domestic violence
Is #MeToo Any Different For Homemakers? I’ve Been Fighting For Justice

As a married woman, I've faced domestic violence and stopped from having a career. I'm still looking for justice, which is elusive for homemakers. 

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Harry Potter Books Helped Her Stand Up Against A Controlling, Emotionally Abusive Husband

Her emotionally abusive and control freak husband was like the Dementors in her favourite Harry Potter books, sucking her soul out. Until she found the Patronus of courage.

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Think That With 498(A)The Indian Legal Process Is Women Friendly? Think Again!

Battling the bully at home isn't as simple as the law states - you may have 498(A) for help, but it will still not be easy to feel safe and get out of a violent marital situation.

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My Cousin Srilu: Wish I Could Sense Your Silence

The author pens a heart-rending story of her cousin who was a victim of violence. She is aghast that justice hasn't prevailed and the perpetrator of the crime still roams free.

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The Hidden Domestic Violence – By Fathers And Brothers, That We Need To Speak Of
violence in birth families

Women's birth families are no different from marital families when it comes to being violent towards its women - violence by fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers... is common enough!

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And In A Matter Of 15 Minutes, It All Unravelled

She had done all that she could do to keep her boys away from the everyday reality of her abusive marriage. Or so she had thought. Until...

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