Value Of Women’s Work At Home No Less Than Of Working Individuals – Thank You, Supreme Court!

Homemakers or as we often call them, 'housewives' are IMO the most underestimated and disrespected of women. Time this changed.

I am so glad to write about this as homemakers were and till are the most undervalued and underestimated.

Having grown up in Indian society, I have witnessed people disrespecting homemakers by delivering various comments like, “saara din ghar par to hoti ho karti kya ho” (being at home what do you do full day), “housewives ke pass to bahut time hota hai” (housewives have a lot of time), “subah kaam hota hai fir to free hi free saara din” (you have work in the morning and then you are free the whole day).

A homemaker works 24/7

I am a working woman and I confess that I can go to work because earlier my mother and now my mother-in-law share responsibilities with me. People feel the work of a homemaker is easy but honestly, it’s not. I see my mother-in-law waking up at 6 am and working non-stop till night. In fact, I would say the life of some working individuals are much more sorted and simple than that of a homemaker.

The life of a homemaker just passes by in taking care of the family members. I mean the time they devote, the effort they put in, the love they deliver, all these are nowhere in comparison to the working individual. Leaving aside everything else, the biggest thing a homemaker does is feed you.

I still remember my school days when during summer my brother and I used to reach the house by 2; at 1 only she used to switch on the cooler and roll the curtains to make the environment breezy and used to serve us shikanji. Buying vegetables of our choice, ironing our clothes, arranging the wardrobe, taking care of children and the list is too long; at times I feel what a mess my life would have been without my mother and today without my mother-in-law.

Why do we do this?

I don’t know whether it’s the mindset or the lack of principles that we require such kind of judgments to prove the value of a homemaker. When I look at the sacrifices of a homemaker, sometimes I even feel ashamed.

Thank you Supreme Court for this much-required statement and I hope people will start respecting homemakers at least now though they deserve it since the beginning.

Image source: YouTube/ a still from English Vinglish

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