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Our Daughters Deserve Better Than What Society Feels Is ‘Good Enough’ For Them!

Discrimination begins from the womb, sometimes even before conception, and likely to be lifelong; daughters are seen as paraya dhan, so parents do not consider them important enough to be taken care of.

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The Father Who Forgot To Pick Up His Daughter From School

She was allowed to go back only after her brother-in-law, at the behest of her elder sister, intervened. ‘He was a patriarchal man; he couldn’t say no to his son-in-law.’

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My Parents Refused To Chain Me To Patriarchy So I Should Do The Same For Gen Next!
Nilshree Damani Yelulkar

Society will always have a say in whatever you do or not do! If you keep paying heed to what they say, they will accomplish their mission of pulling you down!

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Daughters Are Not A Charity Case To Be Raised And ‘Given Away’ To A Stranger!

The parents are donating their daughters openly and proudly with 'kanyadaan'. Why? What’s the need for such a custom? Is it any less than human trafficking?

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Leave Everything Behind— The Fate Of Young Indian Women
Young Indian Women

While starting a new life with a life partner again, she needs to leave her mayka, the maternal home. Her love for her parents and siblings, her job, her surname, her room — just to survive in a new place which will never be hers ever.

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Jayeshbhai Jordaar — Fighting a Nation, Plagued With Female Foeticide
Cinema still from Jayeshbhai Jordaar

In Jayeshbhai Jordaar, director Divyang Thakkar explores the reason of foeticide with his protagonist Jayesh (Ranveer Singh) a man who doesn’t know what feminism, but is determined to face the consequences.

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