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The illusion of choice in choice feminism
There’s Merely An Illusion Of Choice In ‘Choice Feminism’!

I came across a comment recently on my Twitter (now X) feed that got me thinking. It was a post about stay-at-home moms and someone commented, “We shouldn’t judge their decision to stay home. It’s their choice, after all.” While I do agree that it is none of my business to comment on the decision […]

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too much feminism
There Is Nothing Like ‘Too Much Feminism’!

When someone accuses you of "too much feminism", what they are really saying is, "I am uncomfortable with you challenging the status quo and disrupting my privilege".

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Man’s Comment On Potential Employer’s Nose Pin At His Interview Was Creepy And Unprofessional!

For those saying women are making too much of this incident - there would have definitely been no comment on the looks of the employer if it were a man. So you see, it is never about the harmless compliment.

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Shame On You, Poonam Pandey For Making Death Part Of A Gimmick!

Poonam Pandey made a mockery of the cause she was apparently trying to support and trivialized the very real pain and grief that several individuals endure.

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10 Social Media Post Ideas for Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs
10 Social Media Post Ideas For Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs

Harnessing social media for growing a community, networking, sharing ideas and growing your business is essential today.

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Alia Bhatt's Viral Make Up Reel
Alia Bhatt’s Viral Make Up Reel Makes A Vital Statement About Authenticity In Beauty

Alia Bhatt was trolled for her "imperfections" after her viral reel on make-up, but the joke is really on us and our mindsets.

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10 Fool-Proof Tips To Find Your Entrepreneurial Niche
10 Fool-Proof Tips To Find Your Entrepreneurial Niche

Confused about what is the right business venture for you? Here are some tips for women to start the journey.

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Book Review - Commit to Yourself by Nancy Katyal
Book Review: Commit To Yourself by Nancy Katyal

Have you read ‘Commit To Yourself’ written by Nancy Katyal? Find out why this book has taken over people’s heart and mind!

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Why I Am Not Sorry To Say Sorry To My Child
Why I Am Not Sorry To Say Sorry To My Child

A few days ago, after realizing I had unfairly screamed on my daughter pertaining to a school related matter, I apologized to her when we were in our society lift. Someone beside us commented right then – “These days, parents have to apologize to kids. No wonder kids are becoming arrogant.” I wanted to respond […]

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The Beauty Of Embracing My Age To Be Comfortable In My Own Skin

Each wrinkle etched on my body tells a story, a testament to the diverse experiences that have shaped me. I am most comfortable with my body, and why should I hide it?

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small business in India
6 Key Steps To Register A Small Business In India

How to register a small business in India? Here are 6 easy steps we have compiled for you along with a few resources.

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support small business
7 Tips To Support Small Business Owners And Empower Them

There are many ways you can support small business owners just going about your daily life, and it can be a win win situation both ways.

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switching from non-IT to IT
8 Programmes In India For Switching From Non-IT To IT Careers

Do you want a career change? Here are 8 programmes that will help women switching from non-IT to IT careers in India!

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Tingle Your Taste Buds
How My Mother And I Built Tingle Your Taste Buds To Share Her Traditional Recipes!

For my mother and me, Tingle Your Taste Buds is our way of preserving and passing on Indian culinary art to food connoisseurs around the world. 

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ambitious women
Why Do We Think It’s Wrong For A Woman To Be ‘Too Ambitious’?

I wanted to scream with excitement that my daughter chose to write about her ambition and aspirations over everything else first. To me, this was one of those parenting 'win' moments. 

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Wrong by Shilpa Suraj
She Ended Up Marrying The Wrong Brother… And Then?

Wrong by Shilpa Suraj is a tale that centres around the lives of Ananya, Arnav and Arvin, about a lot of ‘wrong’s. Wrong timing, wrong decisions, wrong circumstances...

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First Day First Show At Pathaan Only For SRK Was Completely Paisa Vasool!

What I loved was how there is so much in the movie of the SRK we have known, and also a totally new star. The gestures, the smile, the wit and the charisma are all too familiar, but you also witness a rawness, an edginess.

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11 Things I’ve Learnt About Time Management As A Serial Entrepreneur

I do a variety of things as a serial entrepreneur, often very different from each other. So how do I manage all of it without losing track or my head?

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There’s An Important Message In Sridevi’s English Vinglish For Women Entrepreneurs

Women tend to minimise their own achievements due to patriarchal conditioning, especially small business / home business owners. Let's begin to value ourselves.

