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Rimli Bhattacharya is a First class gold medalist in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, an MBA in supply chain management and is engaged with a corporate sector. Her essay in the anthology “Book of Light” a nonfiction genre was published with Speaking Tiger Publication which created a furor in the literature world. She writes for Several magazines, Times of India, Engineering Journals, Blogs and is also a trained Indian Classical Dancer. She is based out of Mumbai, India. Rimli has been awarded a Star Blogger by team Bonobology for her essay “Running a solo Marathon” Rimli can also be contacted on twitter @rimli76

Voice of Rimli Bhattacharya

Raj Kapoor’s Problematic ‘Portrayal Of Raw Female Sexuality’ In Indian Cinema

Raj Kapoor is often considered the greatest showman in Bollywood. While his films were good, how progressive was the portrayal of women?

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Vanga’s ‘Animal’ Is A Comical Representation Of Mediocre Actors
Vanga’s ‘Animal’ Is A Comical Representation Of Mediocre Actors

9 December, 2023 – I will surely remember this day. Neither it’s my birthday, nor my daughter’s but special in the sense that I chose to watch the movie “Animal”. The theatre was almost full un like other movies which I have watched in Miraj Fun Fiesta and I found people clicking pictures with the […]

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‘Kama Sutra’ Is A Depiction Of Low Female Morale And Promotes Patriarchy
‘Kama Sutra’ Is A Depiction Of Low Female Morale And Promotes Patriarchy

ātsyāyana the writer of the fabulously fabled book Kama Sutra would have never liked it. Never liked it? What? Mira Nair the Indian American based in New York City under her banner Mira Bai films directed an erotica Kama Sutra in the year 1996. I hail from a small town Agartala where the mentality of […]

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‘Cigarette Girl’ On Netflix Is Smashing Patriarchy With A Golden Hammer
‘Cigarette Girl’ On Netflix Is Smashing Patriarchy With A Golden Hammer

If you like a purple background with blue dollops in it, then I am sure you will like this miniseries, an Indonesian drama “Cigarette Girl” streaming on Netflix. With five episodes of approximately an hour each the series captures your heart for the very reason it smashes patriarchy with a golden hammer. It was the […]

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Why ‘All The Lights We Cannot See’ Is A Feminist Watch

The protagonist of All The Light We Cannot See stands up for and fends for herself, survives a killer despite being blind.

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Raising a teen #Internationaldaughter\'sday
Raising a teen #Internationaldaughter’sday

“Poor you, a single mother. What will happen to your daughter after you…..umm you know…..we mean……we mean after you go?”   “And where am I going?”   “You see we are talking about death here. Please don’t get upset. We are genuinely concerned about your daughter.”   “Oh really. In that case my daughter shouldn’t […]

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The Date: Short Story   I typed: “Very short stories on adults”   About 81,30,00,000 results (0.58 seconds). Amazing. Yo man I can now steal and write. I tried humming a song. It didn’t come the same way when writing didn’t come to me.   The writing world is a whirlpool of words. No, how about […]

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My Baby Just Turned 3 Months, I Resumed Work… And A Pregnancy Scare!

Maybe I am pregnant again, and I will have no face to show and I will be fired from this high paying job. A sad end to my career.

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Shattered Dreams
Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams   Sarahah handle: Priya1980.Sarahah.com   “Priya, my Priya you are a wonderful writer. I am yet to find someone who writes better erotica than you. The way you write about sexuality, orgasm, nudity I don’t think anyone else can do it. Many times, I am really turned on by your words, they make […]

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I Have No Regrets Being Single And A Mother!
I Have No Regrets Being A Mother And Single!

"Go back to your husband,” my mother who was just back from the hospital had cried. I didn’t listen to her. I chose my father instead.

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True Bravery Is The Battle Of This Young Mom Urgently Requiring A Kidney Donor

Here's a young mother who requires a kidney donor urgently. Can anyone volunteer after reading her story?

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How Schizophrenia And An Unhappy Marriage Changed This Woman’s Life Forever

The upshot of the mental trauma has been so awful that she has now turned in to a chronic schizophrenic struggling to survive and in the process, she is drowning.

