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sexual harassment
Koel’s Song

Koel shuddered. Till now she had ignored all his lecherous looks, suffered his uninvited touches, and pretended not to understand the double entendres full of sexual undertones.

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How Do I Make A Cyber Crime Complaint? What Support Does Indian Law Provide To Women Survivors?
cyber crime complaint

One big concern today is the trolling and cyber crimes targeting women. How do you make a cyber crime complaint, and what should you know?

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Isn’t It Just As Creepy If A Woman Openly Checks Out The Underwear A Man Is Wearing?

A woman ogling a man's underwear at a fitness class is just as creepy as a man doing this to a woman, so why is this 'Macho Man' ad showing this as acceptable?

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New Bombay HC Guidelines For Workplace Sexual Harassment Cases: Media Can’t Reveal Names Of Either Party! Advantage For Perpetrators?

The recent Bombay High Court judgement states that POSH proceedings shall be strictly in-camera. While ensuring anonymity could help the survivor, will it not act as an advantage for the perpetrator?

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A Toxic Workplace That Gave Me Panic Attacks Wasn’t Worth The Salary I Earned!

When I spoke of these experiences, I was told that it happens everywhere. I wondered, how does that make it any better? Just because something is normal, doesn’t imply that it’s okay.

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I Did Not ‘Ask For It’ At Any Of These Times I Was Sexually Assaulted!
ask for it

Your age, clothes, or what you're doing doesn't matter - you don't ask for it, and nothing 'allows' rapists to rape! The perpetrator is responsible every time.

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