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viral video Indigo
Viral Video Of Fight Between Passenger And Indigo Crew Makes Me Ask Some Hard Questions

While some called out the male passenger’s entitled behaviour, several others felt that the woman attendant was unprofessional and unnecessarily screaming.

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Shefali Shah Says Disrespect Is The Biggest Relationship Killer; Makes Us Hide Our Real Selves…

Love should not make you feel like you are walking on eggshells, second guess yourself all the time, or dim your spirit. It certainly should not make you feel humiliated or unworthy.

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Anupama Dalmia
Why Do We Stop Our Girls And Women From Being ‘Too Ambitious’ If They Dream Big?

Dead ends are actually opportunities to pause and reflect because sometimes, when we are in the midst of the journey, we forget to look inwards.

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How I Felt Watching Taare Zameen Par As A Parent This Time Around…

Back then, I wasn't a mother. Back then, I wasn't a mentor interacting with kids day in and day out. Back then, my lens for watching the movie was different.

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16 Return-To-Work Programs In India For Ambitious Women Like You!

If you want to get back to work after a break, here’s the ultimate guide to return to work programs in India from tech, finance or health sectors: for women just like you!

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Jalsa Is More Than Just A Thriller; It’s Also About Being A Mother And A Woman, And The 2 Leading Ladies

What do I say about the two leading ladies?! They don't act. They become. They share screen space in just a handful of scenes in the movie, yet you can see the undercurrent of their collective power throughout.

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locked out of my Instagram account
What I Did When I Got Locked Out Of My Instagram Account Essential For Me As A Digital Content Creator

A couple of weeks ago I got locked out of my Instagram account while setting up a new mobile handset... It was a disaster as a digital content creator, but here's what I did. 

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“Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Yrs?” Anupama Dalmia On Why It’s The Wrong Question To Ask

From a corporate professional to serial entrepreneur and writer, Anupama Dalmia could not have predicted this journey 10 years ago.

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Jee le Zaara
Jee Le Zaraa – This Time It’s The Women Taking To The Roads In Movie Announced By Farhan!

An all women group taking to the roads in a top together. Will this be the "women travelling together" film we've been waiting for, or will it follow stereotypes about women?

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They’re Not Gone Forever… Some Day, My Words Will Rise Again

While things may be looking brighter now, we know that there will be no going back to pre-covid. Some changes in all of us would be permanent - whether obvious or subtle.

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Can India’s Shernis Reclaim The Spaces That Are Rightfully Theirs?

Who is really the predator? Who is the prey? Who is the owner? Who is the trespasser? Will power always win over honesty and sincerity? Is there a place for a 'Sherni' in the forest?

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starting a new business
Starting A New Business? 7 Things To Know Before Starting A Business

Starting a new business needs some essentials to be in place first - here are a few pointers for those with entrepreneurial dreams. 

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No! I Am Not A Poet… But Here I Am With My Words

Today is World Poetry Day. The poet here muses on whether her poetry counts for poetry, as it doesn't have meter or rhyme. But what of it, when the feelings are there.

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GST for the Layman
If You, Like Me, Found GST A Bit Complex, This Is Where You Can Find Help

GST for the Layman is an empowering read in a society that does not encourage women to be financially aware and keeps them out of financial decisions.

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Our Discomfort As Parents About Discussing ‘Taboo Topics’ With Kids Is Hurting Their Lives

We avoid difficult conversations with our kids because we feel they are too young to understand, but we're just giving in to our own discomfort.

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Shaming Sex Workers Doesn’t Make You Sanskaari, It Only Shows Your Shallow Mindset!

A recent trending hashtag on Twitter India infuriated me and got me wondering, why should sex workers be constantly shamed for their choices?

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Aashi by Maitabi Banerjee
Will Aashi Find The Happiness That Seems To Be Playing Hide And Seek With Her?

Aashi by Maitabi Banerjee may speak to each reader differently which is interesting because it leaves room for varied interpretations and takeaways.

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find the magic
That Day I Realised I Need To Stop Telling My Daughter That Magic Does Not Exist

Life and its idiosyncrasies loosen our connection with the curious child within us. We start associating magic with fantasy, and forget that magic is actually very much a part of our everyday lives.

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problems faced by women
My Response To ‘Feminists Should Focus On Real Issues’ About Problems Faced By Women

Only calling out everyday sexism can tackle 'real' problems faced by women, so those who want feminists to stop 'nitpicking', please listen.

