After This Clueless Tweet, Ram Gopal Varma Should Never Make A Movie Again!

Ram Gopal Varma is making a 'lesbian/ crime thriller' in his own words, which he has named Dangerous. Here's why we think he should stop making movies.

Ram Gopal Varma is making a ‘lesbian/ crime thriller’ in his own words, which he has named Dangerous. Here’s why we think he should stop making movies.

Back in the day, when I was a young ‘un still in college, a director called Ram Gopal Varma made Satya, the first of his gangster trilogy, grabbing eyeballs and awards, and earning accolades as a pioneer of new-age Indian cinema. After some widely acclaimed commercial and critical success in the ‘Mumbai noir’ and political genres, he moved on to horror.

And now, two decades later firmly occupies comedy territory—not because he makes funny movies, but because he’s become an outlandish joke himself. But is anybody laughing?

Last year, we had covered his misogynist tweet on women who were lined up outside an alcohol shop. He has since gone from misogyny to more misogyny.

Misogynist, sexist – RGV has no filter

Having failed with experimental cinema and clearly unable to replicate his past successes, he now reels in attention by squatting on Twitter and hurling sexist and misogynistic tweets at the unsuspecting Indian junta. Consider these gems highlighted in this India Today article.

On Sridevi: “Sridevi’s fame is not only because of her acting capacity, but it’s also because of her thundering thighs.”

The time when he told a journalist who criticized his film, “So as per your review, ‘Veerappan’ the film is as beautiful as your face.”

On Women’s Day in 2017, we were all treated to this sexist insensitivity: “I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives.”

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So it should come as no surprise to you that this was his latest tweet to plug his upcoming movie ‘Dangerous’.

“Dangerous is about two women, who, because of bad experiences with men, passionately fall in love with each other, and their intense affair throws them into the midst of dangerous criminals and even more dangerous cops, which leads to a dangerous climax.”

This is really funny, and gave me a much needed laugh

The first line elicits the biggest laugh. If it took women ‘bad experiences’ with men to fall in love with each other, we’d have no heterosexual women left on the planet! If I had a penny for each woman who has wished she were gay, only to not have to suffer men, I’d be a rich woman, but that’s not how sexual orientation works, RGV. It’s not a choice.

Men’s bad behaviour, though, is totally a choice, and a terrible one on that gender’s part.

Next up in our ‘lesbian crime/action thriller’, we have these seemingly male-avoidant women choosing to switch sexual preferences, and just to further rev up the thrill, hurl themselves into the middle of a criminal gang. Because of course, such risky woman-to-woman behaviour is positively criminal, right, so why wouldn’t gangsters be drawn to them?!

Now where there are gay women, there are nefarious sorts following them, and in hot pursuit come “even more dangerous cops”! This story gets more amusing by the line. Will the police do their job when the director has clearly failed his? If we watch this film with its “dangerous climax”, perhaps we’ll find out, but something tells me this tweet is all the entertainment we’ll get out of the ghastly plot.

This is what’s dangerous about the whole thing, RGV!

What’s dangerous about the whole sordid affair is the director’s mentality.

He turns his leering male gaze on women’s sexuality, removes their agency by forcing their hand through ‘circumstances’ and reduces sexual orientation to a switch that can be turned on or off at will. We live in a country where heterosexual women are harassed in the millions daily, and gay women pay with their lives for choosing to opt out of heteronormative societal structures. Imagine, a woman who doesn’t want a man! What right does she have to exist?!

Here’s what’s dangerous.

No woman in our country has escaped a negative experience with a man. That’s dangerous.

The fact that there are men in the world who genuinely believe that women exist solely for their pleasure. That’s dangerous.

That society expects us to conform to its strictures, never mind that they suffocate us. That’s dangerous.

That families in our country weep when daughters are born and go to great lengths to stop them being born. That’s dangerous.

Half our nation’s population is treated like second class citizens and denied some of the fundamental rights of personhood. That’s dangerous.

What’s dangerous is having a man out there, using a large-scale medium and twisting his supposed creative license to spread fallacies and untruths about gender and sexual orientation. What’s dangerous would be even a single gullible mind believing this is how homosexuality works.

This gasbag needs to stop now. Or there needs to be a disclaimer at the beginning of his movie: “Viewing this basket of bunkum is injurious to mental health. Watch at your own risk.”

Ladies, please weigh in with your thoughts. I’m standing by with popcorn.

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