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Hyderabad School Principal’s Driver Rapes 4y.o. — Can Parents Do Anything About These Rising Cases?

If you are a parent and are deeply concerned about the safety of your child in their school, these are some discussions you should be having with the school’s management during every parent-teacher meeting.

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The Daily Violence I Face As A Girl Child… Was This How It Was Meant To Be?

October 11 is #InternationalDayoftheGirlChild. A day to remind ourselves that there is so much more to be done before the Girl Child can be safe. A collection of stories that are almost universal.

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I’m Proud Of My ‘Not So Privileged’ Girls, Aiming For The Sky Of ECommerce Opportunities!

What if we could create a bridge which could bring these jobs closer to these underprivileged girls, for whom this could be a life changing opportunity?

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Indian Education System — Does It Need Overhauling?
Indian Education System —Does It Need Overhauling?

Education has the power to contribute to the betterment of society and aids in bringing about sustained development and making people aware of their rights and duties.

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Our Daughters Deserve Better Than What Society Feels Is ‘Good Enough’ For Them!

Discrimination begins from the womb, sometimes even before conception, and likely to be lifelong; daughters are seen as paraya dhan, so parents do not consider them important enough to be taken care of.

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The Father Who Forgot To Pick Up His Daughter From School

She was allowed to go back only after her brother-in-law, at the behest of her elder sister, intervened. ‘He was a patriarchal man; he couldn’t say no to his son-in-law.’

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