The Future Of India, Well Thought And Being Planned

It also clearly stated about the requirement of new education policies in engineering and professional degree courses.

In the beginning of the year 2015, the engineers, environmentalists and political leaders of twenty most powerful nations of the world confided in a room to find the probable answers to the onerous questions, “What will happen to the world with the depleting non-renewable resources of energy?” They realized the arduousness of life, a lesson we must all learn soonest.

The broad question triggered many solutions. It revolved around the essentials for living being’s existence especially, humans. After several rounds of reasoning and discussion, the group of appointed experts from the respective field of Science and research, narrowed down the future problems and proposed their feasible solutions. It turned up into a project called, The Global Goals. It categorized the vital problems into seventeen achievable goals. These are summarized as the basic rights of food, health, shelter, education, sanitation, climate and so on.

But it primarily focused on climate change and finding an alternative energy source for the survival of the future generations.

India, is an active member of The Goal, and participated enthusiastically into formulating the quandary. It withal participated in defining the congruous solution.

In the last trimester of 2015, an idea started burning in Indian Science and Engineering Ministry that, “When every country’s geography and climactic conditions are different, how could a global solution untangle a local problem?”

We needed a local solutions. Different and cost efficient. We needed answers of our own. Without delay, the Indian government initiated a project to solve the issues assiduous in our society and environment. Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) pioneered a program to enable, empower and embolden the nation for inclusive growth and self-reliance of our country. With Pan IITs and IISc, the major thinking bodies, it turned out into a project named as ‘Impacting Research Innovation and Technology’, popularly known as IMPRINT. MHRD also highlighted the essentials required so as to bridge the gap between research and development.

IMPRINT’s ten primary objectives are focused on not just food-education-health but also on the science-environment-energy. It also clearly stated about the requirement of new education policies in engineering and professional degree courses. The department laid down a road map to bring the explication alive.

Anon concept and ideas poured in from all the IITs of India. The categories included Energy conservation, Manufacturing, Nano-technology, Security and Defense, Water resources and Rivers systems. Proposals also included materialistic and machinery measures to reduce greenhouse effect.

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Amongst 500 project proposals, almost 150 got selected and are backed up MHRD. Funds have been released by various government ministries and its subsidiaries for inclusive growth and implementation. For the first time in the history, India released a problem and solution oriented scientific book IMPRINT from the President’s house. The President of the time, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the book and applauded the brainstorm induced to bring it forth the nation. Science and scientists felt acknowledged and their contribution hailed high.

What will we achieve from IMPRINT?

It is a long term plan. But the signs started shining already. Namami Gange, Cyber security, nano-satellite constellation, Chandrayaan-2 and the list goes on. The development of India since 2015 is systematized. Every announcement and project has been though meticulously and researched well.

In my next blog, I will try to bring forth the objective of Chandrayaan-2 and understand why this step is very necessary. We will also peep into the steps taken to improve cyber security of the national data. It shall be IMPRINT’s objective oriented and will be stressed over its impact on our future times. No political and emotional overview. Just facts and details. Till then, smile and say, SCIENCE.

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