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Sindhu Priyadharsini Sankar

Voice of Sindhu Priyadharsini Sankar

Ruchi Pritam
Ruchi Pritam, Travel & Culture Writer: ‘Women Must Live For More Than Just Their Families’

A woman with her roots in Bihar but a fascination for South Indian heritage, meet Ruchi Pritam, culture and travel writer.

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Shown As A Schoolgirl’s ‘Desire’ For A Middle Aged Man, This Vairamuthu Song Is Slyly Pedophilic

A new song by Vairamuthu has a teenager paired with a middle aged man, and is being called out for blatant paedophilia.

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Pavithra Krishnaswamy
Pavithra Krishnaswamy: A Woman-Led Organisation Won’t Accept Discrimination Even In Jokes’

In the women led organisation where she works, Pavithra Krishnaswamy speaks of a new, evolved perception of work-life harmony, built on workplace safety and employee wellness.

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Urban Farmer At Kalpavriksha Farms, Entrepreneur Kalpana Manivannan Is An Inspiration

Meet the very down to earth, inspiring urban farmer Kalpana Manivannan who started Kalpavriksha Farms, and can teach you how to grow your own stuff and many DIY organic products.

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This Is Who I Am, And This Is What I Choose

Please know that I respect and adore you for being as real as you could be, in courage and vulnerability.

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Two Lives, Lost And Found: What Did They Mean To Each Other?

They had chosen the village as their impenetrable refuge- Malar from her broken relationship, and Madhavi from the war. Each of them meant the world to the other: a mother, sister, daughter and all. She started packing her bags. As she went around collecting her books that lay scattered across the floor, she caught a […]

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Nah. I’m A Blundering Mom

The author through this poem wholeheartedly expresses her feelings about being a mother, living within a golden cage and much more. 

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