Man jailed for sending obscene video to his wife

At times, relationships do not work in the way the couple wants them to. No concrete reasons are needed to justify. It could be anything. So reaching the extreme ends, they take the decision to part ways and it is best when done legally. Hence, they stepped into the court to break the bond that no longer felt needed.

What happens during the process? Logically, they need to carry on with their lives and not intervene in one another’s. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen so.

Karnataka is one of the states with the highest divorce rates, a recent study reveals.

A couple who got married in 2016 end had thereby applied for divorce and the process is on. She now works abroad while he in his thirties works in Bengaluru in a private company. He had sent an obscene video with lewd comments to his wife’s email. The woman’s younger brother filed a complaint and she flew down to Bengaluru to register the FIR. The court has given him a one-month imprisonment and a fine of Rs 45,000.

Harassing a woman stands as a crime always no matter whether it is the boyfriend, husband, or ex-husband. The question is while a couple decides to part ways, the mentality of the partner to let go never happens. Somehow she must feel the pain, she must suffer though it may not be physical becomes the ultimate motto. Vengeance or revenge, whatever name it holds needs its space here.

When a separation happens the mind is bound to be filled with unwanted and negative thoughts. Friends and Family can pitch in to ensure the journey takes place smoothly. Counselling could help too. It is a phase of life that needs to be crossed with caution.

There are no imperative methods to stop them from happening. But yes, it needs to be reported. It is the right on the woman’s end to stand up for her against him. Gone are the days when she silently weeps over such incidents and keeps them to herself. It is the period where women fight over such things and not allowing it to affect them. Hope such news gives more courage to women to battle the hardships and come out of their cages however the situation may turn out to be and yes they are not alone in this and our country’s law does stand with them.

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