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If It’s ‘Illegal’ To Separate A Man From His Parents, How Is It ‘Tradition’ To Separate A Woman From Hers?

Our society teaches a girl from her birth that one day she has to leave her parents' house and go with her husband to his house.

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As A Young Indian Woman, I’ve Always Been Told I Must Be A Good Wife After Marriage
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Why is a woman selfish if she follows her dreams after marriage, and a good wife if she if she gives up her goals for her husband and his family?

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Why Does A Girl Become An Outsider In Both Families After Marriage? Like I Did…

That day I realized no matter what one did a daughter is never accepted anywhere. I was an outsider to the family I was born and will always be an outsider to the family I was married into.

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Kudos To This Badass Bride For Speaking Up To Protect Her Rights Despite Being Shamed As ‘Forward’

Society's obsession with the demure bride and women complying with that is more dangerous that we realise. A recent bride showed us how to do it better.

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Why Shouldn’t I Keep My Original Surname After Marriage?

The name and surname you have from childhood is your identity and the name on all your documents. Why should marriage mean that a woman has to change it?

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A Woman Is Not Born A Nagging Wife; An Inconsiderate Husband Makes Her One
nagging wife

Behind every nagging wife is a girl with broken dreams and unfulfilled promises, trying to be the perfect partner for her imperfect male counterpart, thinking of what life could have been if not this.

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