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single mom
The Lonely, Unappreciated Single Mother, Further Belittled By Society…

Soon she came to know that her ex-husband had already started living in with another girl. He had moved on without any sense of responsibility towards his children.

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5 Major Struggles — Being A Single Mother In India
Single Mother in India

Being a single mother in India is an everyday battle! I can narrow down 5 most common challenges which we face on a daily basis and how to ...

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Trolls Calling Sushmita A ‘Gold-digger’, Buzz Off And Get A Life For Yourself!
Susmita Sen

Before we pass judgement that money must be the factor for birth of a relationship when an older man and younger women are involved, let us think.

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And Then She Understood All That Her Mother Had Left Unsaid!

Alone in the apartment the whole day, Riya used to feel claustrophobic. She could not imagine anyone living in with just one bunk to call one’s own. She thought about the clean air and the verdant hills of Siliguri.

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Why Is It So Rare For A Single Man To Marry A Divorced Woman? Coz She’s ‘Damaged Goods’, Of Course!

Indian society considers a married woman with children, complete; but a divorced, single, or widowed woman with children as ‘baggage’.

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20 Yrs Of Chocolat In Which Badass Women Show That Change Is Inevitable!

Chocolat brings us the story of a single mom who stands up for her ideals against conservative notions of society, and still wins hearts.

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