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Why Men In A Rape Culture Feel Threatened If A Woman Draws Boundaries To Say NO

A woman who draws boundaries to say enough threatens rape culture, bringing out the aggression in men who feel their entitlement is being challenged.

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Top 10 Posts On Women’s Rights & Feminism – The Original Raison D’être Of A Decade Of Women’s Web
women's rights & feminism

Women's Web is all about enabling women to tell their own stories. So here we are, with the top 10 posts that are about Women's Rights & Feminism, in #ADecadeOfWomensWeb.

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I Was Using My Anger As A Cover-Up For My Tears; But Why Was I Sad?
angry woman

An angry woman is probably taken more seriously than a woman in tears, though men in a patriarchy would prefer the crying woman who they feel superior to.

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Reject That Pressure To Be A ‘Good Indian Wife’ Even When In A Supportive Marriage

My takeaway from the movie Thappad was the conversation between Amrita's parents, about how married women compromise on their dreams because of conditioning by patriarchy.

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My Bruised Heart Needs To Be Heard
battle cry

This poem is a battle cry. It is a reaffirmation of the author's belief in her own strength and her ability to shed shackles and rise.

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My Body Is Not Your Conquest; Time To Take It Back

Women have mostly been a much undervalued, under-appreciated team player, reduced to their bodies and wombs. Time to take back our lives.

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