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How Many Bisexual & Lesbian Women In India Must Be Trapped In Traditional Marriages?

There is still little awareness of queer culture in India, so it isn't surprising that we have no idea of the many 'happily married' Indian wives who identify as queer, but have no option.

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Who Made These Patriarchal Rules Against Women’s Choices, And Why Should I Follow Them?

‌'Patriarchy' is not just a word; it's a feeling that haunts most modern women all around the world, even more, when they are living in a society that has each and every traditions and social customs based on patriarchal norms.

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Some Bizarre Reasons Indian Men Give For Not ‘Allowing’ Their Wives to Work

Misogyny is ingrained in the Indian society wherein entitled husbands feel that they have the right to tell their wives what to do and what not to do. It is time this stops!

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The Curious Case Of The Indian Daughter-In-Law Who Is Always Misjudged

Being a daughter-in-law in Indian society is not easy. However hard she tries to make a place for herself in the new family, she is forever judged.

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Nothing Prepares You For The Brutal Yet Nuanced Honesty Of New Short Film ‘Suno’

A nuanced story of hidden domestic violence, Suno explores the concept of content in a marriage.

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Why Do Most Indian Daughters-In-Law Need To Struggle For Acceptance By In-Laws?

Women in India often find themselves in hostile waters once they are married. They struggle to get validation amidst misogyny and often end up  losing their own identity.

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