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violence against women
Haunted By Those Green Eyes!

Somehow, the victory was getting into my head, but I did not see it at that point in time. I would mock my sisters and my friends. They would take the sarcasm jovially in the beginning, but soon starting staying away from me.

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‘How Did Young People Develop So Much Hate?’ We Wonder With The Bulli Bai Case… But Is It Really Surprising?

These young people didn’t get beamed down from outer space. Nor did they need any special brainwashing to get this way. Then what has happened?

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Those Terrible Memories She Couldn’t Speak Of Finally Broke Her…

You lose your temper with her. She pleads with you like a child, reverting to her noiseless days. “Ambi mama and mami won’t like you being rude,” she says. They have been dead for several years now.

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The Idea Of Those Boys Smirking As They Read The Horrifying Passage In The Board Exam Paper Nauseated Her

Drunk on the possibility of putting her in her proper place, a girl who had repeatedly stolen their thunder, they decided to punish and humiliate her. Four of them got together and assaulted her, as she desperately tried to break free.

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How An Indian Marriage Crushes Dreams Of Every Woman, Even The Extraordinary, Talented Ones… Like My Mother

Sivaranjiniyum Innum Sila Pengalum (SISP) is an ode to all of the lost women, who could have been sports stars, singers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, just... happy, if they hadn't been enslaved in matrimony, and then forgotten all about.

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While Kangana’s ‘Bheekh’ Remark Is Problematic, Slut Shaming Her In Such Despicable Words Is Just Not Ok

Online violence against women is not uncommon in India. This kind of abuse is just an extension of the Gender Based Violence (GBV) directed at women. This kind of violence reinforces gender stereotypes, reduces women to sexual objects and targets their sexuality.

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