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I Don’t Have The Heart, Yet… To Stop Her Giggles

A mother looks at her daughter, so carefree, and wants to protect her from a world in which girls' and women's laughter is looked at as provocative.

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The Word Respect Is Highly Misused. It’s Okay To Question Some Things

For the longest time, we have been afraid. Afraid to have an opinion, afraid to voice our doubts, afraid to feel and slowly, afraid to even think something that doesn’t conform to the age old or popular views.

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Bravo, Malaika Arora For Daring To Live Life Your Own Way Despite The Sanskaari Trolls!

Malaika Arora hasn't behaved like the 'bechari' that society expects divorcees to do, and this lack of 'appropriate' behaviour has trolls attacking her with vitriol.

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A Tryst With That Special Someone

The trip was a good decision to get to know and form a bond. After all, without understanding and respect, no relationship can work!

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A Knight In Shining Armour..Really?

Our society reeks of sexism and it is seen in all spheres of life, be it songs or the good old fairy tales. It is time we rewrite them.

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Not Just Success Stories. Every Child’s Story Is Worth Listening To

As NGOs face pressure to raise funds by showing their "success stories", the author reflects on how the ordinary stories of quiet, everyday change and progress are left behind as unworthy.

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You Are The Light

Unleash the power of your individuality; love, adore and celebrate yourself

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She Was The Shining Star!

An evocative poem about finding the light within! Read on.

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I Wear Racy Lingerie For Myself, And #ThisIsNotConsent For You To Think Otherwise

#ThisIsNotConsent is the brand new hashtag in town and another reason to feel ashamed and angered at the world and the way it perceives a woman and her choices. 

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Hey Girl, You’ve Got It!

The poet writes about how a woman is controlled right from childhood. But she needs to stand up for herself, and some women do. 

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The First Step In Gaining Justice For Both Women & Men? LISTEN To The Survivors!

With #MeToo gaining strength in India, it's important to understand the basics of Consent. And also, that we can listen to survivors with an open heart, without becoming the judges ourselves. 

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An Indian Wife Is Expected To ‘Support’, But The Husband Gives Her ‘Permission’. Why?

Say it loud and clear, ladies, that what you need from your spouse is a partnership in making family decisions, and support in your personal decisions - not "permission". 

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New Movie Stree Is A Perfect Blend Of Horror And Comedy With A Strong Message

Hindi movie Stree, released recently, is a reminder for society to treat women well, else consequences are severe writes author Riti.

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army wife
I’m More Than Just An ‘Army Wife’; I’m A Woman Married To A Man I Love, Who Is In The Army!

Army wife or a woman married to a man who is in the army? The difference is nuanced, and I am more than just that 'wife' who will focus on her husband.

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This Independence Day, Let’s Encourage Children To Think Freely And Question The Norms

The ability to think rationally, form opinions and question the existing norms and traditions has to begin at a very tender age. Who better to help children with these than parents and teachers?  

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What Women Want Is Everybody’s Problem Because….It’s Our ‘Culture’!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas seem to have sealed the deal with a ring, and annoyed some in the bargain. Why must a woman's choices be under this constant scrutiny and double standard?

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Don’t Expect Me To Call My MIL ‘Maa’, Because I Already Have One!

My mother-in-law cannot be my mother, who holds a special place in my life. But we can work towards a unique relationship if we recognise each other as individuals.

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Wild Wild Country – Catch It This Weekend If You Haven’t Already

Wild Wild Country, on the quest of 'Bhagwan' a.k.a Rajneesh a.k.a Osho offers interesting insights into what makes a cult tick - at least for some time!

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Hey, Would Be Moms, It’s Okay!

A mother reminisces her pregnancy days and urges every expectant mother to know that there is no such thing as a perfect pregnancy.

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Thank You Mom And Dad For Helping Me Hold On To My Freedom Of Choice!

A daughter expresses her gratitude to her parents for giving her an upbringing that made her realize the importance of equality and gave her the freedom of choice.

