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Boys Don't Cry
You Know That I Still Love You, Right?

Boys Don't Cry by Meghna Pant is an unputdownable story of a marriage made in hell. It is a story of abuse and crime and takes you behind the closed doors of a modern Indian marriage.

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13 Absolute Freedoms I Enjoy As An Indian DIL In A Supportive Nuclear Family!

A nuclear family is an ideal set-up for a married woman to live her life on her terms if she has a supportive husband - and the benefits I find never cease to surprise me!

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Why Is Marital Rape Not A Crime In India?
why is marital rape not a crime in India

No relationship, no matter how solemn, entitles a person to another person’s body. Marriage does not grant a license to sexual relations in perpetuity.

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If I Want To Be Myself Then I Am No Longer Their Bahu But Possessed By An Evil Entity!

Vidhya came home with Riya. She was surprised to see the same expectations from her that were before from having a child. Nothing had changed, and she felt that nothing would ever change.

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‘Oho! If Your Wife Is Sick Who’s Taking Care Of You Now?’

Devi has started feeling like a mother to her husband, who was always,... immature, or as Indians put it, “boyish”, and is only getting younger post his half-century.

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The Woes Of A Married Couple In India

“So, when are you planning to have kids?” she asked. I said we are not ready yet and not even sure if we want any. “But why even get married if you do not want to have kids?” she asked me, perplexed.

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