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Dilnavaz Bamboat's heart occupies prime South Mumbai real estate. The rest of her lives in Silicon Valley, California, where she hikes, reads, hugs redwood trees and raises a pint-sized feminist. She is the Pop Culture Curator at Women's Web.

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hum do hamare do
Hum Do Hamare Do: Seniors Have A Richer Lived Experience, So How Well Has The Film Used Its Premise?

Disney + Hotstar’s latest offering Hum Do Hamare Do takes the popular family planning slogan and reimagines the concept of family. Does it work? Read on to find out….

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Dil Chahta Hai Revisited: Don’t ‘Pursue’ A Woman Who ‘Belongs’ To Another Man; Who Cares What SHE Wants?!

A tale of two douchebags: Dil Chahta Hai revisited. It was a cult movie at the turn of the millennium, especially with an unusual-for-Bollywood Sid played by Akshaye Khanna, but the rest...

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‘An App To Find Your Caste Partner’?! Yes, Really! You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

A matrimonial app is circulating slyly on family and friend WhatsApp groups for 'finding your partner in your caste' and uses fear tactics aimed at women to do its work. Ugh. 

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Women May Use Sex Toys, But Here’s Goss On Men Who ‘Have A Relationship With’ A Life Size Doll!

Netflix’s latest anthology, Ankahi Kahaniya reminded me of a man I read about who had a relationship with and married a sex doll. Ladies, would you romance a plastic male, knowing you wouldn’t have to pick up his socks?

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California To Outlaw Stealthing: A Man Taking Off Condom Mid Act, While Marital Rape Still Legal In India

California takes one small step for womankind, toward our gender being in control of their own bodies by putting up a bill to criminalise stealthing, a man taking off a condom mid act. 

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The Empire
Always Kingmakers, Rarely Openly Rulers: The Women Behind The Mughal Empire

The Empire, Disney + Hotstar’s foray into historical fiction, is as much about kings as it is about the kingmakers - the Mughal women who hugely shaped the fortunes of a dynasty that ruled India for over three centuries.

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Bhuj: His-Story Glorifies Only Men Even As Women’s Work And Lives Are Sacrificed For War

His-story has effectively erased her-story all these centuries, discounting the work of women in war, with men claiming all the glory. New film Bhuj brings back all these discussions.

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Simone Biles
Simone Biles Is Now A Global Icon For An Entirely Different, Applause Worthy Reason

Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka are the role models our girls need, to put their mental health ahead of people's expectations of them.

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What Makes A Parent? What Is Family? Film Mimi Addresses Deep Questions In A Fun Way

An engaging entertainer, Mimi offers humor, social commentary and humane storytelling in a well written, reasonably-paced package.

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Shefali Shah directorial debut
Shefali Shah’s Directorial Debut Is All About A Married Woman Putting Herself First In Style!

What a brilliant directorial debut by the iconic Shefali Shah! We only learn the lady’s name a minute before the film ends. Because a name doesn’t matter. She is all of us.

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Feels Like Ishq
Weekend Watch: Feels Like Ishq, When “All You Need Is Love!”

Netflix's Feels Like Ishq could be the light, yet just deep enough connect you might need to feel good despite the still continuing pandemic.

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web series Maharani
Despite A Superb Huma Qureshi, Why Is Web Series Maharani A Case Of The Elusive Queen?

Loosely based on the Lalu Prasad Yadav–Rabri Devi political drama in 1990s Bihar, web series Maharani nevertheless falls short of its full potential for the need of a woman's POV. 

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Sardar ka Grandson
Sardar Ka Grandson: Women’s Wishes Often Valid Only After A Lifetime Of Sacrificing Them For Others

Though an entertaining film, Sardar ka Grandson tells women that you'll get your rightful respect and emotional support from your men only when old and dying.

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RGV Dangerous
After This Clueless Tweet, Ram Gopal Varma Should Never Make A Movie Again!

Ram Gopal Varma is making a 'lesbian/ crime thriller' in his own words, which he has named Dangerous. Here's why we think he should stop making movies.

