41 Affordable Friendship Day Gifts For Everyone

Here is a handy list of 41 affordable friendship day gifts that you can buy this year and make your friends feel appreciated.

Sending friendship day gifts without going out shopping might have been unimaginable earlier, but this year it’s the only way you can. Choose from these?

Friends are the family we decide, even more significant in current conditions. Why not celebrate them this friendship day, just as every year, with friendship day gifts picked from these that can be sent without breaking lockdown rules?

Friendship day is here, and it’s especially special this year, as 2020 has shown the importance of friendships since the onset of the pandemic. All of us, locked in our homes, are supported a lot in this by our friends who show us unconditional support.

Celebrations are going to be a tricky thing if we can’t meet, but we can still meet virtually and can mark a meaningful acknowledgement of these loved ones in our lives.

To simplify, handmade and homemade gifts are always special. The effort, thought into those gifts can never equate to store bought.

The internet is teeming with ideas for such crafted gifts, from origami to intricate woodwork. But there are those among us who are not artistically gifted, who can choose from thoughtful selections available online.

Start with memories

Gifting is a very personal choice, but we can broadly decide a gift which can be a reminder for sharing memories and creating new ones.

Albums and frames are the simplest ways to kindle memories. Sharing the pictures that shaped the friendship over the years can be an exciting topic to chat over the friendship day video chat.

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Cafe Wood Photo Album Scrap Book is a hard-bound scrapbook which makes a solid statement about friendship. Additionally, the choice of adding new pages makes it a beautiful reminder for the years ahead as well.

41 Affordable Friendship Day Gifts For Everyone

To make it more special, a very special photo can be engraved and framed as a gift. Available in various sizes for different budgets, it can make a loving statement about a shared, cherished memory.

41 Affordable Friendship Day Gifts For Everyone

There are also simpler options like hanging photo display, collating photographs who have too many things to share.

41 Affordable Friendship Day Gifts For Everyone

Cherishing bygone times

Figurines and posters are also a great idea as friendship day gifts. A simple wood figurine/spectacle holder can be an item for everyday joy.

Recollecting gone-by years can be bitter-sweet and the simplicity of those times can be shared with décor of objects like cycles to an eye-catching scooter wall hanging.

41 Affordable Friendship Day Gifts For Everyone

These friendship day gifts can be especially interesting for older friends catching up on the 80s and 90s, as the fast-track of the internet age may have clouded all those memories of simpler times and places.

Posters can also convey a lot of thought and affection for loved ones. They can be inspirational quotes and even vinyl wall decals that can be reminders of a friend’s thoughtfulness.

There are a lot of choices available for movie (Joker) / TV (Breaking Bad) buffs with endless options of friendship day gifts according to personal tastes.

41 Affordable Friendship Day Gifts For Everyone

Reminders of friendship bonds

Books can also be a very quaint way to express friendships.

A simple Knock Knock bestie journal or bottled friendship scrolls, to a Letters to My Friend set can be reminders of the special bond.

The emotional tag may not be the best fit for some friendships, and options like Oye Happy – Box of Insults can be an entertaining set of  prank cards to celebrate the wicked bond.

41 Affordable Friendship Day Gifts For Everyone

More personal options can be memory box or a book that doubles as journal.

Friendship day gifts like coffee mugs stylized as per the user’s taste, for example a Camera Lens Coffee Mug, can be a show of support for a friend’s aspirations.

Then there can be anything else from handmade journals to artists set to make-up kits depending on your friends interest and dreams.

One very exciting craft combo is the Happy Explosion Box that bundles up messages and photos as adorable parcels. For many, nothing beats chocolate, and a box of Choco love is always a sweet reminder of cherished friendships.

41 Affordable Friendship Day Gifts For Everyone

There are also numerous simple gifts like cushions, cups n keychains, mousepads etc that express the plain emotion of “thanks for being my friend.”

Friendship Day gifts for teenagers

Most of us can recall that adolescent years were probably the time when friends played the big roles in our lives. This carefree time of everyone’s life deserves a special celebration, as it is often followed by big life-changes and the promise to hold to ties.

Friendship lockets can be special reminders of these life-experiences. In the digital age, one easy option would be to gift merchandise of their favourite musicians, movies etc.

Elegant Attire Club Pcs Crystal Split Heart Matching Pendant Necklace Best Friend Friendship Necklace Magnetic Love Heart Natural Stone

Also assortment packs containing stuff like scrolls, stuffed toys, mug, friendship-note can convey the message of the day.

Additionally, trendy backpacks, ring binders, and other stationery stuff would be a big hit.

Some gendered Friendship Day gifts

Bracelets and friendship bands are the easiest as gifting options and the choices are numerous depending on who is the receiver.

Watches are also a great option and some of the unisex models (activity trackers) are popular for the tech-savvy and health conscious.

Organisers, laptop bags, wallets, clutches and backpacks are great gifting options for professional friendships.

The price range of the gifts many vary with friendships, and it ultimately boils down to our personal whims, what we choose to give. The deep meaning a thoughtful gift provides is a memory in itself, and the efforts towards creating such memory is definitely worth a try in our present times.

Staying indoors, and online communication has been the norm for the most part of the last four months and this is likely to continue through the year. This “new normal” has ushered relying on online platforms to connect more with loved ones.

The importance of friendship has always been a cherished part of everybody’s life but in 2020, the friendships we share with loved ones deserve special attention. With varied gifting options and “being spoilt for choice” but far from our friends is the tragedy of our times.

Editor’s Note: #FriendshipDay2020 is on Sunday, 2nd August 2020. We’ll be running a series of friendship stories that break one or more of 3 myths about friendship – that women and men cannot be friends, that friendships necessarily happen among people of similar ages, and that friendships never change. What is your story?

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