violence against women
Can A Woman Be Seen As Much More Than Just A Childbearer?

Women are being killed even today for not being able to bear a child, and many of them are tortured physically and mentally for that. When will all this change?

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Crimes Against Women Have Risen Despite Awareness Created By Nirbhaya Day!
Nirbhaya day

One more Nirbhaya Day comes along on 16th December, 6 years since Jyoti Singh a.k.a Nirbhaya was brutally gangraped. Has anything changed for the women of India?

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The Hidden Domestic Violence – By Fathers And Brothers, That We Need To Speak Of
violence in birth families

Women's birth families are no different from marital families when it comes to being violent towards its women - violence by fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers... is common enough!

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Dear Husbands: Control Your Anger. Not Your Wives!

Indian men take their rights to violence for granted - that they can raise their hands at or be abusive to a woman. Preferably a woman married to them, but any woman will do. 

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“What If He Beats Her? You Know How Men Are When They Realise They’ve Married A Devadasi!”
The Undoing Dance

Srividya Natarajan's book The Undoing Dance takes the reader into the world of devadasis, once celebrated as artistes, but now just considered prostitutes. An excerpt.

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Are Modern Women Reliving Draupadi’s Suffering? Shilpa Shetty’s New Radio Show Makes Us Think
Shilpa Shetty Draupadi

Shilpa Shetty presents a new radio show on the Mahabharat, speaking in the voice of Draupadi. Here's a look at how the modern woman still has the same woes.

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