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The Picture She Painted

An evocative poem that delineates the inner turmoil of a woman.

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Are We Collectively Worried Enough To Initiate A Change?

The concern of every parent for the future of their child, in an India that seems to have normalised gender based and sectarian violence. Are we worried enough? 

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people of India
We, The People Of India, Beg To Differ!

We, the people of India, have a rich culture to fall back on, but have distorted everything to an extent where we need to rise up and fight against it.

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For The Rape Hasn’t Happened With Anyone We Know

Every day, the news speak of violence against girls, women, babies... how much do we really empathise with them, secure in our own lives?

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I condemn the rape of any human being. If you choose to side with the culprits, you are also a rapist. 

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sexuality of a young girl
Hey Girl, You Can’t Do That!

The burgeoning sexuality of a young girl scares society so much that she is handed a bunch of do's and don'ts. Completely unfair!

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gratitude for
Those Unknown Good Samaritans Helped Save My Mother’s Life. Thank You!

They were just doing what good human beings do, but their help has kept my family intact today, and my deep gratitude for them!

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Seeking Pleasure In Another’s Pain: Criminalising Marital Rape Still A No-No!

Criminalising marital rape is a no-no for our governments, on dubious grounds. Unpacking the flimsy reasons that we use to justify this crime even today.

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independent women
Why Is Society And Its Custodians Of Tradition So Scared Of Independent Women?

Why do people think it is OK to police what women wear, the choices they make, the careers they want to follow? Why do independent women scare them so?

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Everyday Sexism Is Subtle, But Creates The Molesters And Rapists In Our Midst

It is everyday sexism that we take for granted that gets a vicious grip on mindsets and creates the molester among us. The onus is on us to change.

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Because Of My Gender [Poem]

Sexism is an everyday thing for most women. Yet, they live, love, and laugh, despite everything that they face just because of their gender. 

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Do Women Need To Bleed Free To Protest Against Menstrual Prejudices?

To protest against menstrual prejudices, there has been women who had decided to bleed free in the recent past. But is it okay to bleed free in public?

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Fardeen’s Question

The author, who works in a school, is left surprised by young Fardeen's question.

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Dil Dhadakne Do: A Movie That Urges You To Listen To Your Heart [Movie Review]

Dil Dhadakne Do, directed by Zoya Akhtar, inspires and encourages you to listen to your heart and hear the inner voice that we conveniently ignore.

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Dadi: The Bold and Beautiful Woman

We have all met a woman who left a lasting impression in our hearts. She could be your mother, sister, friend or aunt. Read on to know in whom the author met her bold and beautiful lady.

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50 Shades Of Delusion: Why This Movie’s Popularity Is Scary

Do you believe equality and individuality are critical to women's lives? You will find the popularity of 50 Shades Of Grey movie baffling.

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A Woman’s Worth [Poem]

What does it take for a woman to know herself and her potential? Here's a poem about a woman's worth

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Blaming The Victim, Paving The Way For The Next Victim

Blaming the victim in cases of molestation and sexual assault makes us feel smug, but is only paving the way for the next victim to be assaulted.

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I’m Fighting Each Day, Walk With Me

Being a woman means having to put up a fight each day - for safety, dignity, and respect. Here's a poem about the life and battles of a woman.

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Moral Policing : When Vulgar Minds Define Indian Culture

Moral policing has become increasingly common in India. Are we curbing individual rights in the name of Indian Culture? Why must we allow vulgar minds to define Indian culture, asks this post.

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Why Women Should Question Even Flattering Gender Stereotypes

As empowered women, it is time for us to introspect on whether we subscribe to any gender stereotypes ourselves, and if so, drop them.

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A Challenge You “Like” : Have You Given It Enough Thought?

The ALS Ice bucket challenge has taken social networks by storm. Are we participating for the cause, or for the fame? This post puts things in perspective.

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Are You Apologetic About Yourself? Don’t Be!

We're told often that we're not good enough. What does this do to our happiness? Are you apologetic about your imperfections? Don't be, says this post!

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