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domestic violence
Netflix Series Maid: Emotional Domestic Abuse Isn’t Recognised Unless There Are Visible Injuries!

Netflix's web series Maid presents the story of Alex, who fights her way out of an abusive relationship, something all too familiar even in the Indian context... 

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Assault Is Legally Wrong, But Why Is It Not Wrong When A Parent Hits A Child?

Why is violence inside the home, be it by parents, spouse, in-laws, siblings or an insider in our society so acceptable?

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Just Because He’s Under Pressure, My Husband Has No Right To Be Abusive Or Humiliating!

He knew that I was upset. He tried talking. I responded curtly. After reaching home, he tried kissing me and to behave as if it was all normal. But I was nowhere close to normal.

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Often The Most Gentlemanly Of Men In Society Could Be Abusive Husbands…

There are many, many girls like Seema who are stuck in loveless, abusive marriages; the abuse can be verbal, emotional, physical, financial.

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We Could Clearly Hear The Woman’s Cries But Everyone Behaved As If It Was All Normal

Our 'strong laws' for protection of women are often only on paper; they continue to suffer in silence. Whether educated or non-educated, they are regularly killed, tortured.

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8 Ways Her Husband Broke Princess Diana, That’s A Brutal Reality For Too Many Married Women
Princess Diana

With the abuse she faced from her husband, the Princess Of Wales lost everything to her marriage: her essence, her joy, her title, her confidence, her sanity, all her hope and eventually her life!

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