Dear Me, Keep Your Friends Close!

Friendships bring a joy to our lives, no matter what phase of life we are in. So ladies, keep your friends close!

Friendships bring a joy to our lives, no matter what phase of life we are in, and can be great for stress busting. So ladies, keep your friends close!

The value of friendship changes with time and age, but the bond, it is ageless. During childhood, it is peppy, as an adolescent, it is headless and frivolous, and in the young days, it is serious and mature. It differs with gender as well. Girls find their friendships in those who treasure their thoughts and are not judgmental. For boys, they relate to those who share their maddened space with the same novelty.

Regardless of age, gender or race, one common flavour to it is its care, ability to give, and madness. I discovered one more flavour of this beautiful relationship when I entered the period of motherhood –  its role as a stress reliever.

After the arrival of my little joy, I barely got time for myself. Sleepless nights and flying day hours drove me to be impatient and fretful. No time was my time. And amongst this, the news about our shifting to a new city arrived.

It was time to say goodbye to my friends, neighbors, and my colleagues. I was deeply in love with the place, as it had given me a career, witnessed my marriage, saw me succeed in academics, and accomodated my madness. I wished to deck and fly off with every moment lived here.

And then my friends decided to throw a farewell party to cheer me up. Party – this word gave me fixed feelings. I wanted to attend it desperately but with the baby I was reluctant. I tried to convince them to let it go, but they pulled me into it. My friend Heera came to pick us up and we reached at the venue on time. She kept assuring me –  It’s going to be fun, relax girl!

Everyone fussed over my son and he was enjoying it thoroughly. As we settled down and greeted everyone, all my hesitation vapourized. There was so much to tell each other! Sabiha’s engagement topped the list. Another friend, Rutul has a big fan list because of his great sense of humor. Praveen, the intellectual, had a lot to say about his start-up and his project. Prasanth was jovial about his job and my kid loved their company.

A one liner punch was enough to trigger another ten minutes of laughter. I was transformed into my vivacious avatar, not leaving a chance to flip over at any moment. My child had sensed the articulated happiness and he was joyous too.

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Post lunch everybody walked me home. When they were leaving, I knew that this was it! It seemed hard to believe that I would possibly meet them in future. Adios friends!

I learnt a lesson that day. It is very important to keep friends closer irrespective of the phase you are in, or however life is treating you. They are genuinely stress-busters.

When my husband came home, he noticed something different about me. I was in a chattering mood that evening, “You know Rutul’s joke about his work place was hilarious. Heera had been to Goa with her husband and Sabiha, she is getting engaged. And Prasanth he bought a bullet…“.

He interrupted and asked me to breathe in between. When our lil one was fast asleep, my husband said, “We are definitely going to your friend’s engagement.” I told him it was a crazy idea as the venue was very far from our place. He dramatized his answer, “We can do anything for your smile, Senorita.

I grinned and thought to myself, we do not need to look far for happy moments – they are just a hand’s length away. All we have to do is just ask for it!

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