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Raising Empowered Daughters – How Do You Do That In A Man’s World?

Little things in everyday life matter, and our kids pick up subliminal messages about gender and their identity, not just from what is said, but more from what is done. 

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I Hope I Love My Daughter Always, So That She Doesn’t Feel Unloved Like I Did As A Girl

"What if I also find myself incapable of loving my daughter someday?" is a fear this young mother to be expresses, in case a girl is born, like she was deprived of love as a girl child.

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For The Old Woman, A New Life Was Not Important, The Birth Of A Grandson Was!

Despite all efforts, with even the law leading a hand, who will change the mindsets of a society that is fixated on having a male child, and not the happiness of new life?

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As A Mom My Heart Cries For Your Lost Dreams, Daughter, But I’m Helpless As A Woman

When you were born, my daughter, I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to make this a better life for you than it was for me. But it has been very hard, in a society like ours.

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The pain was intense. She had taken the mixture about an hour ago. It would kill the last baby she could ever have. She knew deep within that it would be a girl. She wanted to decide its fate. It felt only right that she did.

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These Missing Girls Of South India Are A New, Disturbing Trend

Following upon the heels of northern states like Haryana and Punjab, now the sex ratio is skewed against the girls of the southern Indian states too. A worrying development.

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