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‘Sanskaari Girls Don’t Answer Back’ And 9 Other Stone Age Rules I Happily Challenge

Society's expectations of girls being 'Sanskaari' are pathetically Paleolithic, says this hilarious list by the author. Do you see yourself in there?

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Privileged Men Are Scared Of Greta Thunberg, Just Like Of All Strong Women. Their Own Insecurity?
men scared of strong women

17 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg has been trolled incessantly by men who want her to shut up. While she handles it like a boss, it is a sad reminder that when men have nothing else to criticize a woman about, they will infantilize her or talk about her looks, to hide their own insecurities.

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Move Over Game Of Thrones; Netflix K-Drama Arthdal Chronicles Avoids Sexual Assault As Plot Device
Arthdal Chronicles

Game of Thrones gave us some great female characters. Arthdal Chronicles, a Korean TV series streaming on Netflix, also has women characters we can champion, and so far it is treating them better than GoT treated its women!

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If You Want To Confess About Something Anonymously, What Would It Be?

Women need safe spaces where we can speak about what bothers us the most. What happens when you can speak up anonymously?

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Stepping Out From Behind The Veil

This reaction was not surprising at all – a powerless woman who had never been out of her veil, and who had always lived under the shadow of her husband could not be expected to have any self-esteem.

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How Confident, Educated, Outspoken ‘Modern’ Me Had Also Been Insidiously ‘Trained To Be Invisible’
Deepa Narayan Chup

I had thought my progressive upbringing had given me a voice. I was wrong - and I realised this on reading Deepa Narayan's iconic book Chup.

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