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Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele
‘Girl And Boy Run Away Together’ But For A Reason You’d Never Have Dreamt Of

A sweet, refreshing story that isn’t unconventional for the sake of it, Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele is eminently watchable, until just the before the end.

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Photo Prem
The World Ignores Women Of A Certain Age, But This Homemaker In Photo Prem Isn’t Having It

Veteran Marathi film actor Neena Kulkarni dazzles in Photo Prem, bringing alive a middle aged housewife who refuses to remain invisible, or be forgotten.

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Melinda and Bill Gates Divorce
The Melinda-Bill Gates Divorce News Predictably Brings Out The Nastiness Of Misogynists

Even as news breaks of Melinda and Bill Gates getting a divorce, the misogynists are having a field day making nasty, insinuating comments about Melinda.

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His Storyy
AltBalaji’s His Storyy Promises A ‘Fresh Take’ On Homosexuality – Does It Deliver?

Financially successful, socially respected, and seemingly contentedly married for 20 years, they are surrounded by friends as they celebrate the opening of their third restaurant. But...

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Searching for Sheela
Searching For Sheela: How The World Is Unable To Understand Unapologetic Women

Unable to digest an unapologetic woman who won’t fit herself into neat boxes, we're so conditioned to the trope of the 'repentant fallen woman' that allowing women to be all parts of themselves is rarely accepted.

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A Billion Surefire Tips On How To Raise A Feminist Son Who’s Better Than Our Men

Sonora Jha's book How to Raise a Feminist Son is a love letter to parents everywhere, with questions that hit home, such as, “If sexism is a male invention, why is fixing it women’s work?”

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Ajeeb Dastaans: Somewhere In This Intricate Web Of Stories, You’re Sure To Spot Yourself

Ajeeb Dastaans reaffirms the complex state of being human at the intersection of multiple identities, and treats it with the honesty and non-reductivity it deserves.

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The Horror And Comedy In Roohi That Isn’t Only From The Genre

Saleable actors, a chudail, and a premise that the audience might lap up, does the latest film offering on Netflix, Roohi, deliver?

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Mrs Sri Lanka
The Recent Fiasco At The Mrs Sri Lanka Beauty Pageant That Discriminated Against Divorced Women

The 2020 winner of the Mrs Sri Lanka beauty pageant was forcibly stripped of the crown by the ruling one in an on stage fracas, because 'she was divorced'. 

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Rekha Dazzles In Indian Idol; When Will We Stop Defining The Diva Just One Way?

Rekha is trending on Twitter for being the amazing woman with chutzpah she is, even at 66, but here's the sad thing that also immediately pops up.

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Pagglait: Be Ready To Be Blown Away At Every Turn Of This Remarkable Story Of A Young Widow

Pagglait takes a commonplace tragedy and, through the power of its storytelling, elevates it into anything but common

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Women in multiple roles
Let Me Count The Ways

Why do women get praised for multiple roles as though they were only a sum of all these compartments and not a whole person?

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And Then There Was Marriage

Marriage need not run to a template based on tradition. Creating your own version of marriage can be more fun and satisfying

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Are you a feminist?
Viewing Feminism From A Place Of Strength

Are you a feminist who doesn't know it yet? Dilnavaz Bamboat explains how feminism has a positive, empowering message

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The Other Woman
Battling The Other Woman

We think of the 'other woman' as the siren breaking the rules of society, but every woman has an other woman waiting inside her own head

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Women And The Religious Mantle

Why are so many women willing upholders of religious and spiritual power in a society that grants them little other agency?

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Solo Woman Traveller
The Lone Traveler

Solo travel can be empowering and liberating for women - and can teach us to be independent, self-reliant and happy with ourselves.

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Dark girl with long hair
Her Mother’s Hair

A beautiful short story about a girl with dark skin and beautiful long hair

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Domesticity Killed The Writing Star

Does domesticity kill the writer in you? Or is it just a question of taking it for granted and letting it fade away?

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