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Some Seth Instagram posts
‘Navya’ Actor Somya Seth’s Recent Insta Posts Shatter Image Of The ‘Comfortably Settled’ NRI Wife

Parents often choose NRI grooms for their daughters in the hope of a good life abroad. For many, domestic violence and abuse become the bitter truth, as Instagram posts by ‘Navya’ actor Somya Seth show.

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To The Man Who Gave Me Neither His Body Nor His Love

A searing account of a housewife living a life of moneyed privilege, but without any connect of body or mind with her husband; just a glorified maid in his mind.

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Time Flies; But The Memories Of Abuse Last For Ever

She didn’t remain a six year old all her life. She grew. She understood how gambling and betting could ruin an otherwise normal family.

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The Revenge Of The Dusky Queen

The crowd trickled out of the great hall, many amongst them perverts and deviants. They shuffled along, their mouths dry and their minds set. The queen’s wrath was a fearful thing.

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Her Hidden Truth Was Deep Under The Earth, Right There!

A dusky girl, 'married off'. Unusual expectations of how to be a wife. Domestic violence. And the disposing off of evidence of a violent end.

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7 y.o. Boy Beaten To Death In Kerala… When Will We Have A Safer World For Children?
boy beaten to death Kerala

"When will the world become a safer place for children?" asks Deepti Menon, writing about the boy in Kerala who was beaten to death by his mother's live-in partner.

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