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Smita Patil
Remembering The Fabulous Smita Patil Today – We Lost Her Too Soon!

Smita Patil was one of her kind, an actress who made her own way in the Indian film industry - mostly in Hindi and Marathi. Here's remembering her.

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sindoor khela
Sindoor Khela: Why I Chose To Be A Part Of This Tradition Even As A Divorcee

Sindoor Khela may be a tradition supposed to be followed only by married women but what happens when a divorcee decides to change it by breaking tradition?

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Are You Ready For A Divorce? 10 Ways To Know If You Are!

Your marriage has been on the rocks, you are contemplating a divorce but don't know if it's the right move? Here's 10 pointers to help you take that step

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bad feminist
5 Things That DON’T Make You A ‘Bad Feminist’

We have a certain perception of what it means to be a feminist, and we think that anyone who falls outside that is a 'bad feminist'. Here's busting a few myths about this.

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10 Tips On How To Deal With Rude, Obnoxious People.

Tired of dealing with rude people who are constantly yelling or being obnoxious? Here are ten ways to deal with rude people and kill them with kindness!

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Are Humiliating Punishments That Break The Self-Esteem Of Kids, Needed In Schools?

Teachers shape our lives in school and are the people who make us who we are. But what happens when a teacher takes pleasure in punishments and humiliation of the students?

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6 Reasons Why Your Child Might Be Suicidal, And How To Deal With It

Suicide. The mere mention of the word just stops your heart for a second, doesn't it? Here are a few reasons why your teen might be suicidal and how to help them out of it. 

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bad behaviour
5 Tips To Handle ‘Bad Behaviour’ In Kids. Hint: It Isn’t What You Think!

Children are bound to behave in a rude manner as they grow up. Dealing with bad behaviour is not the easiest task, so the author has 5 tips to deal with it.

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self pity
A Life Lesson I Learnt From A Beautiful Young Mother

When the going gets tough, we, as humans, tend to wallow in self pity. However, what we forget is that there are people with problems larger than ours!

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8 Signs That Your Constant Comparison Is Affecting Your Children

"Sharma jee ke bacche." Something we all are familiar with. Being compared is basically a part of our DNA. But is it really a good idea to compare children?

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10 Lessons I Learnt While Single Parenting My Daughter

It's never easy being a single parent especially in India. But single parenting does teach you a number of things. Here's 10 things a single mother learnt!

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Anjali : Finding Love And Overcoming Challenges

The film dealt with disability in a very sensitive way making it a compelling watch.

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How Gender Dysphoria Leads To Depression In Teens

Gender Dysphoria and depression are quite common in our country and yet not talked about enough. Read Tarun's story of struggling with both at the same time

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3 Time Miss Diversity Aizya Naaz Joshi Wants To Use Her Crown To Work For Her Community

Having won Miss World Diversity, the third time, Aizya Naaz Joshi wants to help the transgender community by pushing for transgender women's marriages.

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5 Tips To Help Your Daughter Grow Up Into A Confident Woman

While fighting patriarchy, we also need to teach girls to be independent. Here are five tips that will help you raise a strong, confident, independent girl.

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Why Does My Mother-In-Law Dominate Me? Bengali Movie Mukherjee Dar Bou Explores

Very rarely do find movies that look at the conflicted relationship between two women with empathy. Mukherjee Dar Bou is one of them.

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How I Decided Upon My Feminist Raksha Bandhan

A personal account of disillusionment through the Rakhi tying at school - this will resonate with so many of you!

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As A Single Mom I Couldn’t Breastfeed After 3 Months As I Needed To Rejoin Work

A single mom speaks of her challenges with breastfeeding her baby for the full duration that she wanted to, as she had economic considerations and needed to rejoin work.

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Rafida Khatoon
Recent Rape And Death Of A 3 y.o. Makes Me Scream: Is India Anymore A Safe Place For Children?

POSCO act came into being 7 years ago. But children, even toddlers and babies are still being raped and killed. When will this change?

