At the end it is the woman who need to make an apology?


Yet another massive women-centric movie from the Lady Superstar, actress Nayanthara. After receiving a positive response with a bit of criticism, the movie made its screen time well in the theatres. After the usual running days, the movie landed on the OTT platform.

A sudden forest fire swept through. There were many comments, videos, and posts that said the heroine of the movie had hurt religious sentiments.

There were many interesting facts in the movie that can be looked upon.

– It was not easy for a girl who in her childhood decided to follow her passion as her career too being born and brought up in an orthodox family in south Tamil Nadu.
– Every frame shows how she is dedicated to achieving her goal
– Yes, there are obstacles in every step of hers, but it is the visuals of how she overcomes them are to be applauded.
– She learns and keeps learning in her journey throughout. She is keen on knowing every single detail.
– Humiliation, and demotivation, all together pressurizes her and squeeze out all the positive ends but somewhere someone, some situation gives a ray of hope. Catching up with that thin light in the darkness, she continues to struggle.
– It is difficult to adapt to different food habits. It was also an obstacle for her. Being committed to her career, she took it up as a challenge as it only benefited her to improve her skills.
– Even towards the end, she paves the way for others to move ahead in their lives. When a woman achieves, she doesn’t stop there. This was an excellent move to showcase even in reality how women help one another.

The only point that stood out was she followed another religion’s customs for her cooking skills to be perfect. It is hurting religiously and so on.

The outcome was so high that the lady superstar finally posted an apology letter to the media. Isn’t this worrisome?

Actress Nayanthara’s acting path itself makes a long success story. Today, she is one of the topmost heroines and yes she does have it in her. Personally and officially she did face hurdles, and yet today she stands as a proud woman donning many roles.

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Even in this movie, she lived the character of ‘Annapoorani’. In each frame of the cooking scene, it is hard to believe she was enacting it. It was not her script. This move stands as another feather in her crown.

Sad that she had to apologize for the controversy that arose(unwantedly?). For her stardom stature, it was not needed, yet she proved her magnanimity and gave a heartfelt apology.

How much ever society is keen to throw briquettes at women who achieve greater heights, we women only hit a six.


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