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Stalker Who Killed A Woman Over The Word ‘NO’ Gets Life Imprisonment

Love cannot be imposed Stalkers speak of love, which in a few minutes turns deadly when they are rejected by the woman.

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Condemning An Abuser Should Be Easy… But Why Does It Sometimes Become So Difficult?

I struggled to reconcile the two aspects- the formidable talent who literally moulded kathak into its modern form and the man who took advantage of women in his charge.

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What Can We Do If We Face Sexual Harassment At The Workplace? What Are Our Options?

The POSH Act covers sexual harassment that is physical, verbal, visual, non-verbal  or psychological in nature. Not just overt touch.

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Man’s Comment On Potential Employer’s Nose Pin At His Interview Was Creepy And Unprofessional!

For those saying women are making too much of this incident - there would have definitely been no comment on the looks of the employer if it were a man. So you see, it is never about the harmless compliment.

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10 Yrs Of POSH Act 2013, But Your Domestic Help May Still Have No Idea!

The POSH Act of 2013 lays down rules for tackling sexual harassment at work, but how many women in the unorganised sector, like your domestic help, are aware of it?

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Let Us ‘Make A Scene’ Instead Of Suffering This Quietly!

How to handle sexual harassment when we face it in what should be our 'safe spaces'? Let us not keep silent.

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