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Anukrti Upadhyay
I Believe Stories Are Very Powerful, And Can Help Healing In These Traumatic Times

Anukrti Upadhyay, author of Daura and Bhaunri, takes you headlong into the rich world of folktales in her books, and tells us how her childhood was full of these.

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You Heard Their Voice In Faraway America, Didn’t You?

Anne was puzzled; almost disappointed. From the media reports, she had expected loud protests, speeches booming and thunderous rebellion, with leaders and motivators.

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Oh, Honey, I Won’t Smile To Please Your Broken Values!

"Your words and actions might hurt," says this warrior woman for all who are born and identify as women, "but I am complete in myself, and don't need to prove anything to anyone."

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A Quick Chat With Aadithya Jayaseelan, The Fingers Behind The Mind-blowing Art Kayamai On Insta
Art Kayamai

Aadithya Jayaseelan is a 23 year old artist in the Fauvian style, who uses her art to illustrate the minds of the women she knows.

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7 Women Who Took Over PM Modi’s Social Media On IWD2020, Plus 5 Others Who Inspire Us

Meet the 7 women who took over Prime Minister Narendra Modi's social media as part of the #SheInspiresUs campaign on International Women's Day, and 5 more who inspire us.

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How A Woman From A Small Village In UP Helped Me Change My Notions Of Patriarchy

Meeting the secretary of an SHG in a rural Uttar Pradesh changed my idea of what a strong independent woman meant. She taught me what it means to be happy.

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