Ghar Ghar Ki Kahaani Of Women Warriors In This Pandemic War, Taken For Granted

In all this, the demands on a woman’s physical, mental, and emotional being have been huge. Many women are caught in this unending cycle of giving.

In all this, the demands on a woman’s physical, mental, and emotional being have been huge. Many women are caught in this unending cycle of giving.

It is 18 months since the deadly, highly contagious killer Corona virus wrecked our world. We are at a war to survive. The weapons we have are a few- Soap, Sanitizers, and Masks.

It’s hilarious, you would say. How can you fight a battle with these? I’d rather not get technical- we know the rules.

Each individual on this planet is fighting this war. Apart from some ‘lucky’ ones currently taking dips in the holy Ganges at the Kumbh Mela. I do so envy those idiots!

Women have always been the worst affected in any war

Like in any other war that has been fought over the centuries, here too women and children are the worst affected.

Kids have been confined within their homes and apartment blocks with little or no physical school. Enjoying themselves with a complete or almost 50% abandonment of studies. Online classes are a collateral damage of this pandemic. The teacher appears on the computer screen – kids give attendance and then boom! Either the video disappears or the child runs to the bathroom to do the big job!

For underprivileged children, COVID has very sadly, taken them away from education and forced them towards child labor.

But we’re tough warriors

Women all over the world are the toughest warriors of this battle. Working Women who usually struggle to manage work and family are now being grilled!

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We have ‘Work from Home’- the answer to all our misery. Do the housework, do the office work, help the kids with homework, help the husband with his work- all from Home. The entire day the woman is at ‘Work’- from Home.

The beleaguered homemaker

‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ has elevated the status of the Homemaker woman to new heights. She is the one who makes your home the haven that it’s become.

The poor lady would wind up all her work and get a few hours to herself while the husband was away and kids at school. Now she must organize the home space in such a way that the husband must not be disturbed- “he’s busy”. The kids cannot be disturbed- the teacher can see it all. So she must cook before the office starts. The cooker whistle cannot screech as the boss can hear it! She must feed the kids at super speed in between class breaks as the rule is- “no munching before the computer screen.”

Multitasking is the name of the game

Apart from these, we women have taken up challenging new roles like-

‘The Heater’- She provides hot water and kadha to family members at regular intervals during the day to ensure the virus stays away.

‘The Nurse’– She wears a mask and keeps the affected family member in isolation. She must ensure his/her food is provided to them in their room, the laundry washed separately, and their surroundings disinfected.

‘The Teacher’– She helps her children follow what the remote teacher is saying in the online class, and makes them complete and submit school activities online.

‘The Counsellor’– She helps family, friends, and colleagues cope with depression, loss of social contact, and other emotional outcomes of the pandemic.

‘The Hairdresser’ – Salons being the first things to close, women quickly mastered the art of cutting hair for their husbands and kids.

These are just a few of the innumerable ways by which women are fighting this battle.

But what about her needs?

In all this, the demands on a woman’s physical, mental, and emotional being have been huge. Many women are caught in this unending cycle of giving. The amount that women are giving to the world today is far more than can be accounted for. Psychologically too, we are spent.

In so many families infected with this deadly virus, it is the women who have had the most severe symptoms. Numerous cases where women have been hospitalized for weeks as the virus wrecked their organs. Why?

Because she was so busy giving vitamins and hot water to her family that she didn’t realize when her glass turned cold. Exhausted at night, she would forget to inhale steam herself after giving all her family their daily inhaling sessions.

Families – wake up NOW

To those who’ve abused their women for generations- Wake Up! She is the backbone of your world. Help her while she helps you.

To the young, I say hold your mom/grandmom and make her sit down for her meal. Remind her to take her vitamins. Let her shout out her frustration. Just listen to her. She is the warrior who can win this war.

Women can help each other by sharing their experiences- trust me it works wonders to just know that you are not alone.

Mankind must win this battle and it cannot do it without acknowledging the other half -Womankind. A new word? Perhaps, but it’s time has come.

Image source: a still from the short film Ghar ki Murgi

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