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I Pray No Other Woman Has To Suffer What My Mom Did!

This Generation To Generation Violence towards A Daughter-in-law Needs To Stop!

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‘Good Girls Shouldn’t Live-In’ — Union Minister. But Violence In Marriage Is Ok?

Women are being shamed for choosing 'non-sanskaari' ways of life after the Shraddha Walkar murder, but what about all the violence, dowry deaths, and more, among married women?

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What If Shraddha Walkar Had A Foolproof Way Of Communicating With Friends Without Alerting Her Abuser?

Some of Shraddha Walkar's friends knew she was in an abusive relationship. Could a way of communicating to them that she was in mortal danger changed things?

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“Mera Ghar Kahan Hai?” Asks A Domestic Violence Warrior
"Mera Ghar Kahan Hai?" Asks A Domestic Violence Warrior

Grandfather's silence was enough. There was no option other than to accept it. Being the eldest of five of her sisters, she knew this would happen soon. But this soon, she had no idea. She was only 14. It felt as if society was waiting for her to hit puberty and marry her off. Is a child mentally and emotionally mature at the age of 14 years?

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My MIL And I Don’t Get Along And My Husband Blames Me For This — What To Do?

My MIL has always bullied me. After my FIL’s demise, naturally her trips to our place have increased. I understand her need to get emotional support from her son. But I am not able to adjust.

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Don’t Ignore The Red Flags: Ending My Abusive Relationship Was Tiring
Don't Ignore The Red Flags: Ending My Abusive Relationship Was Tiring

His eye caught me, and he somehow managed to get my phone number from one of my colleagues, whom I despise the most now. Anyway, he drunk-dialled me one night.

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