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Then Where Did It Go Wrong? [#ShortStory]

But Papa, he is not a good person. He beats me, exploits me physically and emotionally. I never said a word Papa because you asked me to be the good girl.

But Papa, he is not a good person. He beats me, exploits me physically and emotionally. I never said a word Papa because you asked me to be the good girl.

Maithli sat down there, cross legged. Folded hands, closed eyes and dropped head. She sat there for hours, lifeless. Unable to move an inch, a lot later she opened her eyes, to let the tears roll down through her cheeks onto her hand. She looked fixedly at the white sparkling drops of saline and then gazed ahead. Is this my fate or Karma? She pleaded for the answers, the accountability of her pain, sorrow and grief. Her request grew into a demand from the God Almighty. She sat restless in the famous Goddess Sita Temple, looking in front, the bright, beautiful idol of Divinity. Her heart was remonstrated, meddled with bucket full of prayers.

Tell me, what did I do wrong to deserve this? You blessed me with loving parents, who took great care of me. They provided me the best of everything possible: education, independence and self confidence. Then where did it go wrong?

Is it the day, when my father found a match for me? He was convinced that the guy will take care of his daughter, at least no less than him. He send me off with him, with tears and blessings. He told me to take good care of the new family and stay happy.

But Papa, he is not a good person. He beats me, exploits me physically and emotionally. I never said a word Papa because you asked me to be the good girl. But today, when I broke to him the happiest news of our lives, he said, “Give me the proof that you are having my child.”

Soaked in tears, sobbing hard she pleaded for a reason about her situation. She was not going to move an inch without an acknowledgement.

Suddenly, she felt a soft touch on her shoulders. Wake up, Maithli. She looked through her blurred eyes, a ravishing bright woman was smiling at her. Who is this beautiful lady and how does she know my name?

“I am Sita”.

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Startled, Maithli straightened up on her feet, looked around; no one seemed bothered. “Sita, Goddess Sita!” she fumbled.

She thought she was going crazy or daydreaming. Soothing hands were caressing her head and said compassionately, “You have questions?”

Maithli collected herself and said, “I have been reading since childhood that you were found in a dry land and was proudly called the earth’s daughter. Blessed with best parents, who gave you the right to education and freedom. You chose Lord Ram as your life partner when he won the competition as well as your heart. You never left his side, stayed in exile and shared all his pain and fate. You bear such hardship, one fine day you had to prove your character to the world and to him! 

But after all this, Lord Ram abandoned you to prove to the world that he is ‘Maryada Purushottam’. And Goddess Sita you left the place unspoken. Why did not you say anything? Why Maa, why?

Today we are asked to be patient like Goddess Sita. But today I am in grief, I am made being ashamed of my individuality and my beliefs. I can prove it to him but I do not want this. He should have trusted me.”

Goddess Sita whispered, “I would have too. But I chose to leave, forever. But history is not meant to be repeated.”

She blessed her. Maithli bent her head and when she opened her eyes she was there alone, since eternity. Was I dreaming, may be not. She stood there, folded her hands and wiped off her tears.

The bells started ringing, it was the time of evening aarti. As the chanting grew louder her decision magnified faster. History is not going to repeat herself, it must not repeat itself.

Image source: See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, for representational purposes only.

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