domestic violence
Palak Tiwari
Shweta Tiwari’s Daughter Palak Speaks Of The (Usually Ignored & Hidden) Verbal Abuse By Stepdad

Domestic abuse is not always physical or sexual, it is also psychological and verbal. Palak Tiwari's Instagram post goes on to show that.

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What Does It Take For A Woman To Fight Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence? A woman could take a lot of shit before she speaks up, usually because she might feel she can 'still salvage' her relationship and make it work.

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“Why Didn’t You Leave Earlier?” Is The Wrong Question To Ask A Woman In An Abusive Marriage
why didn't you leave earlier

A lot of questions are directed at women who choose to leave abusive marriages. But the primary and somehow most important question still seems to be why didn't you leave earlier?

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Ask Melanie. I’m Afraid…

She rarely left her apartment for fear of being recognized. What if, Richard found her again? The very thought made her shudder, gave her sleepless nights.

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I Sought A Companion In My Husband, Not A Master

I was married off young and the reigns of my life were now transferred to my husband and in laws. They drove it strongly into my head that it was my foremost duty to abide by them and serve them.

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Nothing Prepares You For The Brutal Yet Nuanced Honesty Of New Short Film ‘Suno’

A nuanced story of hidden domestic violence, Suno explores the concept of content in a marriage.

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