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violence against women
How Women Are Often Collateral Damage In Men’s Game Of Ego Chess

As someone who is fascinated by the Partition, Manreet Sodhi Someshwar’s latest book Lahore - Part One Of The Partition Trilogy based on real events, was a must-read. Here’s why I absolutely loved the book!

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The Stalker

By the time I arrived home I was a tearful wreck. I finally told my sister. She could understand. Should we tell Bhau, our brother? No, she said. “What if he comes with you and gets into a fight with that man?”

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Women Police Allegedly Brutalise AISA Women Protesters, Injure Private Parts. Where Are Our Sensitivity Protocols?

We need better sensitivity training of policewomen to follow protocols for tackling women. Policewomen cannot use sexual assault and gender based violence to tackle women protestors.

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Families Who Hide The True Nature Of Their Men Are Responsible For The Violence Against Women That Follows

This thought often crosses my mind. Whenever a man commits a crime against a woman, much before that he has already shown the signs of that criminal instinct within his family.

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At The Support Centre For Rape Victims…

I recently watched the short film Devi by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, featuring Kajol and many other brilliant actresses, and it moved me to write this.

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I’m The Hathras Rape & Murder Victim. It’s Been A Year… Have You Forgotten Me Already?

It has been a year since Savarna men attacked a young Dalit woman we now know as the Hathras rape and murder victim. 14th September 2020.

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