Hey Girl, You’ve Got It!

The poet writes about how a woman is controlled right from childhood. But she needs to stand up for herself, and some women do. 

The poet writes about how a woman is controlled right from childhood. But she needs to stand up for herself, and some women do. 

It starts with the shop keeper silently understanding what you need
Coming back with the pack wrapped in newspaper or polythene
Hiding the bright vibrant colours
Trying to silence the obvious.

It starts with women being told not to enter the temple or the kitchen
Not to sleep in the same bed Or touch the jar of pickle.
Women are needed they said
Just not when they bled.

It starts with the concept of being auspicious and pious
All boiling down to the woman’s body and her tryst
Women are goddesses, they claim
Just not when they find the courage to be the masters of their own aim!

It starts with treating women as objects they can shame
Thinking raping them is an easy way to tame
The blood and the touch in the rape is not counted
Because a man’s actions unlike a woman’s, can be left unaccounted.

It starts with them asking Miss or Mrs
Ignoring the Ms for they want to count the kisses
Because the world wants to know a woman’s identity
By knowing her marital status and is not interested in her own entity.

It starts with telling little girls to cross their legs and sit
For spreading legs too is believed to be the society’s pick
They want to decide when and who
For independent girls becoming liberated women is something scary and new

It starts with all the abuses ending on women’s body parts
The same parts that are both worshipped and shamed from the start
The society’s harmony it seems
Rests on restricting a women’s mind, body and her dreams.

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It ends with giving wings to our own dreams
Not the society’s but listening to our own needs
Its time to stand up for our own self
And put the shame and burden of traditions on the shelf.

And walk out with the head held high
From the invisible walls that imprisoned thy
For free minds and free spirits
Can break down patriarchy in meagre minutes.

All it takes is a moment of realisation and a belief
To open the eyes and see the reality with relief
To feel lighter by chucking the burdens of customs and have-tos
Vibrant and smiling because finally we can let our tied up wings loose.

A version of this was first published here.

Image source: pixabay

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