The Beauty Of Embracing My Age To Be Comfortable In My Own Skin

Each wrinkle etched on my body tells a story, a testament to the diverse experiences that have shaped me. I am most comfortable with my body, and why should I hide it?

If I had a rupee for every time I have been told my hair has started greying…

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard people say women’s age has to be a secret…

If I had a euro for every time I have seen advertisements shaming wrinkles and sagging skin…

If! Only if!

I flaunt my age unapologetically!

In a society that often places youth on a pedestal, I stand tall as a woman, unapologetically flaunting my age. Honestly, I never realized this would be perceived as unusual. But there have been so many instances when people have shown amazement at something as simple as accepting and embracing my age.

Why am I expected to hide something so valuable? Don’t we realize the privilege of age? I am happy to showcase the wisdom, strength, and grace that come to me with each passing year of my life. In a world where ageism does prevail, I wish to celebrate the beauty of time and experience. I am most concerned about my health and fitness but least bothered about my silver streaks or loose skin. I joke with the well-meaning folks at times – “Well, were my hair strands supposed to turn pink instead? I did not know biology could change”.

Each wrinkle etched on my body tells a story, a testament to the diverse experiences that have shaped me. My age is not just a number; it represents a rich tapestry of insights, knowledge, and memories. I have weathered life’s storms, surmounted challenges, and celebrated victories. I have fallen down and risen, broken apart and gathered myself, with resilience and perseverance. I refuse to conceal this vibrant narrative of my life. I refuse to let others shame or mock this narrative.

I love the age I am at

I have reached a stage in life when I am most comfortable with my body. I love myself and those around me for strength and depth of character, for intellect, and for creating moments full of joy and compassion. Age is not the sole reason but is surely a factor in bringing about this confidence and self-love. The seconds, minutes, and years I have lived have nurtured me into the person I have grown into. I refuse to regress on this journey of evolution.

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How a woman chooses to look, dress, and present herself is completely her choice. But I challenge the society that perpetuates a culture of age shaming and a narrow-minded mindset towards a natural process of growing. I question the society that impels someone to succumb to its norms of beauty and attractiveness.

Can we please stop asking or pressurizing women to color their hair, use anti-aging products, hide their stretch marks, or go for skin tightening treatments? Let her find happiness in what truly gives her happiness. Like I find mine in stating that I am a 40-year-old mom who is a slay queen!

Image source: a still from the film Once Again

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