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domestic violence
Bulbbul Is A Film That Takes The Myth Of The ‘Chudail’ And Turns It On Its Head!

Bulbbul is a tale of a woman who has been wronged but unlike the ones who remain suppressed she is out there to avenge her perpetrators, which resonates with many women.

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A Horror Story, Netflix Film Bulbbul Is A Reality In The Lives of Too Many Women, Even Today
Bulbbul review

Bulbbul touches upon issues like child marriage, domestic violence and everyday sexism, thereby bringing to the fore the truth that it is patriarchy that is the real horror.

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We Promised Each Other 7 Lifetimes Of Happiness You Only Showed Me The 7 Deadly Sins!

Sloth, gluttony, pride, lust, wrath, gluttony and envy are the seven deadly sins as we all know. But did you know marriage also had the seven deadly sins?

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Smriti Irani Denies Increased Domestic Violence In Lockdown; Here’s Some Data For You Ma’am!

Union Minister Smiriti Irani has denied claims that the lockdown led to an increase in cases of domestic violence against women. But is it true?

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Why This 7 Min Short Film By Nandita Das Is The Most Relevant You’ll Watch On Domestic Violence
Listen to Her

Listen to Her, a 7 min short film by Nandita Das is about two things - that domestic violence is not only physical, emotional violence is more sneaky, and that women can help each other by just holding space.

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UP Man Puts Wife’s ‘Honour’ On ‘Sale’ Because Women Are Mere Sexual Commodities, Aren’t They?

Man decided to put his wife's 'honour for sale' on social media, asked people to call her for 'sexual favours.' Just how entitled and vile can humans be?

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