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How To Be A Good Parent To A Girl Transitioning Into Adolescence

Let her face the harsh realities of life and solve the problems herself. Be a guiding star to her and not a suffocating parent.

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The Inspiring Stories Of Cancer Survivors Of Bollywood

All you need is the will to resist cancer. You can conquer death. Believe in the fact that its not your time as yet.

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Why I Remember So Fondly Ruma Guha Thakurta & Her Calcutta Youth Choir

Ruma Guha Thakurta, noted Bengali Actor and Playback singer, as well as one of the Founders of the Calcutta Youth Choir, passed away recently. Here's remembering her life and achievements.

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The Salvation : A Short Story

She had cheated death which she once wished. It was HIM who loved her and that is all that she needed. She felt liberated.

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Water – A Compelling Movie On Women By Deepa Mehta

Water depicts the terrible damage that can be done to the human spirit when jingoistic religious rules and texts are treated as inviolable.

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Days Before Poll Results, Karnataka Congress Leader Reshma Padeknur’s Death Is Shocking

With election results looming over us, we woke up to the shocking news that a female Congress leader from Karnataka, Reshma Padeknur is dead.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Through A Cinematic Lens

As the saying goes nothing in this world can torment you as much as your own thoughts. Make a world a healthy place to live in.

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The First Indian Woman Classical Dancer : Mrinalini Sarabhai On Google Doodle

The Darpana Academy of Performing Arts celebrated its golden jubilee on 28 December 1998, with the announcement of the annual "Mrinalini Sarabhai Award for Classical Excellence", in the field of classical dance.

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Mirch Masala: The Feminist Movie Of The Feminist Actor Smita Patil

Mirch Masala is set in the pre-independence era and speaks of male tyranny, caste discrimination, women oppression, feminism, mounds of chilli powder and the rustic Gujarat.

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How I Fell In Love With Indian Classical Dance Because Of The Navarasas – Let’s Know Them!

Today, 29th April, is International Dance Day. Let me take you through the Navarasas that are the soul of Indian classical dance, something every dancer must master.

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Feminist Film Maker Mira Nair Deserves Your Respect And Attention

Known for following her own drumbeat, Film maker Mira Nair has stayed consistently feminist in her choice of subjects as well as the treatment of the subjects she chooses. More than 20 years after Salaam Bombay, here's why she continues to be relevant. 

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The Forgotten Bollywood Actress – Parveen Babi

She might have struggled to fetch water for herself, she might have gasped for breath, she might have yearned for someone to hold her close, she might have wished to cry her heart out, she might have – and I cannot think of any other sadder death than this. Hear me society - I am talking about Parveen Babi.

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A Fine balance
Dina Faced Difficult Odds As A Lone Woman. Did She Triumph Over Them?

Set on the backdrop of the Emergency in 1970, Rohinton Mistry’s novel, A Fine Balance is a tale of our prejudiced caste system, a corrupt and cruel society, of grief and despair, and a single woman’s struggle for existence.

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This Teacher’s Day A Student Remembers A Childhood Crush On A Teacher

On the occasion of Teacher's Day here is a special story by Rimli Bhattacharya about a childhood crush on a teacher, who was indeed special. 

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Iram Habib Becomes The First Muslim Women Pilot From Kashmir

The valley of Kashmir is not all about war and bloodshed. Iram Habib's achievement as the first Muslim women pilot from Kashmir proves the same. 

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women bleed every month
Women Bleed Every Month. What’s Wrong In Saying It Aloud, That A DOCTOR Trolled Me?

Menstruation is still a taboo in India. Justifies the trolls and comments Rimli Bhattachary received on twitter for saying out loud that she bleed every month.

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Protima Bedi: A Feminist Icon Who Defied Indian Societal Norms For Women

Its the 21st death anniversary of the legendary model turned Odissi dancer - Protima Bedi. On this occasion, the author explains what an exceptional feminist icon that she was. 

