Stalker Who Killed A Woman Over The Word ‘NO’ Gets Life Imprisonment

Love cannot be imposed Stalkers speak of love, which in a few minutes turns deadly when they are rejected by the woman.

Trigger Warning: This speaks of stalking, violence against women, and murder by a stalker, and may be triggering to survivors.

Justice prevailed after 6 long years.

A ‘NO’ once said or said over a thousand times holds only the same meaning when uttered by a woman.

A stalking incident from 2018, Chennai

Ashwini, a college-going 20-year-old student was stalked by a man in the year 2018 in Chennai. On Valentine’s Day, he barged into the house and tied the Mangal sutra forcibly around her neck after which he claimed her to be his wife. The girl’s mother had filed a complaint with the police. He was warned and informed not to trouble her again. Yet the stalking continued.

On an afternoon in the same year, he cornered Ashwini right outside her college when she was heading home. He was not ready to let go of her despite the earlier happenings. He threatened her that he would set himself ablaze if she did not accept him. Still, she stood bold in her stand and moved back a few steps away from him. At that moment, he took out a knife and slashed her throat. The passersby caught him and thrashed him down. Later he was handed over to the police. The forensic reports matched her blood stains on his shirt and evidence was unshakeable in this crime.

A few days ago, the verdict was out and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In what language should women tell the men they are not interested in their advances?

Love cannot be imposed on one another. Men say they love a girl deeply which in a few minutes turns deadly into revenge when they are being rejected by them.

To him, his family nor his life mattered. He was not afraid to commit the crime in broad daylight. Do movies influence them? Or do friends encourage them in this way? The answer is unknown.

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The responsibility lies within the individual and then with his family. As education focuses on many topics, the importance of respecting women also needs its share of space in the upbringing of every child. The topics of inclusion and equality no longer can stay on paper but need to enter every individual’s mind in the right way.

Let these incidents turn into lessons to prevent such happenings in the future.

Image source: YouTube/ still from the film Ranjhaanaa

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