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women of jai bhim
The Brave Women Of ‘Jai Bhim!’- From A Pregnant Wife Searching For Her Husband To A Determined School Teacher!

Despite the odds against them, the women of 'Jai Bhim' are strong, self-sufficient & have an unflinching determination for justice.

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When We Can Have Glorious Tamil Cinema Like Udanpirappe, Who Needs Logic And The Real World?!

Being Tamil is about traditions and culture with a Big C, yes, Tamil Culture. The unique version of being progressive and patriarchal at the same time, bundled together to serve equality only when necessary. So why blame Udanpirappe?!

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Lament Of The Unnamed Mother Of Mahabharata’s Wise Vidur

But even with so many sacrifices, he also remained their puppet, a puppet to their rules and traditions. His righteousness was never enough as my faulty pedigree made him inferior. 

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The Chair
The Chair: How To Be A Badass Woman In A Mostly Privileged, Insecure, Male Bastion Of Academia

Women have always been represented as stereotypes in academia. It's either a nerd, or a siren with no real women representing the age, class, race reality onscreen.

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right to wear shorts
Even As A Married Indian Woman & Mom I Have A Right To Wear Shorts!

So years later, I started to wear shorts again, only this time, I didn't ask anyone, didn’t seek anyone’s permission, and to my parents' (also in-laws') utter shock, I went ahead.

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Navarasa: Typecast Tamil Cinema That Refuses To Evolve Beyond Established Names & Tropes

The much touted film anthology Navarasa on Netflix shows that Tamil cinema is still stuck with established names, and not yet ready to include diverse ideas and voices.

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Actor Riya Sharma About Skewed Definitions Of Beauty And Her New Series Pinjra Khoobsurti Ka

In recent times, the skewed definition of beauty onscreen has received severe criticism and led to many series trying to tackle and broaden the definition.

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catering business
3 Women Give Their Professional Tips & Tricks For Running Your Own Home Catering Business

A home catering business can be a good entrepreneurship option for many women. 3 women in the business give us some inspiration and handy tips.

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Why Education Ministry’s Recent Decision To Hold NEET & JEE Is Unfair, Elitist, And Dangerous

Is it fair or justified for the education ministry to go ahead with the NEET/ JEE exams as it can be dangerous mentally and physically to students, and put their careers and lives in jeopardy?

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Michelle Obama podcast
Michelle Obama Talking About Her Depression In A Podcast Sends Message That It’s Ok To Take Help

Recently, Michelle Obama spoke on a podcast of grappling with low grade depression due to the pandemic and the recent racial unrest, along with her helplessness in making a difference.

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Feminist Tamil Songs That Celebrate Women’s Defiance In A Difficult World

Feminist Tamil songs, especially in some of the newer movies, come as a breath of fresh air in an industry often dominated by hero worship.

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When Covid Came Calling, These Women Entrepreneurs Adapted Their Businesses Quickly. Here’s How

With the long-ranging impact of the pandemic, let’s meet some women small business owners and find out what they’ve done to survive and meet customer needs during the COVID crisis.

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It Isn’t Funny Or A ‘Prank’ To Make Rakhis That Make Fun Of Adopted Children!

A petition on Change.org was launched to ban the selling of 'prank' rakhis that make fun of adopted children. Why are such products being made even today?

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friendship day gifts
Here’s A Handy List Of 41 Friendship Day Gifts For You To Pick From Without Stepping Out

Sending friendship day gifts without going out shopping might have been unimaginable earlier, but this year it's the only way you can. Choose from these?

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Working Mom Subarna Ghosh Launched A Petition To Get PM Modi To Talk To Men About Sharing Chores!

It's 2020 and a working mother still needs an online petition addressing the PM to ask Indian men to share the chores. There's nothing frivolous about it!

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Lockdown Woes: Why Many NRI Women Dread Moving Back To Live With In-Laws

The challenges of NRI women in extended families come to the fore, as job losses during the pandemic cause many Indian families abroad to return home.

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Custodial Deaths In India Are Not About Some ‘Bad Cops’ But A Rotten System

Custodial deaths in India are not an aberration, but the outcome of a system that believes it's okay to use violence as a tool for 'results'.

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Is There Gender Bias In The Jobs That Female Politicians Get To Do? Take A Closer Look

Female politicians are rarely given Cabinet/Minister roles, and if they make it, they usually get only welfare portfolios. Let's look at what the data says.

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The Sour Taste Of Father’s Day Some Daughters Experience Each Year

Not everyone grows up with the supportive love of our fathers. There are many daughters who battle the 'man of the house' for everyday survival. 

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Family Pet To Survivor Of Honour Killing, Kowsalya’s Story Tells Us Only Obedient Daughters Are Loved

How many 'cherished' daughters do you know of, who are disowned or even killed, if they violate the boundaries of caste?

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