Fantastic Supernova Dreams Of A Working Mom Waking Up To Her Daily Routine

"What time should I set up that Zoom meeting with the client?" "Has the daughter revised for Tuesday's Physics test?" "What bills remain to be paid?”…

In my non-linear, fantastic dreams

I throb with the stuff of supernovas

I glow, burn, and burst

Throwing up light across the skies

Thrashing around in a dance so wild

I play with the dragons young and mild

Painting brash new patterns

Rewriting the course of stars

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Crashing days and nights with pulsating lights.

And so on it goes

Until the east turns bright.

Wide awake

I carefully fold my dreams within the creases of my grandmother’s hand-me-down quilt

And roll up my sleeves to face the day

to make another batch of idlis, pulao and rotis,

to meet intimidating deadlines,

to pitch for more work,

and hustle on WhatsApp – to sync up with the offsprings’ schoolwork (of course!)

“Are there garbage bags in stock for the morrow?”

“What vegetables should I add to my shopping list?”

“What time should I set up that Zoom meeting with the client?”

“Has the daughter revised for Tuesday’s Physics test?”

“What bills remain to be paid?”

“Where did I (mis)place that file?”


the mind goes vroom

until the torque cancels out the day’s quota for rota.

Clip clop pik pok

Rain splashes through the noise

Eager to unwind I undo my binds

and float without reserve into dreams

replete with dragons and supernovas.

Image source: Sindhu Priyadarshini Shankar

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