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Ramya V

Voice of Ramya V

If I Want To Be Myself Then I Am No Longer Their Bahu But Possessed By An Evil Entity!

Vidhya came home with Riya. She was surprised to see the same expectations from her that were before from having a child. Nothing had changed, and she felt that nothing would ever change.

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The Senseless Reason India’s ‘Third Gender’ (As Legally Called) Are Missing Out On Rightful Vaccination

Her hands slowly took it from me. She kept looking at them. Somehow, I felt the urge to ask her this question. “Akka, are you vaccinated?” This time my voice went feeble. In a second, her eyes turned moist.

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Dear Siblings, Don’t Convey Your Love By Making Your Babies Wear The Other Kid’s Dresses

Every day in motherhood is like reading a new book. We never know what it would reveal to us. Exploring is the best phase filled with joy for all mothers. It is indeed like taking the unknown path, but travelling along with your kid gives in more confidence to face whatever may come in the way.

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She Was A Much Respected Police Officer Today, But Once Upon A Time…

My parents aren’t supportive of my decision. They are worried that there will be issues when fixing my wedding and later, in my married life.

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Dear Corona, Enough Of Increasing OCD In Us, Please Leave The World Soon!

Dear Corona,you have impacted many of our lives in unforeseen ways. You've intensified my OCD, and I'm worried about how this will end.My only request is, please, leave this world soon!

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I Am, Who I am!

A wonderful poem about a person standing tall & proudly claiming their identity...

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This Time Her Mother In Law Would Have Her Support, And Wouldn’t Alone!

Many nights, she would think about how Sharada had pulled through those tough times. Would she be able to do something like that?

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My Social Reality That Despite My ‘Divorce’ I Wear The Mangalsutra To Protect My Baby

"It was my decision. I tolerated him being a drunkard. But he chose another girl. When I confronted him, he said it was love, that he loved the two of us. Strange right?"

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Must Weight Gain In A Newly Married Woman Necessarily Mean That She’s Pregnant?

Why should "Is there any Good News?" be the only question a married woman is asked if she seems to have put on even a little weight since marriage?

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bangle ceremony
Divorced & Widowed Women Are Still Considered Inauspicious For The ‘Bangle Ceremony’ And That’s A Shame!

Why do small-minded people still consider single mothers, divorced or unmarried women inauspicious for rituals like the bangle ceremony?

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The Need To Question What We Learnt As Kids

As children we accept what our elders say. As adults, we must  educate ourselves without blindly accepting all that we've been taught. 

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No, Ji! We Don’t Want Dowry Before The Wedding, Only ‘Rewards’ For Treating Her Well!

She was shocked as he said, 'Your father will get me a watch but would buy your cousin a gold chain? Is this how he treats his son-in-law?' 

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His Words Ringing In Her Ears, She Knew She’d Made The Right Choice

“I love kids,” Rakesh’s voice echoed in her ears. 'Was this why he wanted to have girl children?' she wondered as fear gripped her.

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I Am Your Wife, Not The Solution To All Of Your & Your Family’s Problems!

Why is the woman the eternal problem solving machine in her marital family? As the DIL and wife, why is she expected to solve every issue?

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How Dare He Insult Me Like That At An Arranged Marriage Meeting?!

In every morsel you eat, only your father’s money is seen. Taking over his business does not make you in any way fit to be a groom. Try to stand on your legs, then you can proceed with searching for a bride! “Trisha! For the past twenty minutes, you have been aimlessly walking around the […]

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Your Daughter Needs Your Support, Even If You Don’t Agree With Her Divorce

When a woman gets a divorce, even her parents often see her as a failure who can't be trusted to take her own decisions.

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Just Because He Is My Husband, I Should Get A Smaller Appraisal Than Him?

Our work may differ but there is always a comparison and my husband is always supposed to earn more! Why can't I be on par with him?

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