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girl child
Girls Top The Boards Every Year, So What Happens To Them Later?

Almost every year we see girls scoring more than boys, and more girls than boys secure success in boards results. Yet, the contribution of women to our workforce is far less.

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This Nike Ad Seems To Say That In Order To Be Accepted, Women Need To Be Achievers

The ad sends a powerful message about valuing women as they’re capable of incredible achievements, but this also implies that a girl/woman has no integral value for simply being herself.

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Skater Girl Is A Modern Day Fairy Tale Complete With Badass Women And A Fairy Godmother
Skater Girl

A new Netflix release, Skater Girl, shows what women can do if they stand up for themselves and other women, never mind the patriarchy.

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5 Ways Girls Are Groomed To Accept Disrespect From Men
accept disrespect

As soon as a girl is born, society begins its 'sacred' project of raising her to be 'in service' of the men in her life. And how else but by teaching her to accept disrespect?

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India’s Educational Institutions, In The Business Of Creating ‘Good Girls’ Even Now
good girls

Policing of girls' behaviour, dress, choices, all begin early. Raising 'good girls' who can then go on to become 'good wives and DILs' is considered more important.

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Why Digitally Empowering Marginalised Girls Should Continue Even In A Post Pandemic World

When schools limp back to normalcy, do we let go of the empowering aspect of digital learning, especially for marginalised girls who have been able to stay in touch with their dreams?

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