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sexual harassment
Disability Activist Virali Modi’s Viral Twitter Thread Puts A Spotlight On Sexual Harassment By Predatory Men

One cannot even begin to call out the problematic things in this message. This man has the audacity to shame a woman for her disability even as he sexually harasses her!

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The Compartment: A Short Story
The Compartment: A Short Story

There was a dainty figure sitting on a bench. A girl bundled in a black shawl. And then a shadow emerged from the darkness. He stopped, as he spotted the girl. He approached her, hovered around her. 

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The Tragic Murder Of Ankita Bhandari Points To The Entitlement Of Powerful Men
Ankita Bhandari murder

Ankita Bhandari is neither the first nor the last one to go through such trauma. Every South Asian girl has gone through such disturbing incidents of breach of consent in their life.

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Kerala HC Contradicts Itself In 2 Verdicts On 2 Consecutive Days: So Is It FOR Women’s Rights Or ANTI Women?

I mean seriously, how can you blame a girl's dress for someone's unwanted gaze and comments? As much as I was amazed with the first one, I am more ashamed reading the second one.

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Questioning The Modesty Of A Young Professor’s Attire Is Workplace Sexual Harassment

The recent forced resignation of an Assistant Professor from the reputed St Xavier's University of Kolkata has brought focus on the face of the Work Place Sexual Harassment Scenario in Academia.

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Influencer Lakshmi Devan Stalked On A Recent Solo Trip Says “To Hell With Anyone Who Thinks I’m ‘Asking For It’!”

I was told that I shouldn’t have travelled alone since I’m a woman. I shouldn’t be “so open” on LinkedIn. I was asked why my Instagram profile was public when it had pictures of me in a swimsuit?

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