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Divya Agarwal
My Loss, My Way Of Handling: Divya Agarwal Hits Back At Trolls Saying ‘Not Showing Proper Grief’

Grief is a very personal thing, and no one has any business telling you how you handle it. And it is not just the trolls, but every one of us who should get that.

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I Am Infinite

A piece of poetry centered around looking in, reflecting and asking questions about oneself. 

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Light In Dark

"I read somewhere once that what if we get up one day and realise that all of what we think is reality is actually a dream. While it was written in jest, it made me think. Maybe, what is a dream for us is someone's reality because it is a happier space which is enlivening."

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chat with Alankrita Shrivastava at WICA
My 9 Takeaways From A Chat With Alankrita Shrivastava, Writer Director Of Dolly Kitty & Lipstick…

“It’s not easy but it’s doable” would resonate with most women, because that is what they do - go ahead and do what they need to, against odds. A chat with writer director Alankrita Shrivastava.

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insensitive memes
Mental Health Issues Can Kill, So Stop Passing Off Insensitive Memes As ‘Just A Joke’!

When I called out a badly worded, cringeworthy 'mental health' meme on a social media page, I was told to "chill" as "it was just a joke!" NO.

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Gunjan Saxena
Gunjan Saxena’s Story Proves Once Again That A Feminist Father Is Key For A Woman’s Empowerment

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is not a war film. It is a heart-warming story of a father who stood by his daughter like a rock as she manoeuvred her way through the labyrinths of life.

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Ticked Boxes Do Not Define A Mother; Either HOW You Become One Or Your Breastfeeding Records

Why do we compare 'motherhoods' or decide that someone is the most sacrificing mother? What are we trying to prove by comparing our struggles and to whom?

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Book Review: Masala Mix By Anupama Jain

Author Anupama Jain, skillfully and fluently creates multiple worlds to touch upon an array of topics and issues with a subtlety that dissolves into the mock-tail.

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White as Milk and Rice
Do You Think That ‘Tribal Culture’ In India Is The Same All Over? Here’s Destroying That Myth

Through her book White as Milk and Rice, author Nidhi Dugar Kundalia attempts to make the reader understand, empathize and connect with India’s isolated tribes.

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dream your dreams
When My Daughter Taught Me To Dream My Dreams, Even If They Might Not Come True…

Does it matter if wishes could come true or not? If feasibility becomes the criteria to consider wishes as valid, the very essence in which they are rooted is lost.

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Dashavatar By Piyusha Vir Makes Mythology More Relatable Through Contemporary Storytelling

Dashavatar: Stories of Lord Vishnu is a very relatable re-telling of the stories of the 10 most popular avatars of Vishnu, by Piyusha Vir. 

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A Letter To My Daughter For Her 18th Birthday

A mother's heartwarming letter to her daughter explaining to her that life's struggles are for real and planning is what will help her tide over these, just like how she did. 

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4 Women Share Their Moving Stories, On Being Forced Into Marriages

Marriage is the ultimate goal for women of our society - their sexual orientation, or willingness to marry, still doesn't matter in many cases, as these stories show. 

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Take That Step Forward NOW, Towards An Essential Pleasure

Kamya was not from an orthodox background. In fact, her parents were quite liberal and progressive in their ways and beliefs. Yet, she hesitated to indulge in self-pleasure.

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Why I Feel It Is OK To Cry In Front Of My Daughter

As a parent, do you hide your negative emotions from your kids, or do you let them show? What are the rules of parenting in such a situation? 

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Murky To Shimmer, The Collision Of Two Worlds In Her

We are so much more than how someone from the world we are currently in perceives us to be.

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From Another Land
A Story From Another Land In The Time Of Visa Problems

From An-Other Land dives deep into the stories of NRI lives in the US, with immigration issues faced in modern-day US.

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God Is Not The Destination But The Path To Connect To The Divine Power Within Me

To me, devotion has never been about pleasing God. God is not the destination.

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Is It A Diaper, Mumma? Talk To Your Girls AND Boys About Periods

Should only parents of a girl talk to her about periods? Why can't parents of boys talk about it too? Will make for more informed, sensitive citizens of tomorrow.

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When My Own Journey As An Indian Woman Yields Fab Insights I Can Pass On To Gen Next…!

Invited as a Chief Guest at an Inter-College Fest, I surprised myself by spontaneously coming up with things I could talk about - and I have my own life journey to thank!

