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LIC Kanyadan Policy
Why Are Parents Offered Insurance For A Girl’s ‘Kanyadan’ But A Boy’s Education?

This is an objection to using the word 'Kanyadan' in relation to the LIC Kanyadan Policy that has been introduced in October 2018, ostensibly to help "parents of a girl".

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Yes, I Am An Unapologetically Feminine, Even Dainty, Feminist!

As a feminist, people are surprised when they find me dainty and feminine. They'd be surprised when they know the backbone of steel I can have.

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The Hidden Domestic Violence – By Fathers And Brothers, That We Need To Speak Of
violence in birth families

Women's birth families are no different from marital families when it comes to being violent towards its women - violence by fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers... is common enough!

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The Flight Back Home

'Come back to? Do you really mean what I think you do?' Amma was old but her mind was still alert enough to catch the unexplained words.

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On Diwali Day A Rapist Contacted Me For Medical Advice After Raping A 10 y.o.

On Diwali day, a patient contacted me online to ask if ejaculating on a virgin girl's vagina could make her pregnant. When I came to know the girl was a 10 y.o. child, I decided to report him.

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‘What Will People Say’ Is About South Asian Parents’ Need For Control Over Their Daughters
what will people say

As long as patriarchal families make 'log kya kahenge' their mantra to control women's lives and bodies, there will be horror stories like Norway's foreign language entry to the Oscars, What Will People Say.

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