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dissociative identity disorder
The Real Reason Why The Disorder Known As ‘Split Personality’ Is More Common In Women

Dissociative Identity Disorder, (or DID, earlier called Multiple Personality Disorder) is more common in women, as it is often a result of childhood sexual abuse that almost 20% of girls face.

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A Tribute To Ava Mukherjee, Veteran Actor & Woman Of Many Talents

The Bollywood film industry lost another unmatched talent - Ava Mukherjee. She passed away in Mumbai on Monday, 15 January 2018.

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living with vitiligo
Top Model Winnie Harlow Says Living With Vitiligo Didn’t Deter Her From Loving Life

Winnie Harlow is a model of Jamaican descent, who has made peace with the fact that she is living with vitiligo, and lives her life to the full despite the issues she faced as a child.

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This Misogynist, Shoddy Portrayal Of Women In Bollywood Needs To Stop!

Women have always been portrayed in a very cheap, trashy, misogynist way in Bollywood. This needs to stop, as women in society are proving their mettle.

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Geeta Dutt
A Tribute To Geeta Dutt, The Sensuous Voice Of The 50s Bollywood Music

She entreated, she enticed, she prayed, all just with her voice that leading ladies of the 50s sang with. Today, 20th July, is 46 years since she passed away, too early.

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Benaam Badshah – The Bollywood Movie That Batted For Rape Culture

Despite its victim blaming, and warped attitudes to victims of rape, this movie, Benaam Badshah proved to be a hit. What does it say about us?

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Breaking Stereotypes, This 2014 Movie Proved That The ‘Hero’ Needn’t Always Be Male

Rani Mukherjee's Shivani Shivaji Roy in Mardaani turns gender stereotypes of a hero oriented movie on its head. Do watch.

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Ministry Of Health, Are You Serious? Depression Can’t Be Treated This Way!

Depression can't be treated by doing yoga or going for a walk! The recent Ministry of Health poster on depression includes many myths about depression that a lot of us believe.

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Is It A Crime To Be A Woman Or Transgender? ‘Bol’ Sheds Light On Many Gender Issues

Bol, an Urdu film, was made to shed light on women's rights, to bring the focus of media and the Pakistani elite to gender issues. 

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7 khoon maaf
Priyanka Chopra’s 7 Khoon Maaf Is A Parable Telling Us That Domestic Abuse Is Not OK

7 Khoon Maaf is in reality a story of abusive marriages, and gives a message that a woman needs to recognise it and get out of such a marriage, even if not by murder!

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As A Victim Of Abuse, I Could Relate To The Characters In These 3 Feminist Movies

The author discusses three movies that brought out the ironies of a misogynistic society. She could relate to the women characters as she herself is a survivor of abuse.

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Oh, It Is The Dreaded PMS Again!

Do you dread the monthly mood swings and backaches that are a sign of PMS? Read this post to find answers to all your queries and also how to battle PMS.

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25 Years Since The Movie Damini Released, Here’s Why It Still Matters To Women

It has been 25 years, but Damini is still considered as one of the finest movies of its time, that depicted the struggle of a woman to stand for what was right. It holds relevance even today.

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I Knew Nothing Of Feminism Till I Watched Paroma Made By Aparna Sen

Aparna Sen's movie Paroma shows how  woman shackled to her different roles in a patriarchy, is stignmatised when she decides to live for herself.

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Rituparno Ghosh
Feminism Through The Cinematic Lens Of Veteran Bengali Director Rituparno Ghosh

On the fifth death anniversary of veteran Bengali director Rituparno Ghosh, let us take a look at some of his strong female-oriented movies.

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Heroes Of The Sea: First Ever All Women Team Who Created History In INS Tarini

An all women crew of Naval officers create history by becoming the first ever all women team to circumnavigate the globe in INSV Tarini. We are mighty proud of them.

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A Powerful Man Sexually Abused Me At 18 And I Still Have Nightmares About It

The author gives an honest personal account of being sexually abused in an unequal situation - something that happens more often than is reported.

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Kudos, Gayathri Subran, The First Dalit Woman To Wheel An Aircraft!

