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The Beauty Of Embracing My Age To Be Comfortable In My Own Skin

Each wrinkle etched on my body tells a story, a testament to the diverse experiences that have shaped me. I am most comfortable with my body, and why should I hide it?

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Hard To Love — Remembering My Grandmother’s Legacy
Being My Grandmother's Granddaughter

Growing up, I don’t remember a lot of love being showered, but a series of rules being preached — don’t talk too much or too loudly, don’t laugh out hard! My grandmother was strict!

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Hum Do Hamare Do: Seniors Have A Richer Lived Experience, So How Well Has The Film Used Its Premise?
hum do hamare do

Disney + Hotstar’s latest offering Hum Do Hamare Do takes the popular family planning slogan and reimagines the concept of family. Does it work? Read on to find out….

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Going Home At Last, Slowly Breaking My Links To This Life

While I go about my life, my mind still imagines me looking much younger than my eighty years. I haven’t really made friends with the white haired woman with the prune like face I see in my mirror.

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Konkona Was Slammed By A Fan For ‘Ageing’; Her Witty Reply Won Hearts

Women in the entertainment industry are expected to 'look young forever', and often shamed by the same fans for eventually 'ageing', as it happened with Konkona Sensharma on an Insta post. 

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Rashmi Desai Being Age Shamed Shows Our Society’s Oppressive Beauty Norms

Recently actress Rashmi Desai on her Instagram stories called out faceless trolls and bullies for age shaming her. Why are a woman’s beauty and grace supposed to be related to her age?

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