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Men Are Scared Of The Devi And Offer Her The Best, But For The Women Of The Household? Only The Leftovers!

Our society doesn’t treat their daughters the way they treat the Goddess. They will throw themselves at the feet of the Goddess but they will cry their voice hoarse if a daughter is born.

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Dear Malala You Almost Died, But What Has Really Changed For The Girl Child?

Malala Yousafzai has spoken up for the education and empowerment of girls and women everywhere, but what has really changed?

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I Wanted To Be One Of The Boys, Growing Up. For Boys Seemed To Have All The Fun!

Growing up, I believed in the stereotypes about boys - that boys had all the fun, and got to sit out while women worked in the kitchen! 

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Her Right To Live Is More Precious To Me Than Your Wish For An Heir!

Oh, the physical pain she had suffered, not to mention, the trauma and the heartbreak of losing one child after the other. And for no fault of theirs, or hers.

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Girls Top The Boards Every Year, So What Happens To Them Later?

Almost every year we see girls scoring more than boys, and more girls than boys secure success in boards results. Yet, the contribution of women to our workforce is far less.

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This Nike Ad Seems To Say That In Order To Be Accepted, Women Need To Be Achievers

The ad sends a powerful message about valuing women as they’re capable of incredible achievements, but this also implies that a girl/woman has no integral value for simply being herself.

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