Immortal for a Moment
Let Us Speak Of Friendships That Make You Feel Immortal For A Moment

Natasha Badhwar’s new book Immortal for a Moment holds a promise for every reader while ostensibly being a personal narrative of the author.

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That Circle Of Trust

Domestic abuse sounds like something that always happens to someone else, not to ourselves. I could not accept that an educated woman like me was being subjected to it. I was ashamed.

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6 Things You Can Do To Get You A Best Friend Who Always Stands With You

You may feel lonely at times because you don't have someone you can fall back upon at any time. But what about making this person who is always with you, your best friend?

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At A Very Dark Time In My Life, I Survived Only Because Of My Women Friends
female friendships

Women's friendships are crucial to their lives - these often lift one up and sustain us in dark times. A touching personal account.

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Why Did She Choose THIS One?

Amma, you should have seen the look on their faces. We used our ‘quote of the day’ on them and they were shocked. We told them, it's they who are weird, not our friend. Isn’t that right?

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I Lost A Dear Friend As We Kept In Touch Only On Social Media, Not Real Life

Friendships, relationships, cannot survive unless we make the effort to 'be there' for them in all their ups and downs. Communicating on social media is just not good enough.

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