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No In-law Trouble, A Loving Family, But… As A Daughter In Law, I’m Taken For Granted

Does abuse always come with blows, taunts, physical and mental torture? Doesn't total disregard of someone's needs count as cause for bitterness too?

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7 Things A Husband Must NEVER Say To His Visa Wife And Rub In Her Dependent Status
visa wife

'The joy of living abroad' syndrome is often found in many Indians, and the husband often inadvertently rubs in the dependent status that a Visa wife might find problematic.

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Does Every Middle Class Married Indian Woman Go Through The Same Shit In Life?
middle class Indian woman

The title itself says a lot. What do you think? Is this true? Especially for middle class women in India? I'd like to know.

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Relationship Advice For Entitled Men (& Family) Who Expect Their Wives To Do As They Say
relationship advice

Why is a wife expected to maintain a 'good relationship' with in laws if they don't reciprocate? Here's some relationship advice to all in-laws.

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I Can’t Work As My Husband Promised His Parents AFTER Our Engagement, And I Didn’t Know?

It is not only you who are doing all this. Almost every girl does the same. Why do you always create issues over your job and career?

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If It’s ‘Illegal’ To Separate A Man From His Parents, How Is It ‘Tradition’ To Separate A Woman From Hers?

Our society teaches a girl from her birth that one day she has to leave her parents' house and go with her husband to his house.

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