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Are We Collectively Worried Enough To Initiate A Change?

Posted: May 12, 2018

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The concern of every parent for the future of their child, in an India that seems to have normalised gender based and sectarian violence. Are we worried enough? 

As I hug my almost four month old daughter, I wonder
Do I need to worry?

As I watch my mom go out of the house for work, I wonder
Do I need to worry?

As I read my father’s fearless blogs and opinions on religion and politics, I wonder
Do I need to worry?

As I go out and travel alone, I wonder
Do I need to worry?

As I look at my watch, the roads I pick, the clothes I wear, the courteous nods I give while walking, I wonder
Do I need to worry?

As I express my political and religious views, I wonder
Do I need to worry?

As I say out loud my food choices, I wonder
Do I need to worry?

As I watch the news, as I see crimes eating away our humanity, as I gather many a monster and fanatics are roaming free and fearless in the streets, I wonder
Do I need to worry?

The answer probably to all the above is a yes.

Still, I would continue living, going out for work and travel, with worry becoming an inseparable part of my existence until I die or become too numb to feel or acknowledge what’s happening around me.

Do I need to worry? For becoming another kind of monster? The one who doesn’t feel other’s pain and learns to ignore it? The one who flips news paper pages or TV channels on seeing something gruesome?

We need to at least now acknowledge that something has gone horribly wrong in the society for producing monsters and for being so gullible to accept their hate crimes.

So, do we all need to worry?

It’s saddening to see that most crimes are happening because of people’s gender, religion or race. And in this fight of nothing, most of us have forgotten to fight for humanity.

And yes, we need to worry.

But, the question is, are we collectively worried enough to initiate a change?

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Image source: pixabay

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