Priyanka Chopra Wows Us Again With Her Amazing New Show, If I Could Tell You Just One Thing

Priyanka Chopra recently premiered her new show If I Could Tell You Just One Thing - it's an amazing show that can give you so much to takeaway! Have you watched it yet?

Priyanka Chopra recently premiered her new show If I Could Tell You Just One Thing – it’s an amazing show that can give you so much to takeaway! Have you watched it yet?

I recently took a survey about a dream job, considering I am on a sabbatical from a regular paying day job, its natural you do these kind of silly things. But I had an epiphany there. The one job I would love to do is to talk to a lot of people especially women and get paid for it.

Well and google almost read my mind, it led me to Priyanka’s new show ‘If I Could Tell You Just One Thing’.

The show has an interesting theme where Priyanka meets different people / achievers from different fields and talks to them about their life. The main question she asks them is what is the one thing you want to tell me.

The first episode features 3 women Simone Biles, Awkwafina, Diane von Furstenberg. All amazing women and all at different ages and phases in their life.

The most relevant thing that stayed with me after watching the show was the meetup with Awkwafina. She is a rapper, a movie actress, and extremely entertaining.

Through the interview Awkwafina talks about how humor helped her overcome the grief in her life. She lost her mom early which made people around her assume that she would be shy, quiet and generally sad. In fact, people would grieve and cry when they met her, which made Awkwafina uncomfortable. The one thing that disturbed her the most was people assuming who she wasn’t (shy and sad) and that’s when humor helped her to change the perception.

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But I guess what struck me the most about this thought was that humor just breaks through. It breaks the ice, transcends gender, caste, creed, age and just connects on an individual basis.

I guess humor can be considered like therapy only a lot more fun though, where it sometimes lets you escape or otherwise pushes you to face your problems better. It can make you a lot of more perceptive if you also learn to laugh at yourself. Memories are better when they are filled with humor.

Later in the episode Awkwafina takes Priyanka to a karaoke club, where Priyanka looked visibly nervous. Considering this is Priyanka, I was surprised she was nervous. To her advantage the club was empty, and it was just the two girls having a good time! It was fun to see how Awkwafina did not shy away from making a fool of herself. Neither of them could do karaoke well, but they tried and had a good time of it.

I guess sometimes we do need to take ourselves little less seriously. Just having a good time, not worrying about what people would think; and every once in a while its worth taking yourself on a fun free-willed ride. Those ones are the pleasant moments of life.

Awkwafina ended her interview on the note of an extremely worthy advice which applies to all of us in all our phases of life. She said that life is a series of ups and downs. When you reach the bottom there’s nowhere to go but up, and when you reach the top, there is nowhere to go but down. This is so true and relatable because we expect life to serve us only the good things on a platter. But once you break it down to this simple logic, it makes you a lot more tolerant and patient with life itself. It makes you fall in love with it all over again.

Image source: YouTube

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