domestic violence
The apology Eve Ensler
Imagine How Cathartic A Real, Heartfelt Apology From An Abuser Would Feel…

Eve Ensler's The Apology isn't merely a book. It is an experience, it is a journey, it is the apology that so many of us have been waiting to receive our lives, but perhaps, we never will.

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I’m Not Entertaining Him; Would He Let You Sleep With His Wife?

The ease with which she stepped into two entirely different roles surprised her more than others. More so because she resented both from the core of her heart.

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Not Just Covering Up Shefali’s Scars

The mascara that she had painstakingly applied had smudged around her eyes. Nobody would believe that she was a new bride if she showed up in front of everyone.

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Gaslighted & Emotionally Abused, A Once Confident Girl Slowly Slipped Into Depression

An honest personal account of losing independence, not just financial, but also of thought, after marriage. Gaslighted and emotionally abused, this is how she coped.

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It Would Be Her Story, Sunaina’s Story, Only Hers!

Although the attention that it had garnered in Samir’s social circle was a deterrent to an outright ban on writing, the downside was that Samir had carefully read every story, and given ‘suggestions’.

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Did They Want A Professional Degree Holder Bride Only As A Trophy Bahu?

Why look for a bride with a 'professional degree', if you know she is to kowtow to your patriarchal norms, toe the line, and change herself completely to adapt to your ideas of an ideal bahu?

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