10 Everyday Superstars – The Women Who Bring So Much Joy To Our Lives

While we pat ourselves for new steps taken and goals achieved, any success that we achieve is only possible when we have the support of our family, friends, and so many other people who stand so strongly behind us.

While we pat ourselves for new steps taken and goals achieved, any success that we achieve is only possible when we have the support of our family, friends, and so many other people who stand so strongly behind us.

Some time ago, Women’s Web asked readers to share their story, of a woman who lights up one’s day with little somethings that matter, whether it was a cup of chai after a long work day, a plate of fries when low, a hug on a bad day or a high-five on a good one.

We celebrated every superstar by featuring them on Women’s Web, in association with Sumeru. Sumeru pays tribute to our everyday superstars by making it a little easier for them!

Here are the 10 winning entries for #MyEverydaySuperstar contest, each of whom will receive a scrumptious Sumeru gift basket. If you have an everyday superstar, how about sending them a little love too by brightening up their everyday with some goodies? You can visit Sumeru and find more such goodies that make your everyday easier!

And now, on to the 10 powerful winning stories, which really show us how important it is for us to be grateful to the people who support us and inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. Let’s take a look!

Vidya Chandrashekar says that her everyday superstar is her mother, Lakshmi, who is a breast cancer survivor and a woman with great fighting spirit. She is not only Vidya’s strength but also inspires many around her to mitigate stress and develop a happy and positive outlook towards life.

For Hira Mehta, life is coming a full circle what with her daughter Jharna becoming her mom! She adds that from cooking her fun meals to serving her a cup of tea that she loves, Jharna is looking after her mother in so many lovely ways. Hira in her retirement days is truly enjoying life, with the wind beneath her wings being her superstar daughter Jharna.

It’s often said that it’s not we who take care of our children, but the other way around. For Pooja Priyamvada, her daughter at the young age of 10 is already her shining star. From caring for her Fibromyalgia or giving her perspective on the gender specific work that she does, Pooja’s daughter is the joy of her life. She says that they are both ‘Montessori girls’ who believe in living life with an open mind.

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For every mother who needs to travel for work, it’s one less thing to worry about when she has a responsible, compassionate and loving caretaker for her child. Shubham Singh’s everyday superstar Sudha di is a wonderful caretaker, and loving to her child just like she would have expected. Someone who doesn’t shy away from taking on additional responsibilities, Shubham says that Sudha Di is a dream caregiver while she is away from her child.

You’re truly blessed in life if you have a sibling whom you can look up to. For George Baptista, his superstar is his elder sister, Melissa. An inspiring woman, and someone who always leads by example Melissa is the guiding force in George’s life. No matter where they are or which phase of life they are in, he says that she always has his back and will always ensure that he faces life head on.

Behind every working woman is another working woman. In Vani Kulkarni’s case it’s her cook Chanda maushi. An extremely hard worker, Chanda maushi works at seven houses and also balance has to balance work with looking after her ailing husband. And yet every single day rain or snow, Chanda maushi is at her doorstep at 6am with a big smile and ray of positivity that makes Vani take the plunge in her own life. Chanda maushi is not just a star, she is the moon for Vani and how!

Everyone has problems and stress in their lives but what makes us different is the way we deal with them. For Sindhura R, it was her mother’s novel idea of a tea party that made a difference – an evening teatime where they would take a break from a stressed out day and charge themselves up. Her mom’s little tradition made Sindhura change her outlook to life.

Priyanka Kabra says that she has always chosen to always take on unusual challenges in life like arranging events for underprivileged kids. However, when life threw her its biggest challenge she managed to take it head on, thanks to her mother who donated Priyanka a kidney and literally gave her new life. Priyanka says that she was very close to death when her mother gave her new birth again. For Priyanka her mother will always her shining everyday superstar.

Most of us do not acknowledge enough the efforts of domestic workers in our homes, who are also working women. It’s due to their personal sacrifices too, that our homes are clean and lives on track. For Mitali Shah, her everyday superstar is her maid Pushpa. Her fighter spirit and positive outlook to life is what inspires Mitali every single day giving her the inspiration to deal with her own stress. Way to go, Pushpa!

For the poetic Amrita Lahiri, her mother is the beacon of compassion, hope, empathy and celebration. In a short poem, Amrita describes how her mother continues to offer unconditional love and support despite her own challenges.

While #MyEverydaySuperstar began as an initiative to celebrate Women’s Day, it’s fitting that it became an occasion to remember the women who matter to us over so much more time! You can read many more such wonderful stories here. 

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