Varunika Rajput

Varunika lives in the city of Mumbai with her two gregarious girls and her husband and is happily taking care of her nest. In a parallel universe, Varunika is the author of the book WOMEN & THEIR WORLD: TALES OF LOVE, LOSS, & SURVIVAL. She is also the co-author of an anthology STORIES FROM INDIA. VOL. 3. She has also written an E-book THE ROAD TO REDEMPTION. She frequently pens her thoughts through her personal blogging site THE LOTUS FLOWER DIARY. Varunika is also a popular blogger at the renowned platform of MOMSPRESSO and has earned for herself a special spot there, through her simple and soulful write-ups. Born and brought up in the quaint and picturesque town of Nainital, she has had a splendid and blissful childhood playing under the shade of Deodar and Pine trees, frolicking around the lake. That part of her childhood always finds a place in her stories. Varunika holds a degree in Agriculture and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. She bid adieu to the corporate life early in her career and chose the field of education. She has worked closely with several educational institutions both as a management faculty and a communication and life skills trainer. It is Motherhood, however, which taught her the most. While she chases her kids like a phantom mother throughout the week, she enjoys her weekend in the company of a good book, her camaraderie with pen, and the smell of freshly baked cakes in her oven. She will be thrilled to hear from you at: and [email protected]

Voice of Varunika Rajput

This Is As Much My House As It’s My Husband’s, And I Run The Show Here!

‘Madam, we want to talk to someone who is in charge here. Like your father-in-law/husband/father etc.’ The lady with the curious eyes takes over.

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Going Beyond The ‘Shaadi, Saas, Satyanash’ Conversation

Can we please go beyond the shaadi conversations and teach our daughters this instead?

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Here's The Answer To The Question 'When Does Motherhood Get Easier?'
“When Does Motherhood Get Easier?” Here’s The Answer To The Question

As mothers, we often wonder, if it will ever get easier. What if we have been asking the wrong question and it is possible to make it easier?

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5 Life Lessons From My 40 Years Of Life As A Woman

As you age, you will realise it is difficult being a woman with a voice in this world. While times are changing and thankfully so, it still is challenging to be yourself.

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Only If You Let Me Manage Our Kids On My Own…!

In the end, parenting is teamwork where both the team members are in it to nurture confident, capable, and compassionate individuals.

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