domestic violence
Isn’t It Time We Stopped Saying, ‘He Hit Me And I Couldn’t Do Anything?’

Several women are coming out and speaking about domestic violence and how they fought against it. Here's why we need to speak up more!

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Bell Bajao

Whenever we hear any sound like that of hitting and shouting from their house, one of us will ring the doorbell and ask something. It can be anything, like what is the time? Or is water coming?

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Fiery Red Hair And A Fierce Attitude Was All She Needed To Rise

Today, Sapna felt accomplished. She had risen from a tormented childhood to an abusive relationship and a number of obstacles she faced at work.

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I Waited All These Years For My Husband To Change, But Finally Decided I Was Living A Lie

I was just waiting, waiting for him to change, not understanding why he didn't treat me right, blaming myself, giving more and more. But I realised I was living a lie.

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Aishani – The Fighter. But Would They Let Her Be A Fighter?

The rules for the daughter-in-law dated back to the 18th century. They were mere emotionless objects who had to ensure that the in-laws were well-fed and content. 

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I’m Aisha, A Fire That Can Give Warmth, Or A Fire That Can Burn A House Down

She knew that it was time - time for people to know who she really is. That she is a fire that no one can contain. Fire that can give warmth to numbing bodies, but if provoked can burn the house down.

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