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When I Was Accosted By A Man In The Bus, But Also Treated With Respect By Another

A man's behaviour can make you hate all men, but at the same time, another man can also make you feel safe to be around him. 

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Oy Over-Entitled ‘Boys’, Do You Realise What An Unsolicited Dick Pic Did To My Mental Health?

Sending a picture of their 'man parts' to an unsuspecting woman might seem very macho or great fun to over-entitled 'boys', but this is why women are always on their guard.

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We Need Laws Against Sexual Harassment At Work, Even If They’re Problematic Sometimes

Why are we so terrified of the laws against sexual harassment at work "because they could be misused"? But any laws could be misused, so what do we have against something that protects women?

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A Story Of Revenge That Could Happen To Any Teenager – Scary!

Thwarted by a classmate who he was friends with as a child, a teen boy spreads rumours about her, and everyone believes him, labelling the girl a slut... this could happen to anyone!

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16 y.o. Allegedly Raped, Mutilated And Killed In Bihar, Reflects Lack Of Fear Of The Law
Bihar rape

A 16 year old girl was found mutilated and killed in Gaya, Bihar, allegedly after being raped. The family says that the police refused to file an FIR, and the police claim it was 'honour killing'.

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Draupadi’s Million Daughters Will Now Ensure That She Won’t Again Go Into Exile

“Over centuries, Draupadi became wise. This time she did not go to her husbands. She went to her daughters. A million daughters. Because this time the daughters will fight for her and her only, and not for kingdoms or crowns."

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