Why Do Courts Need To Educate Us Even In 2024 That A Man’s Chromosomes Decide Child’s Gender, Not Woman’s?!

It is shameful that in today's world too, women are abused and even killed for giving birth to a girl, and the infant's life is also of no value.

Trigger Warning: This deals with domestic violence, suicide, and violence against women, and may be triggering to survivors.

I am so glad that the esteemed courts are now giving the much-required verdicts regarding certain ideologies that were not at all entertained earlier. I mean we all have studied this much biology at our school level and it is our duty (our generation) to educate our elders about it.

Why someone have to lose a life to bring such awareness to the society. Delhi High Court gave this judgement concerning a case that filed by the deceased daughter’s parents against her in-laws. She committed suicide as she was harassed and tortured for dowry and giving birth to two daughters.

Parents get their daughters married with so many dreams, use all their savings sacrificing their future, and do everything to please the groom’s family but still people are hungry for more. The fear of our beloved society is instilled so much that they ignore the dirty acts of the groom and family further putting their daughter’s life in danger.

Grow up, people, and learn some facts!

I work with an African Diplomatic Mission, and sometimes I feel ashamed to make eye contact with them when they question me on the honor killing and women’s safety in India. Their culture may be much more open than ours but at least they respect woman and protect their dignity.

India, is well known for its gods and goddesses but what do you do when a woman is born? Either you force the mother to kill the baby or kill herself. I have seen our elders cursing western society for several things but do they ever realize how dangerous our society is? Killing women for inter-caste marriage, giving birth to a girl, bringing less dowry, living on her terms and what not reason.

As much as I am blessed to be born in India, at times I am equally disappointed by such behaviours and cruelty of Indian society. A woman sacrifices everything for her family and on the contrary the family tortures and disrespects her.

On International Women’s Day I urge everyone to pay gratitude to the woman/women in their house. Your thank you can bring a smile to their face.

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