domestic violence
Everything On The Floor Has A Story Behind It; A Map Of My Life

“You’re branching into men’s shirts and pants now? You’re going to take measurements, touch men in all sorts of places? Be touched by them?” he’d thundered.

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But He Didn’t Mean It!

The very next day, he would be the same man she had loved. It was like the previous episode had never happened...She told herself firmly, he was probably just having a bad day at work, or stressed, or troubled.

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25 Years On, A New Film Explores Lorena Bobbitt’s Story, This Time With The Empathy It Needs

25 years ago, the media covered the Lorena Bobbitt case insensitively, with little empathy for a victim of domestic abuse. How much have things changed today? A new docu-series on Lorena forces us to reflect. 

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Life Chose Me To Be Badass; I Did Not Disappoint, Even Lifting Other Women Along
Ethel Da Costa

"Achhe Din be damned. Indian women are taking the fight into their own hands, owning their spaces and their voices, making us a force the country cannot afford to ignore anymore," says Ethel Da Costa.

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That Circle Of Trust

Domestic abuse sounds like something that always happens to someone else, not to ourselves. I could not accept that an educated woman like me was being subjected to it. I was ashamed.

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Because Even Now, Married Indian Men Have A License For Raping Their Wife!

Marital rape is still legal in India - here's the story of one such woman I know. 71 years since independence, 69 years of being a Republic, and we still live in the last century!

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