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10 Hostel Tips And Tricks To Build Your Life When Away From Home!
10 Hostel Tips And Tricks For Young Women Living Away From Home!

Living alone in a hostel as a young woman can be scary. Here are 10 hostel tips and tricks for all-round safety and intelligent survival in your new home! 

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For You; Because You Are My Foreverwali Friend!

Friendship is a chosen relationship, our chosen family, to whom we do not owe an obligation, but can be the closest bond ever.

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If You Are Not A Diamond, Then Are You Really My friend?
Friendship Day

Are diamonds super personified, probably due to their exorbitant, astonishing value with an ever luminescent sparkle and being a source of pleasure alongside being equally resilient for enduring pressure?

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Frenemies… Why Did Renu Do This To Her Family, Sullu Wonders…

Sullu vows to never, ever speak to Renu again. Every time, a Hindi film song extolls the virtues of ‘Dosti’, she feels a tide of anger within her.

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She Felt It Was Better To Be Distant Than To Hurt The One Person She Loved

Unbeknown to them both, a distance had began to creep in between them. Both of them felt powerless to bridge the gap. The petty fights of their childhood had not prepared them for this moment in their lives at all.

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For Those Who Declare “A Boy And A Girl Can’t Be Friends” Platonic Friendship Exists
platonic friendships

Having friends of the opposite gender has been a problem in traditional society, but my platonic friendships have been some of the best I have had.

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