Twenty year old Gayathri Subran becomes the first Dalit woman pilot. Her story teaches us that sky is the limit for those who dream big.

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Do You Know These 4 Essential Things About Menstruation?

There is a lot of information on the net about menstruation, but here are 4 things that I think everyone, boy or girl, man or woman, should know.

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Satyajit Ray
The Portrayal Of Women In These Satyajit Ray Movies Was ‘Radical’ For Their Time

Satyajit Ray was a visionary ahead of his times. His presentation of women feels very contemporary, whether they were single, homemakers, or working women.

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obsession with breasts
Why Are So Many Men Obsessed About The Breast Size Of A Woman?

Breasts of a woman are certainly the stuff of men's fantasies, but a woman cannot be equated to her breast size. A movie review that speaks of this.

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Magnificent Manu Bhaker – Go The extra mile! Touch The Open Sky!

Magnificent Manu Bhaker - at just 16, her immense confidence and calm in the face of extraordinary challenges, is inspiring.

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Telugu News Anchor Radhika Kills Herself; Another Life Lost To Depression

“Due to depression I am killing myself.” Radhika wrote. Understanding depression is essential so we can be more supportive to people in its clutches.

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I Was The “Bad Girl” Who Had Watched Porn When She Was 15

I unwittingly watched porn on my 15th birthday, and I still remain the butt of jokes. Why are women judged for watching porn when men aren't?

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4 Things I Learnt From Roja, Which Helped Through A Difficult Time In My Life

Movies reflect life and life reflects movies. The movie Roja gave me the strength to follow my heart and do what I had to. I consider her a feminist icon.

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Talking Of Menstruation Is Cool After Padman. Mammography & Mastectomy Should Be Next

Time to destroy the taboo against talking about mammography and mastectomy, which prevents early detection of a fatal and common disease in women.

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My First Love #ShortStory

First loves are special and always stay with us. Here is the story of my first love, which will always remain irreplaceable to me.

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timid woman
I Am No Longer That Timid Woman You & Your Family Treated Like A Slave!

A personal account of an abusive marriage: "Just so you know times have changed. And I am no longer that timid woman whom you and your family treated like a slave."

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Chak De
Chak De! India – A Feminist Watch

Chak De! India might have the secret ingredient to women empowerment that we all might have been missing for so many years! Read here.

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A Woman She Is…

Women here, women there. Do you still know who she is? Can you bottle her in a definition? An attempt at containing what being a woman means.

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sad woman
Holi Has Become An Excuse To Molest Women And So I Stopped Playing It!

Holi has become an excuse to harass and molest women and hence, I refuse to participate in this festival. Let's demand an end to this toxic culture.

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teaching dance
How I Found My Vocation For Dance Though I Had Lost Touch With It As Life Happened

This is a personal dance journey of the author. Though she is a qualified Engineer, she has found her calling in performing, and teaching dance to children.

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Emilie du Chatelet
The Story Of Emilie du Chatelet, A Woman In 18th Century France Who Fought Patriarchy For Science

Emilie du Chatelet lived in the pre-French Revolution France, and had to fight patriarchy to study science and maths, but today her contributions are recognised.

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Dear Sridevi, I Wanted To Be That Tough Woman You Played. We Will Miss You!

Besides her intense acting, Sridevi brought to many women a vicarious pleasure through the many 'tough women' roles she essayed - and enjoyed.

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Why Rekha Is An Inspiration For Millions Of Indian Women

An extraordinary actor, Rekha has nevertheless battled a lot of personal demons and won, and is today undoubtedly a Diva to contend with.

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[#Poetry] I Know How To Wink, I Know How To Smile

Society truly progresses when women can freely express themselves, be it through a wink or a smile.This poem explores a woman's agency over her expressions.

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Asma Jahangir
A True Feminist Icon Passes Away. Asma Jahangir, “You’ll Be Sorely Missed”

As we mourn the loss of lawyer and activist, Asma Jahangir, let's look back at her life to derive inspiration from this feminist icon.

