When Friendship Knows No Religion – Why We Need Peace And Love Right Now

Is it not better to work towards peace and harmony instead of clinging to an unhappy past? It is the love and goodwill that will matter in the end. 

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8 Life Lessons The TV Series Friends Had For Me, Even 15 Years Later

Right from teenagers to their parents, the series FRIENDS has something for everyone. The author, too, is a fan. Here are eight lessons, it taught her!

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Chhichhore Is More Than Wacky Teenage Fun; Its Name (Meaning ‘Worthless’) Is Misleading
Chhichhore movie review

Like looks, names can be deceptive too, and the new movie Chhichhore about the underdog is a classic example - go watch it!

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Why I Am Excited About Our Upcoming College Reunion In Goa!
reunion in Goa

College reunions are always a great idea. Especially if they held in Goa, they are FAB! Meeting old friends, catching up, "I'm excited," says the author!

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All Of Us Women Are Warriors In The Push And Pull Of Life

I am a woman, says the author, who is going through a breakup with her best friend. I am the force of life. And no matter what ups and downs we all go through, we rise.

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6 Ways In Which Being More ‘Selfish’ Has Made Me A Happier Person
being selfish

Yes, I have now become selfish and I love it. I should have done this much earlier in my life, but I guess better late than never.

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