not die and with their overproduction, occupy space all over leading a host of complications in the body. Leukaemia is quite fatal if not treated well in time and so the cure for this cancer is the need of the hour.

The group of researchers led by Maneesha S Inamdar at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research have published their findings in the journal of American Society of Haematology. The findings confirm that the stem cell protein called asrij plays a key role in preventing the excessive production of blood cells. Ms Inamdar along with other researchers and Saloni Sinha, the first author of the paper conducted an experiment on a mouse that is engineered to mark the asrij gene for deletion.

The research conducted in association with RIKEN CBD, Kobe Japan, and National Centre for Biological sciences in Bengaluru is believed to be revolutionary in finding treatments not just for cancer but also neuro-degenerative disorders.

While enormous amount of work and research has been ongoing in the field of cancer, we have as an audience always expected it to come from the West. But it is time to applaud not only the effort but the notion that this breaks.

This breakthrough in the field of cancer coming from India and especially women, breaks the glass ceiling for us. It once again proves that women are capable, competitive and skilled multi-taskers. They have the aptitude to make significant headway in every field especially in STEM fields and as a society, we must create more opportunities to encourage women to pursue their subjects of passion.

Let’s envisage a promising future led by women which will not only lead us to the cure of cancer but also to the cure of every phenomenon that plagues our progress. Kudos to the ladies and bravo!

Image source: YouTube

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