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What If Sita Had A Choice? How Different Could Things Have Been?

With Bhumika: a story of Sita, Aditya Iyengar presents an alternative history of Sita's life, offering food for thought about the nature of happiness, the question of choice, and the importance of finding solace in the past.

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Take Charge, March On… On Your Own!

I enjoy the little things I do everyday without having to worry if I have missed anything or gone wrong anywhere, lest I annoy you. I have regained my lost worth and refuse to trade that for anything.

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Life In A Metro: Sometimes, All It Takes Is Talking To A Stranger

Some times, all it takes is a ride in the metro to change your entire perspective on certain things. So why not go on a metro ride and speak to a stranger?

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Motherhood Is An Experience; We Have Made It An Institution

“That my dear is your definition. If you choose to define yourself thus that is going to be your lot.” Cantadora paused”... remember the design of the mother, daughter, wife or sister is chosen by you.”

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Goodbye Nobel Winner Toni Morrison; Goodbye Beloved Queen Of Our Hearts! RIP
Toni Morrison

Nobel Prize winner and writer beyond compare, Toni Morrison passed away today at 88. Here's a heartfelt tribute by one of our beloved authors.

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“Women Must Be Protected, Men Must Protect” This Is How Benevolent Sexism Works
benevolent sexism

Benevolent sexism. It's a cousin of Feminism Lite, where a feel good statement about women traps them further into patriarchy. How does this happen?

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