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With All That Happens In Tribhanga Why Are We Most Agitated By Kajol Using Cuss Words?

What’s the big deal about Tribhanga that people are bothered by Kajal mouthing cuss words? Everyone suddenly seems to have woken up and taken notice!

What’s the big deal about Tribhanga that people are bothered by Kajal mouthing cuss words? Everyone suddenly seems to have woken up and taken notice!

An engaging trailer featuring some powerful female actors and a promising feminist premise encouraged me to watch Tribhanga on Netflix yesterday. I enjoyed the movie; it touched upon a sensitive subject that mothers are not always God, and that patriarchy is still pretty much a part of our so called high society.

I posted my opinion on Facebook and was met with like-minded, kind comments, but one observation that stood out amongst all of them was, the needlessness of the cuss words that Kajol’s character mouthed. In fact some other online reviews I read, happened to echo the same.

Cuss words seem to be Ok in films until…

I kind of agree with that sentiment. The film industry’s idea of portraying a ‘modern, independent’ woman is often associated with drinking, smoking and most importantly, swearing. But I’m not reviewing the film here, only mentioning something I observed about our selective intolerance towards foul language.

I have been following numerous web series of late and to be honest, all of them, irrespective of their genre have been laced with expletives. Initially, I would wonder why there was no ‘beeping’ in OTT series, but then honestly, I gradually got used to it. I guess, many obscene words were being used for no particular reason but to appease the younger audience.

Recently, there was some discussion about censorship in OTT content and I was glad I wasn’t the only one who agreed. But again, the discussion was about the plot and the stories, not the adult scenes or the language. There has hardly been any concern regarding the relentless cursing and abusing; the world, the huge audience couldn’t care less.

… a supposed-to-be-‘sanskaari’ Indian woman says them!

Then, what’s the big deal about Tribhanga? Everyone suddenly seems to have woken up and taken notice. Because this time around, a woman, an Indian woman who is supposed to be docile and charitravaan, does what her male counterparts have been up to, since quite sometime?

I have always been uncomfortable around gaalis being spoken by anyone, anywhere. I’m sure there are plenty like me out there, but audience or critic reviews of some very popular OTT series hardly talked about the bad language used.

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Then why has Tribhanga got them all talking? Or does it always take a woman to highlight a concealed but deep-rooted social issue?

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