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If You’re Called A Manipulative Woman, You’re Probably A Victim Of Patriarchy Just Trying To Live A Life

Indian women are conditioned to nurture, to give in to a man's ego, to be the 'good woman'. No wonder then, that manipulation is a survival strategy just to be able to live their lives.

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From Its Trailer, ‘Ghar Ki Murgi’ Sounds Like The Story Of Every Homemaker Taken For Granted
ghar ki murgi

Celebrate the woman of your house. Not just acknowledge and appreciate her, but step up and share the work load, however menial it might seem. She's not a 'ghar ki murgi'!

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5 Daughters In Law Declare: “My Mother In Law Is My Biggest Champion At Home”

The Indian saas bahu relationship is famous for its hostility - a huge chunk of it is from on-screen drama. But these inspiring MILs are their DILs' biggest champions

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I Beg Of You, Don’t Watch Thappad Unless It Is For These Reasons

There may be many problematic things in Thappad, but this is how most Indian girls have been conditioned, and the movie showcases unvarnished reality!

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Dear Society, Obsess Over A Woman’s Dreams, NOT If She Is Married Or Has A Baby

Why aren't people asking a woman if she is having a happy life or if she has any dreams? Why is the question always about a child that one may or may not have?

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It Took Me A Few Years Of Marriage To Understand How My Mother Must Have Felt About Her In-Laws

Transparency is the key for any relationship to breathe, sustain and blossom with time and age. That, along with some understanding, can build long term relationships.

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