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married women
Ek Chutki Sindoor – Badge Of Honour, ‘Protective Shield’, Or A Mark Of Subservience?

The sindoor that marks a married Hindu woman signifies complete control on the woman by her husband and in-laws, yet women fall for its allure.

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After All, I Am Her Daughter-In-Law, An Outsider…

A daughter-in-law is never considered equal to the daughter...there are so many instances when my in laws treated me like an outsider; secrets were kept from me.

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Let’s Discuss The ‘Mighty Suhaag Raat’; And You’d Better Listen, Dude!
suhaag raat

The traditional 'suhaag raat' is one of the most sexist concepts. What if she doesn't want any of it at all, she just wants to relax or have a decent conversation, or just have a good night's sleep?

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That A Woman Alone Must Make ‘Small Adjustments’ For A Happy Marriage…

“A woman must know her priorities.” She could hear her in-laws admonishing her. Nothing had changed in this supposedly progressive society in all these years, Hetal murmured to herself. 

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Must Weight Gain In A Newly Married Woman Necessarily Mean That She’s Pregnant?

Why should "Is there any Good News?" be the only question a married woman is asked if she seems to have put on even a little weight since marriage?

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Millions Of Indian Women Silently Suffer Marital Rape Every Day; Stop This Travesty Already!
marital rape

What use is all this jingoism over 'independence' and freedom if marital rape is still not recognised as a crime, and millions of married women face this silently in their own homes?

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