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sexually harassed at work
My Much Older Boss Tried To Get Uncomfortably Close When I Was A Novice At My First Job [#TrueStory]

It was my dream job, but what happened was nothing short of a nightmare, from which, happily, I woke up unscathed. Yes, I was sexually harassed at work.

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Mary Kom Clinches Another Gold Medal: Is The Sports Ministry Ready To Take Women’s Sports Seriously?

While male boxers stumbled, Mary Kom wins gold in the Indian Open Boxing Tournament proving that women in sports need to be taken more seriously!

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This Young Woman Suffered From Acute Bipolar Disorder, But Reached Out For Help Just In Time

Helen, a 20 year old aspiring model, had acute bipolar disorder - also called manic depressive psychosis. Was it her fault, or the result of something else? 

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Dolores O’ Riordan: Cranberries Singer And A Mom Who Battled Depression

Dolores O’Riordan, the lead singer of the noted Irish Rock Band The Cranberries passed away recently. Here is a heartfelt tribute.

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5 Things I Learnt From The Classic Movie Arth About Relationships And Strong Women

The cult classic movie Arth was ahead of its time in the way it ended and the feminist message it sent to its viewers. Here is what I learnt from it.

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Francoise Barre-Sinousi
Salute! Francoise Barre-Sinousi Discovered The AIDS Virus Despite Facing Odds As A Woman Scientist

In the male dominated scientific milieu of the 80s, Francoise Barre-Sinousi discovered the AIDS virus HIV, paving the way for treatment of millions suffering from this deadly disease.

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I survived
I Survived! [#ShortStory]

I had just met this man and he seeks 'privacy', and I agreed! Maybe in my find I was thinking that this is the perfect man I am searching to end my loneliness? That I need a man else I am incomplete?

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You Are Single, How Do You ‘Manage’? Reflections On A Single Woman’s Sex Life

A single woman's sex life, whether it exists or not, seems to arouse curiosity in everybody else. Here's a personal experience.

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Do You Hear Me, People? I Am Schizophrenia

Mental health issues are increasingly becoming more prominent in the society and yet we fail to take them seriously enough. Schizophrenia is one such problem that needs attention.

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I Am Nirbhaya. Am I Safe As I Go For A Movie Tonight?

5 years after what came to be known as the Nirbhaya case shook the country, can women confidently say that they are safe?

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the stranger
The Stranger Who Taught Me To Love And Live Life [#ShortStory]

I went back several times on the shore to see if the stranger was there, but he was not to be seen, he never came. I saw him in my dreams several times.

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Dipa Karmakar
Dipa Karmakar Faced Unimaginable Odds On Her Journey!

This is the story of Dipa Karmakar, who struggled against many odds to come up on top as the Olympic medal winner in the Rio Olympics in 2016

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gender bias in science
It’s Time #WomenSpeakUp And Stand Up Against The Gender Bias In The Field Of Science

The gender bias in science fields still keeps women out of the STEM areas, even when they have historically been equal contributors when they have a chance.

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Nafisa Joseph
The Story Of Nafisa Joseph: She Looked For Love, Life Said Otherwise

Nafisa Joseph took her own life after a failure in love. Is it worth it to destroy yourself for an unworthy person? Introspect and find your strength.

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Silk Smitha
Do You Hear Me? I Am SILK – I Am A Woman And I Want To Live

Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati, better known as Silk Smitha, thought herself a badass woman, yet she chose death at the age of 35, leaving her dreams unfulfilled.

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Jackie Collins
Why The Best Selling Author Jackie Collins Was Called “The Raunchy Moralist”

Jackie Collins is an unlikely hero in the world of writers - she is the queen of the erotica that speaks of sexual intrigue and forbidden relationships in Hollywood.

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lost him forever
And I Lost Him Forever! [#ShortStory]

It was during a common friend’s wedding. I was with my friend when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned, it was him. His eyes glued on me as he pulled me away.

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This Is Why Menarche Is Bad Enough Without A Patriarchal World Making It Difficult For Girls

Menarche, or the beginning of periods in a girl can be a traumatic event, and understanding it goes a long way in making it easy for her.

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