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One Moment Treasure, One Moment Trash?

What is trash for one may be a treasure for another. Sometimes the same thing that had been a treasure for us becomes trash due to circumstances. So how do we define it?

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challenges in implementing POSH Act
Workplaces Still Face 8 Challenges In Implementing POSH Act 2013. How Do We Change This?

Workplaces still face a number of challenges in implementing POSH Act, 2013 - these were discussed recently at the POSHaya Conclave in Hyderabad, by Parity Consulting and Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas.

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When She’s A Child On A Rainy Morning

She did a quick calculation to determine that this would suffice for everyone to get a share of the appealing ice-cream which was waiting to be relished.

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Rushabh Turakhia
Dad Rushabh Turakhia Helps Spread Kindness All Over The Globe, A Role Model For Teen Son

Rushabh Turakhia, founder of 'Your Turn Now' is on a mission to spread kindness in the world. He is also the father of 14 year old Vivaan, an inspiring advocate of Dad's work.

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The Feeling Was Back, And Now Inside Me!

Loneliness can strike anyone, even when surrounded by people; it is not necessarily because of our circumstances or because of who we are.

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Discovering Love In My Own, Unique Way

"What is love?" is not the question that you ask, because there is no single definition for it. Every one of us perceives it differently, and it is different things for each one of us.

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make money blogging
How To Make Money Blogging In India?

Do you think it is hard to make money blogging? No, it's not impossible nor it is outdated! Here are 9 tips on how you can do this.

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“Don’t Grow Up So Soon. Stay This Small For A While,” Is A Feeling Every Parent Has Had!

We would like our kids to learn things and become independent, but at the same time, we don't want them to grow up too fast, and slip through our fingers too early!

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Those Thirty Minutes In The Circle Of Sisterhood Changed Her Life

Don’t hesitate to reach out - to help, to seek help, to form the circle of sisterhood. This circle is potent. This circle is empowering.

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Because She HAD To Break The Vicious Circle

"They have a warrant. They say that I have sexually abused Radha and they are talking about some POSCO act. That bitch of a girl had the audacity to complain against me."

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I’m An Unsure, Average Writer In My Mind, Though I’m Read By Many!

Sometimes it is difficult to believe in the power of own pen, but one needs to keep writing, because there are stories waiting to be told, thoughts waiting to be expressed.

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Busting Cliches
Does Mahevash Shaikh Manage To Truly Bust The Cliches We Use Unconsciously?

Mahevash Shaikh tackles popular proverbs that we live by in her book Busting Cliches, and brings a depth to them we sometimes might not know of.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape
What SHOULD We Really Talk About When We Talk About Rape?

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape by Sohaila Abdulali is a powerful, solicitous and hard-hitting read which has the potential to create history.

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Kajol’s Sparkling Performance Saves Helicopter Eela From Sinking

Kajol's film Helicopter Eela attempts dealing with powerful issues like helicopter and single parenting. But the inconsistent screenplay lets it down.

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That Day Gave Me Some Haunting Memories Of Street Harassment, AND Two Friends

We all are symbols of girl power, says Anupama Dalmia, a power that is often either overestimated or underestimated by our society and is rarely understood in its true essence.

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Some Husbands Track Their Wives’ Online Shopping… Only To Abuse Them

While digitisation has revolutionised things, it enables abuse in relationships, putting women at a disadvantage, as all their shopping behaviour can be tracked by controlling husbands. I was speaking to an Aunt over the phone but after a point, she seemed quite distracted. When I asked her if she was busy and wanted to disconnect […]

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My Daughter Does Not Need To Be Submissive To Show Me Respect!

Why do we equate respect with submissiveness in Indian society? Surely, a daughter can be outspoken and respectful at the same time?

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Book Review: Just Another Day by Piyusha Vir

Author Piyusha Vir’s debut novel Just Another Day brings out the serendipity of life in the form of three crisp and delectable short tales. 

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insidious violence
Hide Things From Husband? You Could Be A Victim Of Emotional Abuse

Hidden emotional abuse in a marriage (no scar, no swollen eye!) often goes unnoticed. This normalises the insidious violence, and can cause the affected women to hide things from their spouses.

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Veere Di Wedding: Not flawless But Has Its Heart In The Right Place!

Veere Di Wedding is drawing mixed reviews from movie lovers. Does it live up to the hype it generated? You have to read this review to find out.

