Do you remember the L’Oréal Advertisement of the 90s that showed gorgeous Global Supermodels like Cindy Crawford proclaiming-“You’re Worth It”? It Hardly registered much to me except that it targeted high-income women who could afford these expensive products and were worthy of them.

OVER THE YEARS, I’VE TRULY UNDERSTOOD THE MEANING OF THIS PHRASE AND HAVE MADE IT MY LIFE MANTRA. Kante Winslet, Oprah Winfrey, and many other powerful women swear by it. This International Women’s Day, I proclaim to every woman and child that “You Are Worth It!” Believe in yourself and your dreams. Only, if you believe in YOU others will be too. To each little girl, I advise her to remember her worth. Every woman must be aware of her identity and face her foes with confidence. Friends are few and foes are many. Everywhere you will find them. Whether you choose to work or stay at home, whether you like to party or enjoy solitude, each choice is your own. Own your choices and don’t be afraid to stand up for them.

The world that we live in today is a never-ending sea of comparisons. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have affected our lives badly. Human Self-worth and happiness depend on the number of Instagram followers we have. Teen depression caused by social media pressure is a global crisis. Anxiety and behavioural disorders in kids as young as seven are common. Lack of confidence and self-worth are the reasons for this. If we teach our kids (girls and boys) that they are worthy of themselves and must accept themselves as they are, we can bring up more confident and settled children. These kids will not bend to pressure and will forge ahead irrespective of peer comparison and social media.

Kids have groups while growing up. “This is our gang- you cannot be part of it. I’m the leader of this girl group, and I’m prettier than all of you.“ It’s a common part of childhood. Adult Group Culture has been created by the powerful tool- WhatsApp. If you get up in the morning and fail to check your WhatsApp chats, it’s impossible to go through the day. Most people are part of several different WhatsApp groups. If you are noticed interacting with someone outside your group it raises eyebrows. “Are you no longer hanging out with our group but going with them? You are now part of their group?” These are common queries from people. What is lacking is common sense. Being a vibrant person with varied interests, I connect with many. THAT LEAVES MANY JEALOUS AND UNHAPPY. Should I bow down and stay or behave as expected? I prefer to follow my heart and be the way I am. Some might not be comfortable with me, so from there, I choose to leave.

In this enormous world, every girl needs her corner. Keep searching till you find yours. It is there- your place under the Sun. It’s yours to belong to, claim, and leave as your legacy. Don’t doubt it, darling, it’s true, because “You’re Worth It!”


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