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My Best Friend's Son's Wedding
Must A Single Mother Forsake Another Chance At Love Just Because It Is Now Her Child’s Turn?

Riveting and essentially relevant to a woman's choice for her life, My Best Friend’s Son’s Wedding by Zarreen Khan is the LOL book of the year. Happy reading.

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She Had Never Earned; How Would She Raise Her Kids After Her Husband’s Death Due To COVID?

"Doctor, do you think that I am overreacting? Instead of thinking about my children's well-being, I am thinking of my own miseries only. Am I being selfish?"

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How Different Is An Indian Mom’s Experience When She’s The Prospective Bride Or The Mother In Law?

Woman as a mother is a very powerful image in Indian culture, and whether you're the prospective mother in law or the bride decides how you're treated.

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A Strong Single Mom, Just Like Hidimba From The Mahabharata

The landlords did not want a single woman with a child and said they preferred a ‘family’. What were they then, she thought.

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Sushmita Sen’s Aarya Is A Badass Single Mother In A Male Dominated Crime World
Aarya series

Sushmita Sen’s Aarya series is a little slow-paced as a crime thriller, but will leave you awestruck with Sen's single mother Aarya. 

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As A Single Mom Under Lockdown, The Men In My Life Left Me Sorely Disappointed!
single mom in quarantine

And the most satisfying thing I did was to tell the men who dared to remotely instruct me on how to live in this new world of quarantine, to shove their fake concern up where the sun doesn’t shine.

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