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Neena’s Confidante

Neena was the sole caregiver of Amma and though one would think that Amma was dependent on her, Neena felt otherwise.

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A Conversation With Author & Publisher Niveditha Louis
Niveditha Louis

Being a writer, Nivedita Louis recognises the struggles of a first-time woman writer and helps many articulate their voice with development, content edits as a publisher.

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Dear Men, How Does My Staying Single By Choice Become Your Problem?
Why my singleness should not be your problem?

Women today don’t want to be in a partnership that complicates their lives further. They need an equal partner with whom they can figure out life as a team, playing by each other’s strengths.

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What Stops Older Women From Playing Sports?

When you see a woman over forty playing a sport, know it has not been easy. It's not only about physical challenges; they're here despite active discouragement and demanding lives.

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5 Basic Rights That Women Across The World Are Deprived Of

Fundamental Rights are but basic human rights that allow a person to live with dignity. Depriving basic rights of one particular gender based on whatsoever reason can never be justified.

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Let’s Look Beyond March 8th For Women’s Empowerment
Beyond March 8th

Women's Day, March 8th. Is it mere celebration or an assurance for protection? That's the question we need to ask ourselves. 

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