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Women’s Spaces Where Men Don’t Enter Often Discuss Sex More Than We Realise; Let’s Cherish Them!

This young woman had a hickey on her neck, and my mother and her friends were playfully ribbing her about how much sex she seemed to be having. I was appalled. We don't talk about sex in India! Or so I thought.

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Good Women Must Hide ‘Who We Are’ To Become ‘What We Should Be’ To Fit Into Society

We are forced to put on a face, abide by rules of society to be valid members, judged for what can be seen... so we silence, and hide who we are. The root of our troubles...

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A Letter To Our Sisters In Afghanistan… With Hope, From An Indian Woman

They would want to silence you, crush you and 'teach' you. But stay strong... because women like you are HOPE.

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C-Drama Alert: Why Is A Tangible ‘Weapon’ Needed To Show Women Heroes As Powerful?
C Drama

A tangible 'weapon' seems to bestow these women heroes with her power - why is it that men don't need a weapon to be portrayed as strong, central characters?

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Does Mani Ratnam’s Navarasa (9 Emotions) Have The Space For Women To Express Theirs?

This Tamil language anthology series gives us a look at how the same emotions might be expressed differently by men and women thanks to social conditioning.

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Can Women Really Take Their Authentic Selves To Work?

Men bring in disruption, women are labeled as disruptors. Men take charge while women are expected to take care. How do you then break the stereotypes and be authentic at work? The struggle to be authentic at work can be hard for anyone, but harder for women. We live in a society that is hardwired […]

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