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Nothing But The Plane Truth
Pinki Eppaturi’s Memoir Is The ‘Plane’ Truth About Life As A Flight Attendant [#BookReview]

Nothing But The Plane Truth is a fictionalised memoir by former flight attendant Pinki Eppaturi, that takes the reader into the 'glamorous' lives of those who work in the sky.

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This Mother’s Day, It’s Time To Ask What We Do For Mothers (Besides Glorify Them)

Motherhood is as beautiful as it is gruelling. So, this mother's day, let us talk about what we can do to make life better for mothers.

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Louisiana Catch
Louisiana Catch Gives Us A Unique NRI Protagonist Without The Usual ‘Immigrant’ Baggage #BookReview

Louisiana Catch by Sweta Srivastava Vikram is a book about the Indian diaspora with a difference - focusing on the protagonist instead of the usual 'immigrant experience'.

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blame the mother
When Will We Find A Cure For The ‘Blame The Mother’ Syndrome We Suffer From?

We are quick to blame the mother if the child is in any sort of trouble or is part of the trouble. When will we realise that the father is also the parent?

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late weaning
I Breastfed My Daughter For 3 Years, Despite The Backlash From “Well-Wishers”!

Breastfed children are weaned once they become old enough to eat everything the family eats. But what if a mother believes in late weaning? How does society react?

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rest in peace sridevi
Rest In Peace, Sridevi! As A Dancer, A Part Of You Will Always Live Inside Me

A personal account of how Sridevi influenced this author and made her passionate about dancing. The diva will remain immortal in many such hearts.

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Soha Ali Khan
Soha Ali Khan Wows Us With Witty Words In Her Memoir: The Perils Of Being Moderately Famous

The Perils Of Being Moderately Famous is an aptly named memoir by the very witty and down-to-earth Soha Ali Khan. Must read!

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A Man Emailed Me About My Article On Feminism…And Here’s Why It Matters

Change happens in small measures but every little change adds up! This writer's article on feminism got her a surprising response.

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and she shut the door
And She Shut The Door [#Winner]

"What has Akash done himself to give you time for some self care? He wants you to take complete responsibility of the child and then wants you to be the trophy wife whom he can boast of?"

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homosexuality as normal
How Do You Raise Your Child To Accept Homosexuality As Completely Normal?

How do you help your kids think of homosexuality as normal, and raise the future generations to not be homophobic? A thoughtful post.

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toddler's tantrum
Dear Mom: A Letter To A Mom From Her Toddler

How would your crazy day coping with a toddler's tantrum look like from the point of view of your toddler? What if your toddler could tell you how she feels?

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the perfect woman
A Letter To My Daughter On International Girl Child Day

"You do not have to aspire to become the perfect woman that society expects you to be," says a mom to her young daughter on #InternationalGirlChildDay.

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papa, don't preach
Is It Just My Responsibility? [#ShortStory]

You always say you believe in gender equality. So why is it weird for you to stay at home and look after your daughter? Why is your job more important than mine?

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it takes a village
It Takes A Village To Raise My Child – What Would I Have Done Without My Friends?

Parenting would not have been as easy as it is without my friends looking out for me. It takes a village to raise kids, and I'd not have it any other way!

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maybe someday we will
Maybe Someday We Will [#ShortStory]

Her dazzling smile could brighten even the gloomiest of days. A year had passed since Nikhil had lost her. Submerged in her thoughts, he could feel knots in his stomach.

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A Season For Dying, New Mystery Novel In The Vikram Rana Series Keeps You Hooked [#BookReview]

Have you read A Season For Dying by Sharmishtha Shenoy? Read the review below and see if it goes on your to-read pile!

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but at least he is a good father
But At Least He Is A Good Father! [#ShortStory]

"And why would you not want to get intimate when he wants it? What is the big deal about it? Do not forget you lead a comfortable life because of him. He does not hit you right?"

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Thank You Papa For Breaking All Those Stereotypes and Being Truly ‘Daddy Cool’!

Daddy Cool is the dad whose daughter doesn't realise what gender inequality is - simply because he raised her that way. A lovely tribute on Father's Day!

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terrible twos
8 Sanity Saving Hacks That Got My Toddler And Me Through Her Terrible Twos

The Terrible Twos can test any parent's patience, but there are ways to stay calm and handle the toddler tantrums that are an inescapable part of parenting.

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the unwed mother
The Unwed Mother [#ShortStory]

"It is my womb and I decide, right? And as far as my child is concerned, I will teach my child to stand strong against the bullies of society and not get bogged down”.

