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Preethi Warrier

Voice of Preethi Warrier

No In-law Trouble, A Loving Family, But… As A Daughter In Law, I’m Taken For Granted

Does abuse always come with blows, taunts, physical and mental torture? Doesn't total disregard of someone's needs count as cause for bitterness too?

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This MIL DIL Madness Stops With Us; We Break The Chain

“Bhabhi worked before marriage, Ma. You insisted on her leaving her job. I’m not like you, I can’t think like you. That reminds me, Karthik seems to be free now, it’s his turn to mop the floor today. Bye."

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It Was As If The Dark Clouds Of Ignorance In Her Life Had Lifted

She had heard stories of the forbidden land, the widows’ quarters, but little had she imagined it to be so miserable. She quietly followed her husband, why did visiting one’s own mother have to be a secret?

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How Many Men Really Know, They Determine The Gender Of Their Child

Women of the family are often blamed for having daughters instead of sons. Even though the gender of a child should not matter, here is an old newsflash from science: If anyone is responsible, its the men.

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Isn’t That Against Indian Culture? Now That There’s Nothing Between Us, Why All This Drama?

Now how would I feel if my girlfriend lands more roles than me, wins awards every now and then, and to top it all, works with my rivals and agrees to do intimate scenes with them? Wouldn’t I become a laughing stock?

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But If He Didn’t Touch You Or Say Anything Inappropriate, How Is It Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment may not always be an inappropriate touch or comment. Some times, it is something seemingly mundane as phone calls too!

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‘If I Can’t Have A Son, I Hope She Doesn’t Have One Either’

I tried everything possible to have a son. I followed diets, rituals, conducted all Poojas for a son. But still, nothing worked. I have two daughters now.

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You Distract Me And It’s Your Fault

Never tolerate sexism and objectification from your professors or employers, your abilities and talents invalidated because you're a girl, says this author. 

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Making A Difference, On A Path Less Traveled

For the village folk, she was like a daughter they never had, a friend they could trust. They treated her with unadulterated love and respect, they looked up to her.

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Just One Among HIS Many Devadasis

They fought pretty strongly Bhairavi, looks like, in less than a month, this Devdasi custom will be totally abolished, you will be free forever.

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Nope! My Son And I Do Not Regret Dropping Maths And Choosing A Different Subject

'We received an elaborate report indicating Dyscalculia.' And thus began a mother and son's battle against the dreaded Maths! How she battled it is amazing!

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Body Shamed For Never Removing Body Hair, I’ve Realised Now That I Don’t Really Care

Why are women who do not remove body hair shamed for it, wonders the author - after all, it should be her choice!

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Of Sisters, Long Drives, Digging And Some Tanhaai

The emotional gap between us, which we created over years, was bridged in a few seconds. Why did it take so long for us to laugh together?

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Kahaani Kiss Ki – When An Actress Kisses An Actor

To kiss or not to kiss is no longer the question. It has changed to - who kissed whom. And if it a woman taking that initiative: heavens forgive her!

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What I Most Miss About Home As A Married Indian Woman Living In Sweden For 15 Years

An Indian woman who moved to Sweden after her marriage, the author shares an unusual aspect of what coming home means to her.

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And There She Was, The Real Her, Beautiful And Graceful

Those few hours when she returned from school to an empty house, were like Nirvana. She would deck up in her mother’s cosmetics and pose before the mirror, until the day her brother saw her.

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It Was Finally My Kind Of Rose Day!

There were hundreds of real humans who loved her, she glowed with confidence. She had long given up examining herself on the mirror, but of late, when she saw her reflection, her radiant self smiled back.

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You Acted For Your ‘Honour’, But I’m Going To Haunt You To The End!

“You were ruining our family reputation. Living in with a man, without getting married. Oh, and the clothes you were wearing when we met that day in the city, so tight, so short.

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My Mother Ensured I Did What She Never Did #MothersDay

She taught me MY value in MY life. She taught me to be a bit selfish and not center my entire day around my kid.

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Duryodhana… Your Villain, But My Hero

His brothers and friend Karna covered for him, as they fought my father’s soldiers. As for him, he took off with me in his chariot. And I don’t know why, I was bowled over.

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Living All Over Again, This Time For Myself

He never loved me, and I was always a disgrace for him, didn’t speak well, didn’t dress well. I was a ‘country bumpkin’ as he called me and much to his relief, I stopped going out to parties with him.

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