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Have You Been Called ‘Aunty’ By A Young Something? Time To Take Offence, For These Reasons

Age is just a number, and branding a woman as an 'aunty' because of her marital status, presence of children, greying hair, looks, etc., is just not done.

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It’s Quite Alright (And Liberating Too) To Have Crushes At 40 – Here’s My List!

40s is the new 20s they say, and rightly so. Age is merely a number and even at 40, having crushes feels liberating and is like a therapy to your soul. 

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Turning 40 Means I’m Ageing, But Here’s Why I See No Reason To Hide The Fact!

Many people feel the need to hide their age, but at 40, I feel as if it is all for the good - I find that it is the age of freedom as a woman.

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When My Greys Became Beautiful To Me At Last, After All That Drama!

Greying hair is considered the bane of youthful looks by most women, but are they really something 'ugly'? A woman shares a hilarious account of her personal journey. 

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An Open Letter to Sushmita Sen: ‘Auntie’ Is Just Another Word

"Auntie" is not a shameful word, Ms. Sushmita Sen. Please learn to embrace it. 

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Being Spectacular At 60: Let The Oldies Dance!

Elderly women don't need your pity or disapproval, they need to be able to live wholly and have fun. Let the oldies be themselves, says this post.

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