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Behind A Career Woman, There’s Hard Work, A Man… And His Family

Women making compromises for the sake of their families is real; I have seen, heard and read about them. My family has been my biggest cheerleaders!

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Why I Find The ‘Dear Future Daughter-In-Law, You Are Welcome,’ Trend Disturbing!
“Dear Future Daughter-In-Law, You Are Welcome” Trend Is Disturbing!

Why is the Social Media trend of young mothers of boys captioning their parenting video “Dear future Daughter-in-Law, you are welcome” deeply problematic and disturbing to me as a young mother of a girl?

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My Teen Son Asked Me ‘Is Marriage The Only Goal Of Women?’ On Studying This Celebrated Poem!
A poem that my son questioned and asked if marriage is the only goal of women

Every woman does not wish to be married, and she can have dreams that do not include matrimony. Why are such regressive poems still taught?

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Marriages Are Made In Heaven, Endured On Earth, And Broken Over OTT
My OTT Watch List #FridayFuel

Every home where other things work well must be having a similar tug of war over what to watch... here's our story.

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Marriage And Motherhood Could Not Keep Me Homebound Forever!

My career took a backseat for marriage and motherhood, and I lost the girl I was. BUT I started again, taking baby steps.

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Is Cricket Really ‘Beyond The Understanding Of Women’, Harbhajan Singh?

Such behaviour displayed by someone of Harbhajan’s stature is indeed scary. Or is it that women actors are considered less intelligent and competent just because of their chosen profession?

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