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sexual harassment
A Neighbour Molested Her At The Holi Bash, But She Had To Let Him Go – What Would You Do?

She was molested while playing the Holi, she was sure of that, and she even knew who it was. Should she stand her ground and make an example of him, or let him go because...

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Campuses A Soft Target Now With Drunken Men Molesting Gargi College Students?

Mobs of men allegedly broke security and molested students at Delhi University's all-women Gargi College during their annual fest 'Reverie', while police and college admin shrug off responsibility.

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MP Manoj Tiwari, Being Dismissive About The Trauma Of Sexual Assault Survivors Is Not Cool!
Manoj Tiwari on #MeToo

Aspirant for the Delhi CM post and MP Manoj Tiwari recently voiced his appalling and dismissive views in an interview, on the trauma that sexual assault survivors face.

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Ganesh Acharya Sexually Assaults Woman Without Touching Her, By Forcing Her To Watch Porn

Ganesh Acharya forced a junior choreographer to watch porn before suspending her. Isn't it time we started talking about the non-touch sexual abuse too?

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Recent Utsav Tweets Only Point To The Need For Better Structures To Take #MeToo Forward
Utsav Chakraborty

An audio clip and a tweet thread by Utsav Chakraborty have raised some uncomfortable questions, highlighting the need for what women have been asking all along – better ways to report and deal with sexual harassment.

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6 Things Happening At Work That Are Harassment, And Not Your Fault…!

Women who are repeatedly harassed by men start thinking that maybe something is wrong with them. To those women, I say: it is not your fault!

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