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domestic violence
It Was Never A Slap, It Was The Death Of My Self-Respect And Identity!

All my married life, I did everything I was taught. I accepted the new life and everything it came with, until that one night...

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Why Did Ma Cry If Our Struggles Were Ending? Why Were There Marks On Her Body?

I was just eight when I witnessed the marks on her body. But I didn't realize the severity of the abuse my mother was going through...

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New SC Judgement On Domestic Violence Act Allows Estranged Women To Live With In-Laws

The Supreme Court reversed its 2006 verdict and now guarantees a woman Right To Resident. A step in the right direction?

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Getting Out Of An Abusive Marriage Was The Best Decision I Have Ever Made For Myself
getting out of an abusive marriage

Divorce is painful. But getting out of an abusive marriage that invalidates you as a human being and normalises abuse, is necessary.

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The Dark Inside Due To My In-Laws Hasn’t Gone Away, But I Have Conquered It For Today

According to them, I cooked bad food, I was trying to poison them with too much salt, I had a vicious tongue, my parents had no idea about bringing up a girl, and so on.   

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The Masks She Has Always Worn To Hide The Pain…

The mask she wears to hide her bruises, her pain, her distress from everyone, to hold up her head and go through life... can you not see it?

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