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domestic violence
Neelu Mehta’s Murder Begs The Question Why Do Women Still Need To Fight For Their Space?

Neelu Mehta's brutal murder by her husband has shaken people to their core. How many shocking incidents do we need to bring about change?

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And I Was Shocked To See Those Red Bruises On Her Shoulder, At Her Age…

And then she slightly slips aside her blouse from her shoulder, and I start as I see the red brown bruises. I immediately ask, "Who did this? Your husband?

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Man Sewing Wife’s Genitals To ‘Test’ Fidelity Shows How Regressive We Still Are!

Man from UP recently sewed his wife's genitals with an aluminium thread to test fidelity. Will there be an end to such heinous acts on women?

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‘Inspiring’ Movies Make A Buzz – But Are Our Privileged MEN Taking Notice Or Changing Abusive Ways?

Aren’t women trained to be puppets, serving their 'masters', never thinking for themselves? How do we get the others sit up and take notice that WE MATTER?

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What Could I Do… She Provoked Me So I Hit Her!

All these years they had kept quiet despite knowing that their son-in-law failed to keep their daughter happy, but out of societal fear they could never confront him.

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Men Don’t Feel The Need To Discuss The Great Indian Kitchen Coz It Doesn’t Really Affect Their Lives

Indian men are not just clueless about the pain their women go through, but also entitled. The Great Indian Kitchen is an eyeopener.

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