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What Should I Know As A Woman Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis In India?

While Rheumatoid Arthritis affects women disproportionately more, there is still limited awareness of the disease and its impact in India.

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Girls Like Biology And Boys Like Physics. Really? Time To Think Again!

In the past women have fought their circumstances and emerged from it proving that there is nothing about numbers a woman can’t do.

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Jabna Chauhan
22 Year Old Jabna Chauhan, Sarpanch Of Mandi, Himachal, Has Already Made Her Mark

Jabna Chauhan is already a Sarpanch in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh at a youthful 22, but her feisty administration speaks for her ability in her work.

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Frank & Funny: Neena Gupta Hugely Entertains Us In this Interview On Her Second Career

An extremely talented but under-appreciated actor, Neena Gupta is now being discovered by younger viewers, thanks to Badhaai Ho. An interview with the actor that is all at once frank, easy, and strangely funny.

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New Petition: “Allow Muslim Women To Pray In All Mosques, Cutting Across Denominations”

In a bold move, Yasmeej Zuber Ahmad Peerzade and Zuber Ahmed Peerzade have filed a plea in the Supreme Court to stop the ban on women entering certain mosques.

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blood cancer cure
Bravo, Maneesha & Saloni – Hope Your Breakthrough Cures Blood Cancer In The Near Future

Two Bengaluru women have made a breakthrough in the search for a blood cancer cure, and this could mean a hope in the near future for those who suffer.

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10 Everyday Superstars – The Women Who Bring So Much Joy To Our Lives

While we pat ourselves for new steps taken and goals achieved, any success that we achieve is only possible when we have the support of our family, friends, and so many other people who stand so strongly behind us.

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In The Age Of Gully Boy, Should We Tolerate Disgustingly Sexist Rap Like Yo Yo Honey Singh’s?

When we have such wonderful rap like that from Gully Boy that we can groove to, why are we still letting the likes of Yo Yo Honey Singh's Makhna get our eyeballs? Time we trash him.

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army kids
How’s The Josh! 7 Badass Women Achievers Who Grew Up As Defence Kids Are Slaying It!

Meet these path-breaking women who grew up as army kids, but chose to tread unfamiliar paths; not stopping at that but really aced their game and become super achievers.

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If I Could Tell You Just One Thing Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra Wows Us Again With Her Amazing New Show, If I Could Tell You Just One Thing

Priyanka Chopra recently premiered her new show If I Could Tell You Just One Thing - it's an amazing show that can give you so much to takeaway! Have you watched it yet?

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Moms Worried As Even 5 Year Olds Are Being Bullied And Told To “Go To Pakistan” – Nazia Erum

Muslim kids are being increasingly bullied in today's political climate, and this is worrying their parents. Nazia Erum speaks about it.

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mental health bloggers
10 Top Mental Health Bloggers Among Indian Women Who You Must Follow

Talking openly about mental health is still a taboo in much of Indian society. This makes it even more imperative that we listen to what these Indian women who are mental health bloggers, have to tell us.

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women tech bloggers
Tech, Set, Go! 10 Women Tech Bloggers In India With Answers For All Your Tech Problems

Women in tech is a category that has abysmal numbers. But these women of India who are tech bloggers have busted that stereotype, and how - go to their blogs for any tech related issues you may have.

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Valentine's Day quotes from letters of famous women
Quotes From Love Letters Of Famous Women To Inspire You | Valentine’s Day Special

If you wonder what you could write to your loved one, here's inspiration from some Valentine's Day quotes from love letters of famous women!

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dating app Bumble ad
This New Indian Ad Is A Missed Opportunity, Unlike It’s Western Version Which Is Empowering

This dating app ad that many think is a feel-good one reveals layers of misogyny under the gloss of an #EqualNotLoose 'modern woman'.

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symptoms of cancer in women
Today On World Cancer Day, Pledge To Catch 10 Symptoms Of Cancer In Women Early

What are the symptoms of cancer in women that we need to be vigilant about, and why is that important? Because early detection can really make a difference.

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Hindi films in 2019
9 Released (And 5 Upcoming) Hindi Movies In 2019 With Juicy Roles For Women; Take Your Pick!

These upcoming Hindi movies in 2019 (and a few that are already on the screen) promise to show us women as they are in the 'real world' - in a range of avatars. Check out our list, and make your plans!

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The Blue Towel Vs The Pink Towel

The author gives the analogy of blue and pink towels to depict the patriarchal society and its ways.

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