domestic violence
Ask Melanie. I’m Afraid…

She rarely left her apartment for fear of being recognized. What if, Richard found her again? The very thought made her shudder, gave her sleepless nights.

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I Sought A Companion In My Husband, Not A Master

I was married off young and the reigns of my life were now transferred to my husband and in laws. They drove it strongly into my head that it was my foremost duty to abide by them and serve them.

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Nothing Prepares You For The Brutal Yet Nuanced Honesty Of New Short Film ‘Suno’

A nuanced story of hidden domestic violence, Suno explores the concept of content in a marriage.

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New Short Film ‘Suno’ Deals With The Unsaid And Unheard Nuances Of Domestic Violence

The latest Terribly Tiny Tales short film Suno gives a new face to domestic violence and shows that even in an 'obviously happy' marriage there are these unsaid or unheard things.

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My Maid Is A Mother Too, But The Things She Had To Face…

A house help who is abandoned by her husband makes a living against all odds and struggles to be there for her son's wedding despite her husband's indifference.

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Kheer, In The Middle Of The Night

Sometimes, Amma heard sobs in the dark of the night, interspersed with deep snores. In those times, she lay awake in her bed, only to tell herself a little later that it was just the imagination of her mind.

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