10 Tips On How To Deal With Rude, Obnoxious People.

Tired of dealing with rude people who are constantly yelling or being obnoxious? Here are ten ways to deal with rude people and kill them with kindness!

Tired of dealing with rude people who are constantly yelling or being obnoxious? Here are ten ways to deal with rude people and kill them with kindness!

We often hear remarks like “Oh that was so rude!” “That person is very rude, so it’s better we avoid talking to them.” And the similar comments for the rude and boorish nature of humans.

I often wonder if I could send all the rude people to a different planet so that I didn’t have to deal with them.

But wait I have good news! There are smarter ways to deal with their insolence. And here are a few of them:

Try not to take their behaviour personally

It’s easy to get irked when someone is rude to you. You might also hear that they are making personal comments about you.
At such times, you need to relax and breathe easy. You need to know how to react.

Meanwhile, also treat their behaviour as their problem and not yours. See what a difference that makes. And trust me, your life will be easier.

Aren’t you rude sometimes too?

There are times, when you act in an impolite manner but that doesn’t necessarily make you bad, does it? So the next time someone is rude to you, remember, they are humans too and being rude doesn’t make them bad.
Makes you feel better, doesn’t it?

Remain unbiased while scrutinising rude behaviour

There are times when we are judgemental and try to blame the rude people for their behaviour. However, does that make sense?

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If the answer is no, then why do you even bother. Cheerfully ignore them and move ahead.

But if the answer is yes, then analyse the root cause of the problem and try to find a solution. This will help you find a way to avoid giving the other person a chance to be rude to you in the future.

Try and figure out the ‘why’

There are whole host of reasons for a person to be rude. They might be stressed out, have had a bad day or might be in a hurry to concentrate on the mannerisms.

Instead of sulking remain calm and ask that person “Why are you rude to me?”

Their answers might surprise you.

Drop the issue and walk away

You know you can simply choose to ignore the person or the situation. Let them keep yelling at you but stay calm and walk away.

If you are dealing with a stranger then you know that you don’t have to deal with them again. And if the person is a known acquaintance they will soon learn that being rude is leading them nowhere.

There are fair chances that they will be polite to you the next time.

Avoid unnecessary drama

Too tempted to fight back or yell? Don’t.

Joining the drama club will do no good to the situation. Keep your dignity intact and learn to walk away quietly.

Extend help

Most of the times it has been observed that rudeness is an outcome of tremendous frustration or pent up emotions.

Consider helping the person overcome the same and see the magic – rude will turn to gratitude.

A word of caution though, extend help only if you can provide the immediate solution else vexations will be triggered.

Being rude is a habit

There are certain people who are basically rude, I mean they are rude by nature. And once rudeness becomes a habit it turns to a pattern which is difficult to break.

Habitual rudeness should always be ignored and your life will be easier dealing with that person.

Can’t stop mentioning here my ex boss fell in this category. Though I fought back initially, I found it was just an outer shield, the man is kinder within.

So be ready for surprises.

Do not try to force and change

So you want to make someone polite when they are rude? We all know forcing only make matters worse let alone better.

Leave. Note the difference yourself.

Counter rudeness with kindness

Hatred feeds hatred. So do not let rude people overpower you and start responding in exactly the same way.

The best way to disdain audacious behaviour is to stay kind, friendly and helpful. Let the other person cool down and twiddle their attitude to match yours.

As Prophet Mohammed said, a man’s beauty is in his tongue, I close this discourse with his wise words.

Let us ensure we figure out more ways to maintain this beauty of life.

Why not let go of the rudeness.

Stay polite!

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