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Meeta Chablani

Hi! I'm Meeta Chablanii- an animator, illustrator a freelance fashion designer and a full time mom to two little brats. My journey of bringing them up forms the backdrop of most of my posts. Hope you enjoy reading!!

Voice of Meeta Chablani

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahaani Of Women Warriors In This Pandemic War, Taken For Granted

In all this, the demands on a woman’s physical, mental, and emotional being have been huge. Many women are caught in this unending cycle of giving.

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My Little Soldier And I Try To Battle The Bulge And Often Fail, Miserably!

My little soldier takes her job of keeping me away from giving into my cravings very seriously. And together we battle the craving monsters!

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Ladies, First

The female sex has repeatedly been put second. Is it time we take charge and change the ingrained hierarchy of the sexes?

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The Girl From The North

We blend so well and yet stand apart…I only wince a bit when I’m called something that I am not-The Girl from the North.

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The Wings Of Time

When did these kids grow up? It seems like some days back that he came back with reading cards and we read “SUN, YELLOW, BIG” together!

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