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violence against women
Bigg Boss 14
Why Bigg Boss Should Be Banned Now, In Pandemic Times

We have enough violence happening in homes and outside in this pandemic related lockdown. Should we have more of it as Bigg Boss, with its toxic masculinity model?

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In A Social Media Chat On This Navratri Ad, A Man Tried Mansplaining Women’s Lived Experiences To Me!

When women speak about rape culture and how it affects them, maybe men should just listen for a change instead of asking for more emotional labour?

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Going Underground Has Helped Us To Be Human; More Than Just ‘Mere Women’
Before She Sleeps

Bina Shah's SFF book Before She Sleeps is a feminist dystopia that draws you in before you realise it. Here's an excerpt.

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The Horror Visited Upon The Hathras Rape Victim Is As Much A Casteist Issue As It Is About Gendered Violence
Hathras rape

As women, we're horrified by the Hathras rape victim's ordeal, but as Savarna women, we must ask ourself if we too are complicit in this caste based violence.

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Why This Story Of The Revenge Of A Homemaker Tossed Aside For A Younger Woman Resonates
The Betty Broderick Story

The Betty Broderick Story is not unusual, and could have happened to any woman, especially in a patriarchy like ours that won't support the woman.

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Angry Activists Teach This Kerala Man A Lesson For Posting Disgusting Videos About Them

A Kerala man Vijay P Nair has been posting disgusting videos about women, and did not expect retaliation. Vigilante justice isn't Ok, but we certainly need better ways of dealing with such misogynists.

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