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sexual harassment
The ‘Bro Code’ That Makes A Man Respect A Woman Because ‘She Taken’, Not For Her Own Self!

It's crazy how men have a bro code where they will not hit on any girl seen "taken" but won't respect a woman's autonomy unless she really gives it back!

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Isn’t That Against Indian Culture? Now That There’s Nothing Between Us, Why All This Drama?

Now how would I feel if my girlfriend lands more roles than me, wins awards every now and then, and to top it all, works with my rivals and agrees to do intimate scenes with them? Wouldn’t I become a laughing stock?

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But If He Didn’t Touch You Or Say Anything Inappropriate, How Is It Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment may not always be an inappropriate touch or comment. Some times, it is something seemingly mundane as phone calls too!

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There Have Always Been Locker Rooms In Every Generation; Are We Adults Failing Our Kids?

Sexualisation of a person they're attracted to comes naturally to adolescents. The problem lies in them being stuck at this phase, and maybe we're to blame a bit.

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One Fake Conversation, While Wrong, Does NOT Negate What The Bois Locker Room Chats Revealed

An unrelated but similar Bois Locker Room type chat on Instagram was revealed to be fake. Though just as wrong does that negate what the boys did?

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Restricting Freedom Of Daughters Is Not The Solution To Incidents Like Bois Locker Room

Restricting the freedom of your daughters to keep them "safe" is violence. Take the perpetrators to task instead of taking the easy way out.

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