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Shilpee Prasad

A researcher, an advocate of equal rights, homemaker, a mother, blogger and an avid reader. I write to acknowledge my feelings. I am enjoying these roles.

Voice of Shilpee Prasad

I Was Shocked When My Cousin Told Me She Was Getting Married Without Any Knowledge Of Sex!

Why do parents avoid explaining the physical part of relationships to their children? The mindset is-'they will learn on their own like I learnt.'

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It Has To Be My Choice Alone Whether I Fast During Festivals…Or Not

That I don't fast for my husband's long life on Hartalika teej is something people have issues with. Why can't I have a choice here?

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Sharing Lipstick Left Me Thinking, I Shall Become The Change…

Sharing Lipstick, a collection of short stories by women, brings you some inspiring stories, encouraging you to be the change.

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happily married
Why Being A ‘Happily Married’ Indian Couple Doesn’t Always Mean A Great Sex Life!

It is all about blissful romanticism before marriage. But then our body has desires too, and being happily married also means having those taken care of.

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Not A Human Pen Friend

That day the pen got tired. Hopeless and hapless. Her words shattered it whole.

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The Future Of India, Well Thought And Being Planned

It also clearly stated about the requirement of new education policies in engineering and professional degree courses.

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chandrayaan- 2
Chandrayaan-2: A Mission That Mattered Despite Not Reaching The Whole Goal

Chandrayaan-2 might might be castigated by some as a failure, but the author says it is important nonetheless. Here's why.

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Son-In-Law To Son: How My Husband Became A Part Of My Family

Son-in-law, one of the most revered people in the family, always has a special place in his in-laws' heart. Here's a story of how a son-in-law became a son!

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And Right There, Was The Love She Thought Was Lost… To Obligation!

“Are you saying that I am responsible for this aloofness and mundane life? I am the one struggling here between home, work and kids. I am no superwoman.”

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I Was A Hot-Headed Teenager Then, Mom; Now I’ve Come Full Circle With My Own Teen!

A mom remembers her rash, hurtful comment to her mother, when her now teen daughter does the same; she understands the circle of life and relationships!

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Dear Passion, Unleash Your Way Through My Heart

I am a caring mother, a tech freak and an ardent writer. They always ask, "How do you manage?"All I do is smile, mysteriously cunning. I know the answer within myself, passion.

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Feminists Are No Man Haters, We Want Equality. Is That Too Much To Ask For?

Feminism is one of the most wrongly understood concept in our society. Author Shilpee Prasad wants to shout out the true meaning of feminism to the world.  

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where did it go wrong
Then Where Did It Go Wrong? [#ShortStory]

But Papa, he is not a good person. He beats me, exploits me physically and emotionally. I never said a word Papa because you asked me to be the good girl.

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I have a name
I’m Not Just Her Mom Or His Sister In Law. I Have A Name. Use It!

Society loves calling women by the relationship they have to someone, as many would not have an identity outside home. "But I have a name. Use it."

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talking about depression
Talking About Depression Is Hard, Especially If The Person Closest To You Isn’t Open To Talking

Talking about depression is hard, and more so for the person who is suffering from depression. Talk to someone you trust, or take help of a therapist, says this author.

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Dear Me, Keep Your Friends Close!

Friendships bring a joy to our lives, no matter what phase of life we are in. So ladies, keep your friends close!

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She Was Provided With Everything Essential, But Now She Had To Ask For Every Little Thing!

Financial independence is often the key to a woman's freedom of choice. We women need to wake up to this reality in our lives and take steps.

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It’s High Time Cartoons Stop Portraying Girls As The Weaker Sex

Many Indian cartoons project girls as the weaker sex, when compared to boys. This needs to change and girls especially need to be projected differently. I have a naughty, frisky and annoying neighbour, yet I love spending time with her. As I say it, I hear her climbing down the stairs. The sound from her […]

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“Oh Poor Child! No Father!” Can You Not See She Is Happy With Her Single Mother?

Why do we pity a fatherless child, but do not see that she is happy with her single mother who got out of an abusive marriage?

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Will There Be A Brighter Tomorrow, For The Victims Of Flesh Trade?

This author expresses her despair on the flesh trade racket busted recently in New Delhi. However, she has hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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How Dipa Karmakar Inspires A Young Mother To Dream Of Flight Again

Dipa Karmakar inspires India's women and girls to strive for big things; her very participation at an Olympic event is cause for cheer.

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