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married women
The Real Keemat Of Bollywood’s Ek Chutki Sindoor

Sindoor may be 'auspicious' in Indian society, but it does not empower women but contributes further to their oppression. Let's begin by blaming Bollywood.

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Generations Of DILs In My Family Went Hungry As A ‘Woman Can’t Be Fat And Must Eat Less’

It was a matter of shame for a woman to eat publicly or be fanned while she ate. Women ate the leftovers, with no question of a second helping.

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Wife Or Mother… Is This The Only Identity Of A Married Woman?!

The practice of ignoring a married woman's first name and address her only in relation to her husband, kids, or family name says a lot about what we think of her identity.

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My Nuptial Chain Has Rusted, Making A Noose Around My Neck…
nuptial chain

When the marriage itself has no more meaning, when there is abuse and gaslighting in the relationship, what does a nuptial chain matter?

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Do Not Miss Out On The Best Friend A Married Woman Can Have – Your Sister In Law

Having a sister-in-law can be a blessing if we outgrow the stereotype that women can’t be friends. She can be your greatest support as you enter the new household after marriage.

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Does Slaving Away In The Great Indian Kitchen Lead To The Great Indian Marriage?

Cooking is not an issue. I prepare food for myself every day and quite enjoy doing it. But slaving away in the kitchen is quite another matter.

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