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Can Your Daughter-In-Law Cook?

Instead of fixating on just cooking skills, people should recognize and appreciate the many other qualities a daughter-in-law brings to the table.

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This Is As Much My House As It’s My Husband’s, And I Run The Show Here!

‘Madam, we want to talk to someone who is in charge here. Like your father-in-law/husband/father etc.’ The lady with the curious eyes takes over.

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Is ‘Superwoman’ A Compliment Or A Patriarchal Expectation?!

How come a man working 9 to 5 "comes home tired" but a woman coming back home after work is expected to do the household chores, manage the children and other stuff too?

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Shameful That Trolls Attacked YouTuber Dhanashree Verma For Having A Life ‘Despite Being Married’!

Who are these people who decide how a married woman should pose? Women do have a life and career outside their marriages!

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Kiran Rao’s Latest Film Laapataa Ladies Is A Must Watch Gem In Theatres Now
Laapataa Ladies

14 years after her last feature film Dhobi Ghat, storyteller extraordinaire comes up with her new film, Laapataa Ladies, a must watch.

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How Dare You Waste My Son’s Money?!

My friend had to just finish the last year of her MBA, but her MIL would neither let her do that, nor earn, and have no say in money matters.

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