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Wife, Daughter, Daughter-in-Law… I’ve Blessed You With Many Laxmis, But You Discard Them All!

Tell me Gupta ji, when you reject and discard all the myriad forms of Laxmi that I bring you, why do you do this Laxmi Pooja every year? And humiliate me, and them, year after year, day after day?"

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I’ll Walk, Talk, And Laugh Like ME; Not As You Wish I Should Be!

The Indian girl child. Brought up to 'fit in' with society's expectations of how she should behave, what she should do, and what she shouldn't. But if she rebels?

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Meet 4 Gutsy Girls From An Underprivileged Background Who Inspire By Being Unstoppable!

What would the life of the daughters or sisters, or any other girls in the families of your domestic help be if they had better opportunities? Let's find out by talking to 4 gutsy girls who did it.

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On Day Of Girl Child, News Comes In Of 17 y.o. Killed By Stalker Who Wouldn’t Take NO For An Answer

It is 2019, but we're still grappling with this reality in our country. Girls are subject to immeasurable violence of various sort purely because they're female. When will this change?

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But She Was Durga, The Mother

It was her 16 year old daughter, her hands firmly on her hips and her eyes glaring down at her mother. Her posture exhibited a command and confidence that many young girls her age lacked.

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India Remains The Most Dangerous Place For Women Despite All Govt Schemes And Slogans
India most dangerous place for women

Despite all its schemes for girls and women which claim to better their lives, and our 'goddess worship' claims, India remains the most dangerous place for women in the world.

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