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to be accepting
When A Pimple Reminded Me Of A Simple Lesson In Parenting

A pimple brought home to me the fact that as a parent I need to teach my child to be accepting of everyone as they are, and stereotypes have no place.

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“Sleep When The Baby Sleeps!” How Practical Is This Advice For A New Mom?

Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is well meaning advice given to almost all new mothers. But is it really practical advice?

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bond of friendship
Some Friendships Last Beyond A Lifetime [#ShortStory]

A lifetime bond of friendship had formed which they were sure would survive the test of time. It was a special friendship that had no place for any kind of inhibition and formality.

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Thank You Mom For Making Me The Mother I Am Today – Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you mom! If you had to thank your mother today, what would it be for? In this post, the author thanks her mom for making her a better mom!

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Onaatah of the Earth
Onaatah Of The Earth Is A Sensitively Written Book That Peeks Into The Mind Of A Sexual Abuse Survivor [#BookReview]

Onaatah of the Earth by Paulami DuttaGupta peels away at the psychosocial aftermath of a rape, and reveals the human being that is inside a sexual abuse survivor.

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children live their dream
I Don’t Expect My Child To Achieve My Dreams. She Will Live Her Dreams, Not Mine!

We need to let our children be themselves and not extensions of ourselves. We need to let our children live their dream, not ours.

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Birds of Prey
Birds Of Prey, Though Fiction, Is A Hard Hitting Look At The Issue Of Child Sexual Abuse [#BookReview]

Birds of Prey is a faced paced and hard hitting debut book by Archana Sarat that throws light upon the underbelly of a city's nexus of child sexual abuse.

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having a baby
What? Having A Baby To Solve Marital Problems?! Such Rubbish Advice!

No, having a baby is NOT a solution for marital problems! Don't you think that's the way to more stress in an already damaged relationship?

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reconnect with yourself
How My Husband And I Reconnected With Ourselves And Recaptured Our Romance

How to reconnect with yourself and recapture the romance of relationships during a trip where there is no net connectivity.

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Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day? I Bet We Still Share This Feeling About Love

Whichever side of the Valentine's Day fence you are on, we can probably agree on one thing - that it is love which makes the whole ride of life worthwhile.

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What Feminism Is Not – Not Man-Hating Or ‘Modern Dress’ Or Favouring Women! What Is It, Then?

We need to look at what feminism is not - so many misconceptions about it abound, and it is time people separated fact from fiction.

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happy child
Raising A Happy Kid Is Easy With These 22 Simple Tips Every Parent Must Read

Raising a happy kid is not really difficult, if we are mindful about these 22 simple, and very practical tips.

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It Is Criminal To Make A Mother Feel Guilty For A Thin Child, As Chubby Does Not Always Mean Healthy!

Mothers are made to feel guilty if they have a thin child. They are blamed for 'not feeding the child enough'. Chubby does not equal healthy!

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When My Toddler Taught Me How To Slow Down And Savour My Time With Her

Being a new mom and working woman meant that I learnt to rush through the day, but my daughter soon taught me how to slow down and truly enjoy my leisure.

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Dancing Your Way To Fitness. Try It Out And Reap The Benefits!

Dancing can be a fulfilling, creative way of exercise, and keep you healthy and fit both physically and mentally. A delightful post!

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How My Mother’s Actions Taught Me To Make Kindness A Way Of Life

Small acts of everyday kindness go a long way in making the world a better place. Make it a habit to help others in any way you can.

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Swachh Bharat Should Not Be Just A Campaign, But An Attitude!

One has to lead by example in order to make Swachh Bharat a reality - after all, patriotism stems from action and not mere words.

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Does Your Husband Help You At Home? [#ShortStory]

Why should husbands be 'helping' at home? Isn't it their home too? Shouldn't they be sharing responsibilities of housework equally?

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An Ode To My Daughter [#Poetry]

A mother muses about what life might have to offer as she watches her teen daughter have fun on the sea shore, and hopes that it is a good life!

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Why I Don’t Think I Should Assume That My Daughter Will Marry Someday!

As long as my daughter understands how to handle relationships maturely and with honesty, I don't see why I need to assume that she has to marry!

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To Quit Or Not To Quit? Toss A Coin. You’ll Know What Your Heart Secretly Wishes!

To quit or not to quit? This is the dilemma many working women face, especially if they have other serious responsibilities, like a kid. So what do you do?

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