“Women need to work 50% more than men to gain recognition” rightly said by Actor Surya

Popular actor Surya Sivakumar participated in a program held by Anna University in Chennai a few days ago. He interacted with the student and during his speech, he mentioned that “A woman is capable of completing a work that could be done by five men. They have the power within them. They have achieved in different sectors, including Agni missile and ISRO. I see the surrounding women are always powerful. Women need to work 50% more than men to gain recognition.”

The last line stands so true. Women are seen emerging in various fields which leads to the conclusion that anything is possible by a woman and she has no barriers. But when the word “Recognition” comes into place it is always the men whose name pops up.

How long would this discrimination go through in our society?

Probably the issue starts from our very home. A homemaker does her job. She takes care of every single detail starting from attending to elders, and kids and managing the chores but instead of being praised all she gets is briquettes thrown at her.

Even at the workplace, she needs to keep ignoring the comments passed by fellow workers who say, “Oh it is an additional income to the family already. Does she need a hike/promotion?” and continue her work as usual. The society believes that men are the breadwinner of the family. So they need to be recognized. They bear the EMI every month and need to pay school/college fees. Many factors come into the picture that support men to be praised in their workplace.

When work is done, it is done. Gender shouldn’t be playing a role here. The appreciation should reach the concerned person unbiased. She works her part as much as men do and so she does deserve her share of recognition.

One of the major factors is that the mentality that prevails, women cannot do it. Though the eyes see the evidence of a woman’s achievement, somehow the mind intervenes with the thought, “Ah, what big deal has she done? It’s nothing.”

Despite not receiving the credit 100%, women do continue with their battle. They keep shining much brighter though the world tries to hide them behind a nutshell. Demotivating comments/talks are always leashed at them. Yet they are stronger than they seem to be. Women know their capability well and someday SHE will receive all the recognition she deserves.

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